Best Kuwaiti Restaurants in Dubai 2023 | Enjoy Eastern Arabian Cuisines

Best Kuwaiti Restaurants in Dubai 2023 | Enjoy Eastern Arabian Cuisines

The cuisine of Kuwait is a combination of Mesopotamian, Iranian, and Arabian flavors. Eastern Arabian cuisine includes cuisine from Kuwait. Here we have compiled the best Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai to fulfill the craving for food from the Gulf region. 

Machboos, a rice-based dish typically made with basmati rice spiced with herbs and spices and featuring chicken or mutton, is a well-known dish in Kuwaiti cuisine.

Dubai has very few Kuwaiti restaurants, and the surrounding areas like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the hubs. Still, people can find Kuwaiti cuisine in Dubai easily through the restaurants listed below. 

Haleeb O Heil Restaurant

 Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai

It’s an Arabic restaurant, and its specialty is the food from around here. This is the most famous restaurant among Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai.

The Emirati people’s traditions were taken into account when creating the atmosphere of this place. The decorations fashioned out of gahwa cups that were hung from the ceiling are an interesting feature. There is a comfortable seating area located outside. Certainly not a vast space, but one with plenty of room for everyone.

The service was excellent, and the staff took the time to explain the choices and ask us what we would like to order. Furthermore, they provide excellent service. The food is served with a candle and hot pot, which is a nice way of serving the food. 

Location: 7873+PQ – Al Seef St – Dubai Creek – Dubai – Dubai

Contact: +971 52 376 7975

Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Jibla Restaurant   مطعم جبله

 Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai

The sandwiches, drinks, and desserts at Jibla Restaurant are all available for delivery anywhere in Nadd Al Hamar.

It is the best place to have Kuwaiti food, with its beautiful, elegant surroundings and friendly staff. Despite the fact that they offer a wide variety of dishes and meals, including sandwiches, beverages, and desserts, the Mutabaq Hammour and the Mutabaq Zubaidi are the two dishes that bring in the most customers.

Location: Madina avenue – shop A8 – Nadd Al Hamar – Dubai

Contact: +971 50 679 4767

Timings: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM


 Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai

One of the most innovative Kuwaiti ideas in the United Arab Emirates

The decor at OFK (Open Flame Kitchen) gives off an air of sophistication and opulence, and the restaurant is known for its excellent service as well as its tasty and artfully presented food.

After a strenuous tour of the Dubai Fountains, reward yourself with a beverage at this establishment. Those who enjoy a variety of international cuisines should check out the menu at this restaurant. The staff provides well-prepared tiger shrimp, grilled salads, and Kuwaiti specialties. Cheesecakes with a delicious flavors are offered at OFK.

This location is well-known for its excellent service and friendly, welcoming staff members who are always prepared to assist guests. The reasonable prices of the meals have been brought to the attention of a number of customers. This place has both a warm and friendly atmosphere and a beautiful interior design.

Location: Unit FF – 304 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai

Contact: +971 4 386 3599

Timings: 12:00 PM 11:30 PM

Freej Swaileh Restaurant for Kuwaiti Food

 Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai

UAE-based Freej Swaileh Kuwaiti Food Restaurant offers a variety of Arabic, Grills, and Emirati dishes and also offers online delivery. Kuwaiti eatery Freej Swaileh is well renowned for serving Gulf-region favorites as well as traditional cuisine from Kuwait.

One of the few eateries in the area serving traditional Kuwaiti cuisine is Freej Swaileh.

Despite offering a wide selection of cuisines and dinners, including Arabic, Grills, and Emirati, their top sellers include Lokaymat With Cheese, Mohalla Zayed, Chebab, and Ferni.

Location: Villa No.101, 16th Street, Sector 13, Opp. Spar Supermarket، Khalifa City A – Abu Dhabi 

Contact: +971 2 555 8837

Timings: 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM



As per the above-mentioned list, you can enjoy Gulf-region favorites dishes as well as traditional cuisine. Although you will find limited Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai, the above restaurants still cover a variant range of Kuwaiti cuisines to fulfill your craving for Kuwaiti food in Dubai. 

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What dish is the national dish of Kuwait?

Machboos laham is thought to be the national dish of Kuwait. It is made with pork, basmati rice, fried onions, raisins, and yellow split peas.

What are the best Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai? 

There are a few best Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai, although Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are rich in having spots for Kuwaiti food. The best Kuwaiti restaurants in Dubai are: 
Haleeb O Heil Restaurant
Jibla Restaurant
Freej  Swaileh