Definitive Atlantis Dubai Hotel Guide – Rooms & Prices, Restaurants, Booking, Things To Do, Contacts

Definitive Atlantis Dubai Hotel Guide – Rooms & Prices, Restaurants, Booking, Things To Do, Contacts

Here’s your definitive Atlantis Dubai Hotel guide for tourists. Dubai is renowned for it’s glitz and glamour. This is brought about by a couple of feats across different classes. Of these feats for which the dynamic city is well-known, Atlantis The Palm is, for the record, one. And that’s hands down.

Whether your desire is sunshine, stunning architecture, scary waterslides, celebrity restaurants or beaches with a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline, Atlantis The Palm is the place to be.

The guide touches upon every relevant detail of the superlative luxury hotel which includes design, design inspiration, features, room prices, restaurants, things to do in it, the hotel’s contacts etc.

About Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis Dubai Beautiful
Atlantis Blog

Inspired, in part, by the regal grandeur of Arabia, the magnificent resort of Atlantis Dubai boasts Arabic shapes and the coral pink color. A typical example is the massive Arabian structural spacial shape at the middle of the world-class resort. Above this spacial shape is the renowned 924-sqm Royal Bridge Suite, a true definition of luxury.

Given its kingly Arabian design and its Palm Jumeirah-crescent-center location, the flagship hotel is Palm Jumeirah’s crown. Nestled on an artificial island, the posh destination flourishes between turquoise water, allowing of a choice place in Dubai to make indelible and incredible memories. Thanks to its setting, you can frolic in insouciance, safely swim, act the superman on the flyboard, drive the Jet Ski at Atlantis The Palm or simply loll on the Gulf in a floating seat, basking in the appreciable sun in Dubai.

With Dubai having the inherent characteristic of reinventing itself, and with Burj Al Arab built to give Dubai something to call Dubai’s icon just as Tower Eifel is the icon of Paris, Atlantis The Palm was conceived and built to redefine tourism in Dubai.

Inspired also by the popular and fascinating myth of Atlantis — a lost island nation that sunk into the Atlantic ocean — by Plato in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”, the twenty-two-floor tall giant structure occupies 120m acres and boasts well over 1,500 guest rooms and suites, some of which, reflective of the Plato contribution, are magical underwater suites. In truth, the entire interior is out-of-this-planet. While more is forth-coming on the lobby, it wouldn’t be bad at all to have a date or to wake in a room as this.

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Suite

Sol Kerzner was the former Executive Chairman of Atlantis, The Palm and Chairman of Kerzner International. His brief to the designers of the hotel was to “come up with something that captured the essence of Altantis – the wonder, the water and the sense of discovery – yet with distinct Arabic elements.”

The result are the sun-kissing spires, Moorish archways, Arabian-inspired lamps and giant palm-shaped pillars that look as though they are encrusted by sea shells tied together with accents of traditional Middle Eastern vernacular architecture such as hand-wrought iron columns of flowers, leaves and buds, in the hotel’s lobby.

Amidst the massive pillars is the ever dazzling sculpted giant glass fountain, all blues and yellows and reds, designed to look like giant coral rising some 20 meters. The impressive piece of art, surrounded by a reflection pool brings the essence of the ocean to life. Taking two years to complete, it is made up of over 3000 pieces of vividly colored blown glass ranging from fiery oranges and reds to tranquil blues and greens.

Using the theme of crystal and light energy, designers were able to incorporate moments of unexpected wonder throughout the resort. When you visit, look around and you’ll notice shimmering semi-precious stones and intricate fossilized shell and fish stone combined with classic Arabian architecture, custom-crystal chandeliers and shimmering hand-embroidered silk fabrics. These create a sense of opulence and, at the same time, awe. Little wonder Atlantis was, in 2015, the third most Instagrammed hotel in the world.

