7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai | Every Seafood Lover’s Fantasy in Dubai

7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai | Every Seafood Lover’s Fantasy in Dubai

The best seafood restaurants in Dubai incorporate unique flavors into well-known dishes. The restaurants provide stunning views and lovely Arabic decor. One of the best types of cuisine is international. With Dubai Tour Pro 2023, you must investigate the seafood at this moment. Seafood can make a fantastic dish if it is prepared correctly. Dubai boasts a number of eateries that provide fresh fish. Dubai is known for its abundance of seafood restaurants, which range from upmarket cafes with views of the Arabian Gulf to seaside shacks.

True seafood lovers are enthusiastic about their cuisine. If so, it accurately defines us. Although it is helpful to know where to obtain good seafood in Dubai, there are other factors to take into account. A vast selection of fresh seafood is offered by Dubai’s best seafood restaurants. From live performances and freshly shucked oysters to lobster linguine, crab curry in the style of Kerala, and, be quiet, our thrumming gills. How would you decide which places to eat at in the city? These are the top seafood restaurants in Dubai. These restaurants can satiate your cravings for seafood regardless of the occasion.

 List of Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Bu Qtair Restaurant

Google Reviews 7,963 ★★★★★

7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai | Every Seafood Lover's Fantasy in Dubai

Bu Qtair is a bustling eatery that tops every must-try dining list in the city has grown from what was once a modest beachside hut. This is a no-frills experience that is situated in Jumeirah’s fishing bay, which adds to its allure.

Order the hot fish at the cafeteria-style counter like the locals do. This often entails lavishly coating the catch of the day in a special spice blend, grilling it to perfection, and serving it with hot paratha bread and a gravy resembling curry on the side.

Location: Old 32B Street, Fishing Harbour 2 – Dubai 

Contact: +971 55 705 2130

Timing: 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM


Dampa Seafood Grill – Dubai

Google Reviews 5,821 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Dampa Seafood Grill, one of Dubai’s most popular cheap eateries, encourages you to roll up your sleeves for a fishy feast with a twist. The uncomplicated restaurant promises shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, and corn by the table load. The restaurant’s “seafest dump” is modeled after the Filipino military custom of boodle fight-style feasting, which involves covering the entire table in paper, piling it high with freshly steamed rice, and then covering that with a bucketful of seafood that has been heavily seasoned.

Location:  Baniyas Rd – Port Saeed – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 299 0884

Timing: 11:45 AM to 11:30 PM


Ibn Hamido Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

 Google Reviews 3,106 ★★★★★

Ibn Hamido is one of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai. It is the ideal location for the city’s best seafood meals, and it offers a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, and excellent seafood soups on its extensive menu.

Visit there with your family and friends to enjoy a feast of opulent and unique seafood that will provide you with a unique experience and new seafood flavors. Ibn Hamido Restaurant at The Pointe in Dubai ensures that you will enjoy a dinner bursting with flavor while surrounded by the entrancing ambiance of Palm Jumeirah.

Location:  Sheikh Zayed Rd – near Mall of Emirates – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 395 9595

Timing: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM 


Yahya Seafood Restaurant 

 Google Reviews 1,853 ★★★★★

7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai | Every Seafood Lover's Fantasy in Dubai

Yahya Seafood Restaurant is a casual dining option that is connected to the fish market. You can select the fish you wish to eat and how you want it prepared from the restaurant’s display.

In contrast, you might just stroll through the fish market, choose your fish from any vendor, and bring it to the restaurant to be prepared. At this restaurant, you won’t find any fresher seafood. The Creek can be seen from the outside seating area, which has a great ambiance. Overall, it’s one of the best locations in Dubai for seafood lovers.

Location: R16G, Water front Market Dubai – Dubai 

Contact: +971 50 940 9591

Timing: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM 


Sardina Seafood Restaurant

Google Reviews 1,599 ★★★★★

7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai | Every Seafood Lover's Fantasy in Dubai

The Sardina Seafood Restaurant serves fresh fish and crabs on ice, just like other seafood eateries in Dubai. A nice atmosphere, creative sweets, and cuisine to suit every taste. 

Fresh fish and crabs are offered for purchase at the Sardina Seafood Restaurant. In Dubai, there is a wide variety of seafood, intriguing sweets, and a pleasant atmosphere. You eat constantly because the meal is so good. The cooking techniques, meanwhile, are all excellent. The eatery provides a selection of fish as well as culinary tips. We enjoyed delicious hummus and fried sardines.

The food is delicious, with a wider range of varieties and flavors. You won’t even let us put down our forks and spoons for a second. Everything you eat will be flavorful, and while cooking techniques will differ, they will all provide delicious results.

Location: Opposite Jumeirah Beach Resort – The Mall, 1st Floor – Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai

Contact: +97143390444

Timing: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM


The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill, JBR

Google Reviews 1,401 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

The MAINE, a well-known hangout in JBR, is a great choice if you’re in the mood for oysters and a glass of champagne. The restaurant, which is located underneath the DoubleTree by Hilton, has long been regarded as one of the top seafood establishments in Dubai and is a popular choice for seafood lovers. 

Dibba Bay oysters are the star of the show, but you can also get fish tacos, raw appetizers, and lobster rolls—all of which you should definitely have. If the weather permits, dine al fresco on the terrace.

Location: Ground Floor, The DoubleTree by Hilton – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 457 6719

Timing: 12:00 Pm to 1:00 AM 


Aprons & Hammers

Google Reviews 1,319 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Awe-inspiring cuisine and coastal vistas! 

Nothing like donning an apron and cracking some wonderful oysters at Aprons & Hammers The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence, to enjoy the sunshine and fun. It is the ideal location for friends and family to get together and have fun while enjoying the unique and contemporary decor, which includes one of the UAE’s largest indoor vertical gardens. 

Come on, the beach and the excitement at Aprons & Hammers are calling, day or night. For three hours, subterranean parking is free for diners.

Location: Dubai Marina – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 456 7888

Timing: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM 



The list comes to a close here with some of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai. The greatest seafood restaurants in Dubai offer everything from live displays to oysters that are shucked to order, lobster linguine to crab curry prepared in the way of Kerala (be still, our thumping gills), so choose wisely.

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Does Dubai offer seafood?

In Dubai, seafood is indeed available. In Dubai, there are countless top-notch seafood restaurants that serve delectable seafood dishes for you to enjoy.

What are some of the top crab-eating seafood establishments in Dubai?

The Seagrill Bistro and Crab Market are two of the greatest venues in Dubai to find delectable crab.

Which seafood restaurant in Dubai should you try?

It largely depends on your preferences and whether the seafood restaurant is close to the house you purchased. Overall, Bu Qtaie Restaurant is a must-try eatery for seafood in Dubai. 

What are the top seafood restaurants in Dubai for a delicious dining experience?

The top eateries to enjoy fish, crab, oysters, lobster and much more, here are the greatest seafood restaurants in Dubai:

-Bu Qtair Restaurant
-Dampa Seafood Grill – Dubai
-Ibn Hamido Seafood Restaurant
-Yahya Seafood Restaurant
-Sardina Seafood Restaurant
-The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill, JBR
-Aprons & Hammers