Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai | Complete Review 2023 | Menu, Timings, Locations

Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai | Complete Review 2023 | Menu, Timings, Locations

Aroos Damascus Restaurant is renowned for serving up some of the most delicious Arabic cuisines in the area. Since 1980, a restaurant in Dubai has been serving Syrian delicacies to admiring guests. Before going on to a platter of delectable grilled kebabs, the ideal supper would begin with hummus and a fattoush salad made of toasted bread, tomatoes, onions, and mint leaves. 

The Green Palace Hotel’s bottom level is completely taken up by this enormous restaurant, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

Most tables will likely be occupied until the wee hours of the morning, creating a lively atmosphere. Customers can sample the alluring cuisine of Syria with the many meals on the menu.

Mezzes, both hot and cold, are a good place to start before moving on to grilled meats, shawarmas, and kebabs. With beautiful fragrances and fresh ingredients, the meal here, which is served directly from the kitchen, satisfies the soul of a true foodie.

There is a sizable patio outside. Up till the early morning, this place is busy.

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Why Aroos Damascus Restaurant is famous? 

 Aroos Damascus Dubai

Real Middle Eastern meals, made fresh and served hot, will make you happy. People claim that this restaurant is well-known for its large space, affordable prices, indoor seating, suitability for large groups, and greater variety.



-Nominal Prices

-Indoor Seating

-Huge Space 

-Family Friendly

-Fresh Food

-Professional Staff

-Friendly Staff

-Dine In


-Quick Service


Famous Dishes of  Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai

 Aroos Damascus Dubai


-Diamond-shaped Shawarma



-Pita Bread

-Various Pickles


-Grilled meat



Location of  Aroos Damascus

Location of Aroos Damascus Restaurant 

Arooos Damscus Restaurant Dubai 

Google Reviews 12,998 ★★★★★

Address: Ground Floor, Green Palace Hotel – Al Muraqqabat Rd – Dubai 

Contact: +97142213673

The Gargash Mosque and the shopping mall Reef Mall are both close to Aroos Damascus.,55.320915/

Arooos Damscus Restaurant Sharjah

Google Reviews 5,261 ★★★★★

Address: Bin Rasheed Al Khoory Building – King Abdul Aziz St – Al Qasimia – Sharjah 

Contact: +97165739900

Timings of Arooos Damascus Restaurant Dubai and Sharjah 

Saturday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM

Reviews for Arooos Damascus Restaurant Dubai


“Aroos Damascus is a fantastic restaurant, and we really recommend visiting.” The personnel is courteous, intelligent, and highly qualified. The food is fantastic! The prices are well worth paying. The only problems are with parking and traffic, neither of which they can control. Everything else about it is amazing.”


“In the UAE, the top Syrian restaurant in Dubai and Sharjah. I’ve been visiting their locations in Dubai and Sharjah for the past 8 to 9 years, and both the cuisine and service were top-notch.

The dish has a fantastic flavor.

Price of Food at Aroos Damascus Restaurant 

Although they have raised their pricing, they are still reasonable when compared to other restaurants with similar standards and tastes. Their prices used to be extremely decent.

Their meat-filled hummus is exceptional. Don’t forget to taste their mixed grill and hummus with minced beef and pine nuts if you’re a first-time visitor.

One of the restaurants where you can order anything from the menu and it will all taste nice.

It is, in my opinion, a location that never lets you down.”


“When I first visited, I stayed on Muraqbat side of Dubai, and I’ve always wanted to sample their renowned grill. I frequently tried the falafel and shawarma from here, and both were good.

The best family restaurant in Dubai. Their crowd control is really insane, as is their outside seating. The staff is pleasant and hospitable. We requested Meat Fatteh, Mix Grill, and Meat Slashed with Potato.

After receiving our orders, they started feeding us right away as we were sitting outside. They offered hot, freshly baked bread and delectable dips. The crazy thing I found was a massive, uncut plate of vegetables in a salad. We felt like our food was served to us directly from the garden, without any cutting or chopping. Salads were presented in a Syrian style.

You must try a mixed grill; the meat is incredibly delicate and delicious. Fatteh – undoubtedly the superior one. 

I’m experimenting for the first time with sliced beef and potatoes. I was advised to try this well-known Syrian dish by the order taker. Highly recommended place for Syrian food.  

Overall, having dinner as a family was enjoyable.”

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The menu of Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai

Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai | Complete Review 2023 | Menu, Timings, Locations

Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai | Complete Review 2023 | Menu, Timings, Locations

Aroos Damascus Restaurant Dubai | Complete Review 2023 | Menu, Timings, Locations

Wrapping Up!

Aroos Damascus  Restaurant is famous and is reviewed the most by its 12,000+ visitors. It has two branches in Dubai and Sharjah. 

Their signature dishes are the reason for their popularity. A must-try place for Arabic, and Syrian food lovers. 


What are the timings of Aroos Damascus Dubai?

The timings of  Aroos Damascus Dubai are 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM

What are the menu categories at Aroos Damascus Dubai?

Aroos Damascus, Dubai, and Sharjah both offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Is home delivery available by  Aroos Damascus Dubai?

Yes, home delivery is available by Aroos Damascus Dubai and Sharjah.