If you’re a fan of art or simply love superb craft or artful decor, I bet you’d be dazzled in the family-friendly hotel. From the main lobby’s sculpted glass fountain by American artist Dale Chihuly, through the eight hand-painted murals of the same lobby by Spanish artist Albino Gonzalez, to hundreds of artworks across the resort by San Francisco mural artists Mark Evans and Charley Brown, among others, the seven domed ceiling panels in the Tower of the Moon, Tower of the Sun and the Garden of the Sea, some of which are 2000 square feet and “imagery and faux” tapestries in the resort’s public spaces, you are sure to get catapulted out of reality into the myth of the lost city.

Given all of the foregoing, no wonder the resort has won numerous international hospitality and amenity awards.

When you visit, you’ll be shocked at the amount of detail that went into transforming every section of the resort into a work of art.

Atlantis Dubai Interior
Atlantis The Palm’s Lobby | Credit:

Though launched in 2008, Atlantis Dubai can hardly be eclipsed today, thanks to the interior designers, Wilson and Associates, design architects Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo (WATG), the innovative landscape architecture design firm EDSA, hospitality design gurus Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International, David Rockwell of The Rockwell Group, Adam D. Tihany of Tihany Design and NORR.

NORR says, “We managed over 120 architects and engineers from 35 different consulting companies in nine countries across three continents and 12 time zones. Our proprietary software served as the project’s main information interface facilitating more than two million transactions during this massive and incredibly intricate project. Opening ahead of schedule, the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai exemplifies NORR’s credentials as a leading integrated global design firm.”

Atlantis Dubai Superlative Restaurants – Elating Dining Experience

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano

From dishing up some of Dubai’s most delicious meals to offering a unique magical-cum-romantic underwater dining experience at Ossiano, Atlantis Dubai is a destination for much sought-after dining experiences. Indeed, the resort offers many unique dining opportunities by it’s many celebrity chefs, award-winning restaurants, out-of-the-box brunches, settings and views for indulgence.

The hotel boasts a couple of restaurants which include Ossiano, Nobu, Seafire Steakhouse, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, Ronda Locatelli and Ayamna. Let’s touch upon them briefly.

Ossiano – Lovers Tryst

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant

Ossiano is a renowned underwater restaurant in Atlantis The Palm, of course. Keen on taking cuisines and service to another notch, the dazzling cafe is a place to establish, strengthen and rekindle love. It is also family-friendly. Children would definitely love to be here, eating and getting pleasantly distracted by the enchanting 180-degree view of some of the 65,000 marine creatures in the glistening Ambassador Lagoon.

You’re sure to see some sharks, stingrays, snapper, hammour, lionfish and anemone. And, billed as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai, Ossiano has Atlantis’ divers display love, romantic and special messages, say, during proposals. The restaurant sees lots of marriages by virtue, among other things, of this breathtaking features.

Visit the signature restaurant for your seafood, contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, Caramelized Black Cod Homemade Linguine, Almond Foam and Zucchini.


Nobu Atlantis Dubai

Have a longing for fresh, high-quality sushi? You don’t have to go to Japan, Atlantis The Palm has it for you thanks to Nobu. Try out the signature black cod with sweet miso and I bet you’d testify of an incredible experience.

Offering Nobu, Atlantis Dubai has an impressive number of options, from traditional fare to newer interpretations of Japanese food, you want to eat in this place that’s been graced by names like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wright, Jourdan Dunn, Jackie Chan, Wayne Rooney, Michael Jordan, Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran and David Guetta.

While you wait for your food to get prepared on Teppanyaki tables, you could layback at Sake bar boasting the region’s finest selection of Sake. The friendly chefs are open to perfunctory conversations, should you want to have one.

Operating hours: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Price: AED 600 per person Get 25% off your bill after the Masterclass

Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

Seafire Steakhouse & Bar means - Atlantis The Palm

Want some steak? Visit American carnivore’s paradise, Seafire Steakhouse, for a stunning steak experience. Seafire Steakhouse & Bar is all about the meat and serves up much more than a fantastic fare of the finest beef and seafood in the Dubai. Located in Atlantis Hotel Dubai, the New York-style steakhouse isn’t lacking in a cozy and discreet atmosphere. If you do steak, you don’t want to miss this spot as its steak is cooked to perfection using the finest cuts of exclusive all-natural grain fed ‘Atlantis’ beef from Australia.

