Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

Want to know what you can do at Dubai Creek Harbour? Dubai Creek’s real question is, “What isn’t there to do?”

The natural Dubai Creek from the Arabian Gulf is 14 km long and is also known as Khor Dubai. It isn’t just a nice place to walk in Dubai and enjoy the breeze. It also has a number of local restaurants, activities, and things to do in Dubai that will please both tourists and locals.

Soon, it will also be home to Emaar’s Dubai Creek Harbour, a luxury community area that is still being built. It will have waterfront resorts, the world’s largest retail project, Dubai Square, which is 8.07 million square feet, and the world’s next tallest tower, Dubai Creek Tower.

We have a list of more things to do in and around Dubai right here. In the meantime, Dubai Creek needs to shine.

World Tree Flower

Dubai Creek Harbour

The “Flower Tree” is an outdoor piece of art by Choi Jeong Hwa. It is in the middle of Dubai Creek Harbour. The piece of art is set up in a way that makes the most of its views and adds a touch of bold art to its modern setting.

Photographed on a flowering tree

There are many things for photographers to do in Dubai Creek Harbour, and taking pictures with the Flower Tree is one of them. This flower tree was made especially for Emaar. It shows off the artist’s signature style and uses local flowers to make it stand out as a special installation.

Dubai Creek Play

Dubai Creek Harbour

Creek Play’s fun setup will bring out your inner child. Dubai Creek Park was made especially for the neighborhood, which is good for families. The smart live pods in the 350-meter-long play area represent the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The play area also has a fun walk with arcades, swing sets, slides, and more.

Kids Play at Creek Play

This brand-new play village in Dubai Creek Harbour is a great place for families to spend time together. The best thing about the colorful playground is that it’s not just for kids; it’s also for adults to have fun.

Children who want to try new things will be able to explore the different capsules, where they can swing, slide, climb, and have a lot of fun outside while also getting rid of some extra energy. With their parents, kids can also walk around the Arabesque-style pods, which are connected by a series of brightly colored walls.

Abra Rides

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

You can’t say you’ve seen everything Dubai Creek has to offer without taking an abra ride, which is its most famous activity. really, because you’ll need to cross the creek to see more markets and souks. Hop on an abra in either Deira or Bur Dubai, pay your one dirham fee and see Dubai’s most historic area from a different angle. Abras can be found all along Dubai Creek, but the best place to get on one is in the Al Fahidi neighborhood.

JA Bateaux Dubai

Dubai Creek Harbour

JA Bateaux Dubai is the best place to eat at Al Seef. This Dubai Creek cruise, which has been going for more than ten years, is the best way to eat on the water in the city and comes with packages that include soft drinks or house beverages. During your two-and-a-half-hour Dubai Creek cruise, you’ll be served a four-course meal. It was made by JA Bateax, a French designer.

It looks like the boats that sail along the Seine in Paris. Dubai is a unique way to spend an evening, and you’ll get great views of the whole city, including the souks in Dubai’s Old Town. Both tourists and people who live in Dubai should book dinner on this boat to see the Dubai Creek in all its glory.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park isn’t just a unique building that shows the city in a huge picture frame; visitors can also go inside and up to the bridge. And the views of “old” and “new” Dubai from a 150-meter-high sky glass bridge are great during the day, at sunset, and at night. If you didn’t know, the bottom of the bridge is completely clear, which makes it scary to walk across. Walk across it, and people will think you are one of the bravest people around.

Sightseeing Cruise

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

There are also a number of boat tours and cruises that leave from the waterfront community. These include everything from a dinner buffet to swimming in the open sea.

Dhow cruises in Dubai Creek Harbour are a great way to spend time with people in the area. One trip around the Harbour is very “Pirates of the Caribbean”-like. Guests can now have dinner on a 1-hour boat ride with views of the Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and the Mangroves. Prices usually start at AED 199.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

It’s hard to believe that tens of thousands of birds can live in such a small area so close to the city. Explore this huge reserve, which is also a breeding ground for many crustaceans, mammals, and fish every year. During the winter, the flamingos are the stars of the show, though.

Depending on how closely you look, you might see reef herons, grey herons, great egrets, ospreys, cormorants, sandpipers, and other colorful bird species among the sea of pink feathers. In the wetland complex, the birds can choose from different types of salt flats, mangrove swamps, and lagoons to use as nesting sites and individual homes.

The life Style – Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour 2023- See the Sun Rise Over the City From the Waterfront

Lucky for people who live in Dubai Creek Harbour, that’s not the end of the fun. The fact that it’s easy to get to major roads is the best reason to check out some of the city’s most exciting new spots and famous landmarks. All of the city’s best spots can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes, so visitors will have no trouble making the most of the city.

The Lagoons community is a growing mixed-use development built around seven islands in the style of the Mediterranean. Because the area is becoming more popular and is easy to get to, it is also a great place for holiday homes in Dubai, like 2 and 3-bedroom apartments in Dubai.

Final Words

Dubai Creek Harbour, the city’s up-and-coming business district and lively residential area, is the best way to describe the experience. Many tourists, ex-pats, and people who live in the secluded sub-community agree that the tropical scenery is surrounded by a perfect background.

As part of the community “The Lagoons,” Creek Harbour is close to some of the best places in the city, like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah. The area has a good mix of shopping, staying in a hotel, and eating out.

Not surprisingly, the area also got a lot of furnished holiday apartments for rent by the month to accommodate Dubai’s growing number of tourists, expats, and people who travel a lot. Still, the views are one of its best features. On one side, you can see the skyline of Downtown Dubai, and on the other, you can see the community’s own yacht club. The people who live there can even park their yachts without any trouble.

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Does Dubai Creek Harbour have any hotels?

At Vida Creek Harbour, you can enjoy peaceful vibes and beautiful views of Dubai’s skyline. The hotel is the first to open at Dubai Creek Harbour. It is right next to the water and is the first of several hotels, including a new one from Address Hotels + Resorts, that are set to open there.

When should you go to Dubai Creek Harbour?

You can go to Dubai Creek Harbour during the day or at night, whichever you prefer. Early risers can watch the sun rise over the city from the waterfront, while daytrippers can try a delicious lunch at the Amici Miei restaurant. In the evenings, walk along the promenade and take beautiful pictures of the sun setting. Then, treat yourself to a well-earned dinner.