Is Expo 2020 Dubai Still Holding, Given Covid-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic?


The Expo 2020 Dubai is a much anticipated event to hold in Dubai and celebrate human achievements and advance. But with the ongoing deadly canker of the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 to be exact, will the Expo 2020 Dubai still be holding?

Dubai has been in good spirits with the forthcoming festival and everything was going well until the unexpected and unwelcome novel Coronavirus outbreak.

The Covid-19 epidemic is a major setback for Dubai. Dubai’s invested so much into Expo 2020 Dubai but given the status quo, it’s highly improbable that the event will happen as planned. And while the novel Coronavirus scourge is still glaring and lots of events are being either postponed or canceled, the management is reluctant in postponing the Expo 2020 Dubai. But whether it postpones it or not, with the situation in Dubai, the UAE and in the world at large, we can only hope it holds as planned.


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