Also in the Seafire Steakhouse, enjoy your favorite drink from an extensive wine cellar as well as live entertainment. Supporting a bespoke dining experience, Seafire Steakhouse is a good fit for a great date night or catch up dinner with a friend. On being bespoke, the destination lets you participate in the making of your meal – you get to choose the cut, age and marble score of your steak, then watch as it’s cooked the way you like it.

Visit the competitive destination for its melt-in-the-mouth fillets, T-bone, sirloins, rib-eye, rumps, among other options.

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

Whether for a quick brunch, or something unique for a romantic dinner, a great bar, phenomenal cocktails, great ales, and a kitchen that’s as popular as Gordon Ramsay himself, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar has a fantastic vibe.

For the best of British, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is your stop in Atlantis Hotel Dubai. Boasting a menu that has a strong British heartbeat, coupled with an international pulse, and using the finest artisanal produce, lovers of British dishes cannot but get delected here.

Stop by the BSK’s colossal ice-cream counter for its in-house crafted enchanting flavors and let your order be one of the over 1,500 weekly ice-cream demands. BSK also features the popular bread and butter flavored ice-cream, a range of gelato with new flavors each week, ice-cream sandwiches and a fun toppings bar, which is a total hit with the kids.

Beef Wellington, Signature Tamarind chicken wings and the steak with mac and cheese are some strong BSK recommendations.

Ronda Locatelli – Atlantis Dubai Family-Friendly Italian Restaurant

Ronda Locatelli Dubai

Ronda Locatelli is a Sizzling Sicilian-Style eatery for a fine family-friendly dining experience in Dubai. As birds of one feather flock together, Ronda has attracted such celebrities as Diego Maradona, Fernando Torres, Flavio Briatore, Gordon Ramsay, Pablo Cannavaro and Ronaldo who have ties with the Italian.

Run by chef Giorgio Locatelli, the eatery employs Italian history and tradition, and the chefs’s home-style cooking. Strut in with your company and enjoy meals such as wood-fired pizzas or delectable seasonal Italian dishes.

Every dish on the menu has been crafted to tell Sicily’s story while staying true to the traditions of Italian dining. From the antipasti to the desserts, everything is executed to perfection.

You wouldn’t have to not worry about gluten and allergies as 90% of the menu is gluten-free and Ronda Locatelli’s entire team is intensively trained to cook having people with allergies in mind. In fact, Ronda has an ambitious vegan menu.

Some strong recommendations here are the wood-fired pizza, lasagna, beef tagliata and tiramisu. Ronda’s huge terrace is a good place to enjoy these.

Operating hours: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Price: AED 350 per person


Ayamna Dubai

A Lebanese restaurant, Ayamna combines gorgeous décor, creativity and impeccable service to ensure you have an amazing day and that you go home with an incredible memory.

Taking its meaning from the popular phrase ‘the Good Old Days’, Ayamna is a reference to that warm feeling evoked by memorable experiences found in Lebanese culture, hearty food and buzzing atmosphere.

Customer-oriented, the Lebanese cafe uses only fresh, local, organic and sustainably produced ingredients to prepare its lunch and dessert menus, and does so with a modern American flair.

Where do you love to dine? Ayamna offers a table in the stunning marble dining room or out on the lantern-lit terrace. Some of Ayamna’s bests are Shrimp Kunafa and the perfect baked lobster. Note that you have to book a table in either locations.

Operating hours: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Price: AED 350 per person
Phone: +971 4 426 1000

Things To Do in Atlantis Dubai

Things To Do in Atlantis Dubai
Credit: Atlantis Blog

As though Atlantis hasn’t done enough with its spectacular and stunning resort, the alluring destination boasts several things to do to so you get nothing less than total refreshment.

