Amazonico Dubai | A Cool and Unique Jungle-Themed Restaurant 2023

Amazonico Dubai | A Cool and Unique Jungle-Themed Restaurant 2023

Amazónico Dubai feels like you are entering a jungle. The immortal song by Solomon Linda begins, “In the jungle, the might jungle, a lion sleeps tonight,” and Dubai may very well have its own sleeping giant in the Amazonico building, which is decorated in a rainforest theme.

According to Jemnan, the lush green decor and South American patterns and textures make Amazónico feel like you are entering a jungle from the moment you walk in. Once you get to the rooftop bar with its bright yellow parasols and Copacabana vibes, it’s easy to forget you are in the concrete surroundings of DIFC.

Amazónico, which was first launched in 2016 by renowned restauranteurs Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, a husband and wife team, quickly rose to the top of Madrid’s list of most well-liked eateries. The couple’s second restaurant outside of Spain, Amazónico Dubai, is in the DIFC. The food and culture of the Amazon region will be the same source of inspiration for both restaurants. 

Explore the Greenery and Natural Materials of Amazonico Dubai

Explore the recently remodeled three-story immersive environment, which was designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violan and has lots of greenery and natural materials. Their menus, which combine tropical and Latin American cuisines, are inspired by both the Amazonian countries and the distinctive Asian and Mediterranean communities that live there. Their chefs will transport you to Latin America with everything from tropical sushi and the freshest raw seafood to expertly sourced grilled meats and fish. 

DJs Perform ‘Electro-Pical’ Music Live

Amazonico Dubai | A Cool and Unique Jungle-Themed Restaurant 2023

Amazónico is open for lunch and stays open until late at night. It has a lot of interesting places to go, like the lively and lively Lounge, a statement cocktail bar, a busy restaurant, and an amazing roof terrace. Each evening, resident and guest DJs perform “electro-pical’ music live to keep the party going and the restaurant serving meals well into the night.

You must come back to this spot every year. It is the most popular restaurant in this city. Everything is perfect, from the welcome at the door to the service at the table to the quality of the food. Try the scallops, which are served differently every year and are so good. The meat is tasty. It is more of a nice place to relax with good decor, good music, and good food. It’s in DIFC, so it’s quite central. The atmosphere is great, with a nice bar, music, and food.

Design Aspiration of Amazonico Dubai

Amazonico Dubai | A Cool and Unique Jungle-Themed Restaurant 2023

Amazonico, a restaurant with a jungle theme, opened in DIFC, and it seems that many of the city’s influential people have already tried its Instagrammable decor and Latin American food.

There are Amazonian butterflies everywhere you look in this tropical fantasy. The restaurant’s new 10-meter-long cocktail bar is one of its focal points, and a 250-kg chandelier that hangs from the top of the staircase is decorated with a variety of exotic plants.

The greenery is elegantly distributed across the three stories, making you feel like you’re in a jungle. The velvet sofas, printed lamp shades, black and white tiling, and third-floor bar and terrace outlook make the rooms wild yet elegant.

Fan-Cooled Terrace With a Dramatic View

Amazonico Dubai

Enjoy Amazónico on a fan-cooled terrace with a dramatic view of the open kitchen in the restaurant’s first-floor dining area. In this room, you can choose between gorgeous outdoor tables and enclosed seating, both of which are surrounded by lush vegetation, velvet banquets, and jungle textures. Their entire à la carte, sushi, and business lunch menus are available to guests beginning at noon.

The Lounge

Amazonico Dubai

The Lounge is on the ground floor and has two separate areas, both of which have air-conditioned terraces. You can choose from the lively Dining Lounge, which has both table and banquet seating and a view of our chefs at the new Nikkei-inspired sushi counter that makes a statement.

For a more relaxed experience, Bar Lounge has low seating and tables and benefits from being closer to DJs, creating a high-energy vibe late into the night. At any time of day, you can have a casual lunch or dinner, a drink from the bar, or a cigar.

The Rooftop

Amazonico Dubai

Every night, resident DJs spin electronic beats on the rooftop of the Amazónico, which makes it a great place for a stylish drink after work or a lively late night.

What’s served at Amazonico Dubai?

Amazonico Dubai

Their chefs use both traditional and cutting-edge techniques and fresh, in-season ingredients to make dishes like tropical sushi and the freshest raw seafood, as well as expertly grilled meats and fish that will take you to Latin America.

In addition to crowd-pleasing dishes like 16-hour slow-cooked short ribs, Patagonian hake, and more, diners can also find unexpected dishes like fried frog legs with a spicy mango dressing and sea urchins with guacamole and plantain chips. Various options are available: Amazonico has always tried to make business lunches for the nearby financial district a fun experience. It is a popular location thanks to the hip setting, friendly but professional service, and creative food.

The staff has an excellent working knowledge of the menu and is always quick to make suggestions for some of the restaurant’s most popular meals. 

Events & Private Bookings

Amazonico Dubai | A Cool and Unique Jungle-Themed Restaurant 2023

If guests want to have a party in a more intimate setting, they can rent out their private dining room. This jungle-themed dining room can fit up to 20 people and has access to a beautiful roof terrace, making it the perfect place for business lunches, birthday parties, and everything in between. There are also a number of semi-private spaces that can fit larger groups. In the brochure, you can find a list of all the spaces, how many people they can hold, and set menus.


Amazonico Dubai is a stylish restaurant with a lounge and a rooftop garden serving South American cuisine. On the rooftop terrace, watch the clock strike midnight while gazing at the glittering lights of DIFC. Drinks will be served from the designated bar, and DJs will create the ambiance with their ultimate discotheque soundtracks. 

The Amazon’s Asian and Mediterranean communities and tropical and Latin American cuisines inspire its meals. From tropical sushi and the freshest raw seafood to meticulously picked grilled meats and fish, their chefs employ traditional and cutting-edge techniques and seasonal and bright ingredients to transport you to Latin America.

A must-try experience for you to have unique, themed-based restaurants and cuisines.

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What’s the best place to sit in Amazonico?

This place has two different dining rooms. The glass-fronted kitchen can be seen from the bar and lounge in the front, which have a more lively atmosphere with DJs playing. The main dining room is in the back, where a live band plays music.

What is Amazonico food?

The food at Amazonico Restaurant is based on Latin American food. Step into the world of Amazónico restaurants and let yourself be taken on a trip through Latin America and along the Amazon River.

How did Amazonico get its name?

The first Amazónico restaurant was in Madrid, Spain, and is run by Sandro Silva and Marta.