Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

Dubai Dolphinarium brings you one of the most interesting and unique indoor attractions in the UAE. The Dolphin & Seal Show, Creek Park Exotic Bird Show, and Swim With Dolphins! Only at Dubai Dolphinarium can you have all the fun under one roof with our fully air-conditioned indoor facilities. There may not be any other zoo or aquarium where people can freely interact with dolphins and seals like at Dubai Dolphinarium.

The venue is in Bur Dubai’s Creek Park and is 5000 sqm in size. You can sit around the saltwater pool in a 180-degree amphitheater. A great light and sound system bring the experience of seeing the dolphins do tricks to live. The dolphins’ juggling of colorful balls, painting, and different kinds of acrobatics are fun for the whole family.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a special place where dolphins and seals, which are gentle and friendly to people, can live in peace. It is a good place to protect and keep dolphins and seals, and it has gotten a lot of praise and recognition.

The Best of the Activity

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

The Dolphinarium is in Dubai Creek Park and is known for its live shows with dolphins and seals as well as programs like “swimming with dolphins,” in which visitors can swim with bottlenose dolphins in a habitat pool that is 2.5 meters wide and 90 centimeters deep.

The Dolphinarium also has lessons on how to swim with these amazing animals. Since one of the main goals of the Dubai Dolphinarium is to teach people about the ocean and how to protect it, the place also puts on educational lectures for kids and holds art festivals. Large groups of kids and adults can use the Dolphinarium’s sports facilities for big events.

Creek Park’s Show of Rare Birds

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

Find out how magical the Exotic Birds show is at the Dubai Dolphinarium. Animal lovers of all ages will never forget it. You can see a show with over 20 different kinds of birds, including parrots, that is full of action. You can get up close and personal with these incredible animals as they do tricks and stunts. You will learn a lot about the birds, their natural homes, and the little things that make them unique.

Activity for the Dubai Dolphinarium

There are fun things for the whole family to do at the Dubai Dolphinarium. You can choose to do things like swim with dolphins, go to the mirror maze, or try out the trampoline. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to buy separate tickets for each of these things.

Getting in the water with dolphins

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

Spend some time with the dolphins, who are the friendliest marine animals. In this 20-minute hands-on experience, led by professional trainers, you’ll learn all about their home. You can talk to the dolphins by the pool or even go swimming with them. You can end your day by getting a free photo.

Mirror Maze

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

You only have your sense of direction to help you get out of a maze of mirrored glasses. This is not a game for the weak of the heart because it requires a lot of skill. Step into a life-size mirror labyrinth that seems to go on forever, and let the adventure begin!


Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

If you want to try something new, give the trampoline a try. The trampoline experience is good for people over the age of 7 because it starts with a safety talk. Free photos are available to help you remember your trip.

How to stay safe at the Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium 2023 – Bird, Dolphin, and Seal Show for Enjoyment

Here are the new safety measures that Dubai Aquarium has put in place:

  • Everyone over the age of 6 is required to wear a mask.
  • Both guests and employees will have their temperatures checked.
  • All equipment and surfaces that people touch are regularly cleaned.
  • There are signs and floor markings all over the site to keep people from getting too close.
  • All of the seats in the seating area are being cleaned very well, and the number of people who can come has been cut down by a lot.
  • Hand-washing stations have been set up in different places for the public to use.
  • The tables in restaurants are cleaned well and often. Only a certain number of people will be able to eat at once.

Ticket Options – Dubai Dolphinarium

You can buy tickets to get in and feel like you’re all around. There are a lot of animals in the tank, including large sharks and some common sea fish. You can also dive and watch fish swim inside. Most of the time, it’s fun to watch from a distance. You can also watch from the outer circle if you don’t have enough time. There are observation decks on floors ranging from one to three. You’ll never get tired of seeing it.

On this ticket, you can choose from the following

VIP Ticket: The best place to see the show is from the VIP seats, which are in the middle of the arena.
Regular Ticket: The regular seats are set up in an arc to the left and right of the VIP seats.

Things to remember

Please arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the session starts.

VIP tickets get you seats in the center of the arena, which gives you the best view of the show. A standard ticket gives you regular seats.

Seating for Standard Pass holders is based on “first come, first served.”

And what to wear

We recommend that you dress up in a smart casual way.


A child under 2 years old is free.

A child from 2 to 11 years old needs a valid child ticket.

Guests over 11 years old will be charged the adult rate.


Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1 – Dubai Dolphinarium Building – Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Opening hours

Monday- Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


Dolphins are beautiful creatures to watch as they race through the water. The Dubai Dolphinarium ticket gives you the chance to see these beautiful animals up close. Dolphins are known as one of the smartest animals on Earth.

You can get close to the dolphins during shows like Dolphin Meet and Greet, Majestic Dolphin Swim, and Up-close and Personal with Dolphins. You can also watch the Creek Park Bird Show, which is the first of its kind in the UAE.

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Is the price of a ticket to the Dubai Dolphinarium different for children?

Children under the age of 2 can go into the Dubai Dolphinarium for free, and children between the ages of 2 and 12 can get discounted tickets.

Can I book my tickets to the Dubai Dolphinarium online?

Yes, you can buy tickets to the Dubai Dolphinarium online.

How many different kinds of tickets are there to the Dubai Dolphinarium?

There are many kinds of tickets to the Dubai Dolphinarium, such as show tickets, activity tickets, combo tickets, and so on. Visitors can pick from these tickets based on what works best for them