Things to do in Atlantis Dubai include the Aquaventure waterpark for the release of tension through many activities, the Lost Chamber for an incredible sight or dive, the Wavehouse for myriad things including bowling, a lounge with a complementary restaurant and live bands which means it can host you from day until night; watersports, kids’ play area, Atlantis beach for frolicking in insouciance and sun basking.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure
Credit: Atlantis Blog

For a place to let the bother go; for a place to let the soul soar, and for a place to get electrified and insouciant, the Aquaventure Waterpark is the place to go.

Since its inception, Aquaventure, namesake of the water park in Bahamas, has been an exhilarating waterscape. Built on about 17 hectares (42 acres) of lush greenery, the Atlantis WaterPark is designed to see that you slough stress and embrace ecstasy.

It’s in fact a touristic place for a perfect exuberant diversion. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are things for you to do in the park. Splashers, for example, is dedicated for children.

This place boasts two remarkable play structures so that kids can get immersed in excitement — the Splashers Mountain and the Splashers Island. The Splashers Mountain is a water playground which features elaborate water games and slides such as The Cyclone, The Wave and The Blaze, while the Splashers Island offers seven thrilling water slides. While that’s a lot for children only, there’s even more for adults and the family. Adults definitely have their waterslides too.

With all Aquaventure’s features, it’s small wonder thus that it’s bagged some awards. The waterpark is elaborate, so for specifics including booking info contact, see Atlantis Dubai Aquaventure.

Similar: Wild Wadi waterpark


Atlantis The Palm Watersport Canoeing

Make the most out of your visit by doing one or some of the watersports available at Atlantis. Head over to the Watersports Beach Hut at Aquaventure Beach. Hire a watersport equipment say, kayak or paddle board, and explore the clear waters of the Arabian Sea. If you like your adventure more fast-paced, book a boat tour or jet ski ride around the Palm Island, enjoying all the iconic sights.

Dolphin Bay & Sea Lion Point

Dolphin Bay - Atlantis dubai

As the name suggests, Dolphin Bay is Atlantis’ dolphin pool where people can interact with the mammals. This park claims to be the largest, most sophisticated coastal dolphin habitat in the world. 4.5-hectare large and including seven interconnected resident pools and three interactive lagoons, the bay holds magnificent bottlenose dolphins and other lovable sea mammals including sea lions.

You can experience the mammals through a variety of programs that provide an up-close look as well as insight into how they’re taken care of. You can also have a more intimate encounter with the dolphins in the bay by swimming with them, touching, stroking and hugging them et cetera. Avail yourself of the 15-minute dolphin orientation by one of the about 45 specialists.

You shouldn’t go into the water with such items as jewellery, watches, cameras and other loose items for the safety of others and the dolphins.

Operating hours: 9:30am – Sunset* (Closing time subject to change depending on the season)
Phone: +971 4 426 1168
Parking: Aquaventure Waterpark parking

The Lost Chamber & Diving in Atlantis

The Lost Chamber The Palm

For thousands of years, people have been searching for the lost city of Atlantis. It’s no longer lost thanks to The Lost Chambers. For the strength of the concept of the Atlantis myth, this is where to come. The sight gives you a close impression of a true under-the-ocean life. You feel you’re actually under the ocean with all the broken structures and pillars scattered around the bottom of the magnificent aquarium.

Discover mysteries of the deep, learning fascinating facts about marine life and watch over 65,000 marine animals swim in the Ambassador Lagoon. Take a behind-the-scenes tour or if you’re not satisfied with sightseeing, take a dive in the aquarium.

The Wavehouse

Wavehouse Atlantis Dubai

Wavehouse is the conglomerate of various family-friendly events. Visit the blistering destination for waves and arcades, sunshine and slushies, burgers and beats and get soaked in fun. With all its features, plus a bowling alley lest I forget, this is where you make indelible pleasant memories as you ride the wave machine, catch a live performance on the terrace, and enjoy cocktails, cold beer and live sports.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, tuck into a burger or pizza in the industrial-chic restaurant, sip an ice-cold drink at the bar, or head outside to the pleasantly sunny terrace, where you get immersed in live tunes, swinging seats and a festive atmosphere.

