An Interactive Dubai Map by Google

An Interactive Dubai Map by Google

This is an interactive Dubai map powered by Google. With it, you can see an overview of Dubai’s map, all its roads, and landmarks (notable attractions, hotels, shopping malls etc).

If you haven’t known how interactive maps work already, here’s how: you can zoom in and out, and when you zoom in for example, you get to see places such as notable roads, hotels, attractions for example. It isn’t like a normal image which if zoomed in becomes merely large. Please, go further down for the map.


Dubai is UAE’s largest and most populous city. It sits on the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf. Given it’s alluring and outstanding attractions such the world’s tallest building, classy shopping malls (for example, Dubai Mall), the world’s largest suspended aquarium, the world’s most luxury hotel, the world’s tallest hotels, the world’s tallest performing and biggest chereographed fountain, its Dubai Shopping Festival etc., it is one of the world’s leading holiday’s destination and is the fourth most visited city in the world, with well over fifteen million people visiting it annually.

It’s important to note that Dubai might be mistaken for the Emirate of Dubai. Both the Emirate of Dubai and Dubai itself are different. While the Emirate of Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai is its capital.

Dubai Map

We have provided two options of Dubai map here, one is by Dubai Authorities and is called RTA Smart Drive and the other is by Google. We’ve chosen these two as both maps of Dubai are interactive and reliable.

RTA Smart Drive

With RTA Smart Drive, you can easily navigate Dubai as the map is in 3D. Download RTA Smart for Android; download RTA Smart Drive for IOS.

Google Map

Google Map is a popular option. You can start using it below, or you could download Google Map onto your phone if you don’t already have it. To use the Dubai map below with ease, please see the text below it.

Using the mouse:

  • Holding the Control (ctrl) key on your keyboard, scroll up or down to zoom in or off;
  • Click, hold (the mouse left button) and drag your mouse to move the map.

Using the touchscreen:

  • Pinch (in or out) to zoom in or out;
  • Use two fingers to move the map.

You could also zoom in or out, using the “+” and “” buttons on the map.


This was to see that you find your way around Dubai without hassle. If you are visiting Dubai, you’d find Dubai’s pros and cons indispensable. To stay away from trouble, please kindly read Dubai’s laws. Enjoy!


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