Combining passive and participatory entertainment, lounge and food, Wavehouse, to reiterate, is a hub for family-friendly entertainment. It renders a truly festive air.

Atlantis Service for Kids – Atlantis Kids Club, The Zone & More

Atlantis Kids Club Dubai 2

Atlantis Kids Club holds a bunch of fun-filled activities for children aged 4 – 12, while The Zone is a dedicated space for teens aged 13 – 17. Atlantis’ evening adventures are the perfect way for kids to explore while parents relax over dinner.

Or, have you got a baby instead? With Atlantis’ professional babysitters you can have a break and wouldn’t have to worry. Further, if you’re looking to host a birthday party for your kids, hassle-free? The hotel will take care of the last detail to ensure your child’s special day was indeed special.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 4 426 1387

Atlantis Dubai Rooms and Suites

Atlantis Dubai Rooms & Suites
Credit: Atlantis Dubai

The awesomeness of Atlantis Dubai doesn’t end in it’s exterior, lobby and restaurants. Its rooms and suites are just as awesome. And, we discuss them in this section. From ocean-facing guest-rooms and spacious two-bedroom family rooms to exclusive magical underwater suites here’s a list of truly luxury rooms and suites in Atlantis.

All guest rooms are designed with subtle oceanic influences, offering spectacular views of the tranquil Arabian Sea or the spectacular Dubai Skyline over the iconic Palm island.

Ocean/Palm View Hotel Room

Palm View Hotel Room Atlantis Dubai
Credit: Atlantis The Palm

The Ocean and Palm View Hotel Rooms are 5-star-45-47sqm spacious luxury rooms offering beautiful views of the Arabian ocean, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai’s skyline. With contemporary and sleek designs inspired by the ocean, this hotel rooms are not short of a top-notch and comfy status.

Boasting a large bathroom with a separate bath, one king and two queen beds, a minibar, 24 hours room service, TV, complimentary internet access each, among other facilities, one of these options is ideal for a small family; say a family of 2 adults and 1 -2 children.

Visit the room’s French balcony to enjoy Dubai’s cool and views.

Ocean View Hotel Room: The Arabian Sea. See that you get a room with full view.
Palm View Hotel Room: Palm Island and Dubai Skyline. See that you get a room with full view.
Occupancy: King room: 2 adults + 1 child or 3 adults. OR
Queen room: 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults + 1 child (children are below 14yrs).
Size: 45-47 square meters. Balcony size may vary depending on room location.
Bedding: 1 king bed or 2 queen beds.


Complimentary access to Atlantis Aquaventure with each night’s stay from Wednesday to Monday. The Lost Chambers Aquarium for each day of your stay. Get discount on Dolphin Bay Interactions rates, one free Atlantis Kids Club session per stay

Price – Altantis Dubai Room Prices

Disclaimer: Price may change overtime.

Ocean King Room

Starting price: AED 932
With breakfast: AED 1,172
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,432

Ocean Queen Room

Starting price: AED 1,027
With Breakfast: AED 1,267
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,527

Palm King Room

Starting price: AED 977
With Breakfast: AED 1,217
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,477

Palm Queen Room

Starting price: AED 1,072
With Breakfast: AED 1,312
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,572

To book, start here.

Imperial Club

Atlantis Dubai Imperial Club
Credit: Atlantis The Palm

The Imperial Club is an Atlantis feature for spicing things up. Opt for it and rise above the standard Ocean / Palm View Hotel Room service.

The Imperial Club feature combines extra benefits with a VIP service touch, as when you become an Imperial guest, you get to enjoy the following benefits: all-day access to the stunning Imperial Club Lounge, complimentary airport transfers, private check-in, your own dedicated concierge team, two treatments for the price of one at ShuiQi Spa, access to the ultra-private Imperial Club Beach complete with fully-serviced bar, complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea, a daily complimentary access to Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

To book an Imperial Club room, start here | It should be expected that rooms under the Imperial Club feature are significantly more expensive than when you book them outside the Imperial feature. Compare prices below.

Room TypeRoom without the Imperial FeatureRoom with the Imperial Feature
Ocean/Palm King RoomStarting price: AED 932/AED 977Starting price: AED 1,705
With breakfast: AED 1,172/AED 1,217Nil
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,432/AED 1,477With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 2,205
Ocean/Palm Queen RoomStarting price: AED 1,027/AED 1,072Starting price: AED 1,750
With Breakfast: AED 1,267/AED 1,312
With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 1,527/AED 1,572With Kids Dine Free on Halfboard: AED 2,250

N.B For the record, the rooms are the same. The difference is with the added benefits to the Imperial-room option. Going for a room under the Imperial banner could be wise if you would use the benefits that come with it, if you’re going to Atlantis for a staycation.

Atlantis Dubai Suites – Family Bedrooms

Atlantis Dubai Regal Suite
Credit: Atlantis Dubai

Want more space as the Ocean/Palm rooms won’t do? The Executive, Terrace and Regal suites have got your back. Each of these suites is combined with an Ocean or Palm Room creating a spacious Two Bedroom Family Suite with separate living area and balcony allowing of more space for relaxation or frolicking.

What’s more? When you book a suite, you get to enjoy all Imperial Club benefits and many suite privileges, including VIP check-in and check-out at the Royal Majlis.

If you missed or have forgotten the Imperial Club benefits, below are they:

All-day access to the stunning Imperial Club Lounge, complimentary airport transfers, private check-in, your own dedicated concierge team, two treatments for the price of one at ShuiQi Spa, access to the ultra-private Imperial Club Beach complete with fully-serviced bar, complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea, a daily complimentary access to Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Further, you get to enjoy the following benefits also:

Suite perks such as newspaper delivery to your room, restaurant reservation, complimentary fitness training and return airport transfers.

The Executive Suite

Definitive Atlantis Dubai Hotel Guide - Rooms & Prices, Restaurants, Booking, Things To Do, Contacts

With sleek decor and a spacious dining and living area, the Executive Suite is ideal for families or couples looking for something extra. 101sqm, with a kitchenette and separate work space, the Executive Suite is a home away from home and the ideal suite for business and leisure.

Its well-appointed bathroom features an exquisite freestanding oval soaking tub, separate walk-in shower and his and hers vanity sinks. Experience breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea or glittering Dubai skyline from the Executive Suite’s terrace. The terrace encourages memorable alfresco dining and peaceful midnight stargazing.

Atlantis Dubai Suite Living Area
Credit: Atlantis The palm

Enjoy your suite’s balcony, complimentary breakfast, tea/coffee, internet access, among others.

View: Exquisite views of the Arabian Sea and The Palm.
Occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children below 14 years of age + 1 infant cot or 3 adults.
Size: 101 square meters.
Bedding: 1 King Bed (surcharges for extra bed).

The Terrace Suite

Atlantis Dubai Terrace Suite
Credit: Atlantis Dubai

Revel in uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Island from the 94sqm Terrace Suite. Enjoy a quiet moment with your loved ones overlooking panoramic views of the Arabian sunset, or over alfresco dining on the largest terrace from the hotel suites range. With one and two bed options, the Terrace Suite is the ideal hotel room with a balcony for families or couples looking for a little extra luxury and space.

With contemporary style inspired by the ocean, both the one bedroom Terrace Suite and two bedroom Family Suite boast spacious and stylish lounge and dining areas. Each Terrace Suite offers a grand ensuite bathroom with freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower and his and hers vanity sinks.

Enjoy your suite’s balcony, minibar, complimentary breakfast, tea/coffee, internet access, among others.

View: Breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, or The Palm and Dubai skyline.
Size: 94 square meters.
Occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children below 14 years of age + 1 infant cot or 3 adults.
Bedding: 1 bedroom suite: 1 King bed, 2 Bedroom Suite: 1 king bed and 2 queen beds.

The Regal Suite

Atlantis Dubai Regal Suite Room
Credit: Atlantis Dubai

Plush, the lavish Regal Suite promises elegance on rest and relaxation.

It brings the foregoing about with its posh living areas, sweeping balcony, opulent master bedroom and its majlis lounge. The selfsame features also result in a full royal experience for you and your company.

Beautifully furnished with warm Arabian colors, the Regal Suite has doors separating the bedroom from the large living room, providing absolute privacy during your stay.

Catch mesmerizing sunsets across the Dubai skyline and Arabian Sea on the suite’s terraces.

The suite’s palatial ensuite bathroom boasts marble flooring, a freestanding oval bathtub and chaise lounge, inviting you to unwind and helping you to let go of the slightest tension, while you embrace ecstasy and insouciance.

Enjoy your suite’s balcony, minibar, complimentary breakfast, tea/coffee, internet access, among others.

Atlantis Dubai Regal Suite Bathroom
Credit: Atlantis Dubai

View: The Palm and the Dubai skyline or the Arabian Sea.
Size: 164 square meters.
Occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children below 14 years of age + 1 infant cot or 3 adults.
Bedding: 1 King Bed (surcharges for extra bed).

The Royal Bridge Suite

The Royal Bridge Suite

You’ve absorbed the amazing qualities of Atlantis Dubai’s rooms and suites, let’s now turn to its stupendous royal suite, the Royal Bridge Suite. With about $19,650, you’re fine to feel like a king or queen the whole night. Yes, for the loftiest stay experience, make no delay in going for the Royal Bridge, the pinnacle of Atlantis’ jewels and the most exclusive of its luxury signature suites.

On exclusivity, you get your own guarded entrance and private elevator plus a dedicated-24-hour team of butlers and chefs in the suite.

924-square-meters, the Royal Suite spans the arch which links the Royal Towers – East and West Towers – and offers unparalleled floor-to-ceiling views of the Palm Island and the tranquil Arabian Sea.

With a palatial lounge, three opulent bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a majlis, a 16-person dining room, a spacious lounge, a private library, a media and games room, soaring ceilings and ensuite check-in, the Royal Bridge Suite in Dubai is, with no doubt, a towering luxury suite.

Atlantis Royal Bridge Suite Room and Dining Area

As with the entire hotel’s concept, the royal suite combines intricate Arabic design with plush contemporary style in brilliant golds and elegant marble. While I’ll wind up the discussion here, there’s much more to discuss as this suite is truly special.

Enjoy your suite’s balcony, complimentary breakfast, tea/coffee, internet access, among others.

View: Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Sea and the glittering Dubai Skyline
Occupancy: 6 adults + 3 children below 14 years of age
Size: 924 square meteres
Bedding: 2 King and 2 Queen Beds

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How To Get To Antlantis Dubai

Address: Atlantis Dubai, Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE – Use map above or the Smart Drive to help guide you.
Website: Atlantis Dubai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 4 426 2000 (24 hours).
Global toll free numbers:
China – 400-8213-165 / 400-6015-192 / 400-6015-193 / 400-6015-197 / 400-6015-202
Switzerland – 800-562-642
France – 800-910-349
United Kingdom – 0808-234-2057 / 808-2343-1852
Australia – 1300-780-221
Saudi Arabia – 800-8971-455
Bahrain – 8000-4356
India – 0008-0097-13002


There you have it, definitive Atlantis Dubai guide. “Everybody should visit this place once in their life – although many are unlikely to want to return … my children have decided that this is their favourite hotel in the world. They can go on their own, without my gold card,” says an Atlantis guest.

Just in case you are wondering about some other awesome things or places in Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Wild Wadi and Dubai Miracle Garden are some good options. For more, see the things to do menu on the site.

And, if you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, this should help guide you.

Becoming an Atlantis member saves you a lot. Enjoy as you stay guided!

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