7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

Dubai is home to some of the best Pakistani restaurants with mouthwatering cuisine. If you like Biryani or Karahi, Pakistani cuisine will not disappoint. Both tourists and locals like foods made with traditional spices and culinary techniques. Let’s discover with us the best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai.

These eateries offer a variety of meals and dishes. There are classic Lahori meals such Desi gosht and gosht karahi (chicken and mutton cooked in a hot vegetable gravy) available (meat cooked with pulses). It is safe to suppose that Pakistanis, regardless of the city or country they are visiting, like a wide variety of foods. Pakistani food is renowned for its flavorful spices and seasonings, which are included in almost all of its recipes. Therefore, neither of the Pakistani dishes will ever let you down. It is worthwhile to sample traditional desserts and mouthwatering dishes repeatedly.

Ravi Restaurant – Top one among Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

Google Reviews 5,444 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

It is the best restaurant in Pakistan. The best spot to find desi Pakistani food is the Ravi restaurant near Al Satwa. It is among the best Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. Because of the flavor as well as the experience, you’ll want to come back. Among the delicacies offered are Pakistani methi meat, chicken biryani, chicken Peshawari, and chicken Karahi. Chicken jalfrezi, paneer, spicy chicken, and cheese paratha are additionally offered.

A welcoming, well-lit seating area further introduces the outside ambiance. It gives the family lots of room, making it particularly pleasant during Dubai’s cooler months. Inside, the atmosphere is more tranquil and laid-back.

In the UAE, Ravi is a well-liked option for both locals and visitors. Among the mouthwatering Pakistani meals offered are dal, chicken curry, mutton Peshawari, and tikka masala. 

Location: 7HQQ67MH+CJ – Al Satwa – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 331 5454

Timing:  5:00 AM to 2:00 AM 

Insta: ravirestaurantsuae/

Lal Qila Restaurant Dubai – Theme based among all Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

Google Reviews 4,924 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

Lal Qila’s lengthy Mughal era history is well recognized. It is regarded as the best Pakistani buffet restaurant in Dubai. Everybody can find something they like in their amazing buffets, which never fail to wow their patrons. Among their well-known dishes are Sheer Khurma, Cuisine Chicken Curry, and Grilled Lamb Leg.

This upscale Mughlai-themed restaurant serves delectable Pakistani cuisine in a traditional buffet setting. Some of the standout specialties include mughlai, tandoori, and an excellent live barbecue station with good classic Indo-Pakistani food.

They are one of the best buffet restaurants in town and provide a wonderful atmosphere as well. Moreover distinctive are the salad and conversation counters. The management and employees are very kind and competent.

Location: Address: Jumeirah 1, 2nd December St, Next To Diyafa St, Opp. UAE Flag – Dubai  

Contact:+971 4 325 4778

Timing: 12:30 PM to 3: 30 PM | 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM 


Pak Liyari Restaurant L.L.C (Br.) – Best Restaurant in Dubai Famous for Biryani

 Google Reviews 3,976 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

Deira is home to the best Pakistani restaurant in all of Dubai.

Due to its mutton biryani with extra masala, Pak Liyari is the best Pakistani restaurant close to Deira Dubai. If you’re missing the best biryani available on Karachi’s streets, head to Pak Liyari. The best food is available for the cheapest prices you’ve ever seen.

If Biryani isn’t included in a list of Pakistani restaurants, how useful is it? There have been many claims made by eateries in the UAE that they serve the best biryani, but in my opinion, Pak Lyari’s Lamb biryani is a clear winner. With just one bite of their lamb biryani, Pak Lyari tucked away inside Meena Bazaar, takes you back to your younger years. If mutton isn’t your thing, the chicken Biryani is also excellent. Of course, a dessert of Zafrani Kheer is necessary to make your meal perfect.

Additionally, two of their most well-liked dishes are Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani. Despite the fact that they provide a variety of meals, including mutton and chicken.

Location: Opp Astoria Hotel, BDB Building Near Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 221 6970

Timing: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM 

Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant – Famous for Ambience and Delicious Pakistani Food

 Google Reviews 3,430 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

A restaurant in AlKarama is called Al Ibrahimi. One of Dubai’s best Pakistani buffet restaurants is this one. They provide food from Pakistan, India, Asia, and the Middle East. The buffet at Al Ibrahimi is renowned for serving traditional Pakistani cuisine. They offer the most well-liked iftar buffet in the area. In addition, the buffet offers 50 delicious treats. BBQ is served first, followed by daal, vegetables, and sweets to complete the meal.

Furthermore, two of their most well-liked dishes are whole chicken biryani and chicken Achari Karahi. They do, however, provide a variety of meals, including biriyanis and karrahies.

Location: G Floor, Al Riyan Building, 2A Street Opp. Burjuman Centre – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 397 7070

Timing: 12:30 to 4:00 PM | 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM 


Nayaab Haandi AlWasl  – Best Traditional Pakistani Food

Google Reviews 3,301 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

If you’re looking for a grill, go through all of Nayaab Handi’s dishes. A family buffet could include dishes like chicken karahi, kebabs, and biryani. It offers its visitors the highest caliber of service. It makes every attempt to make the visitors’ birthdays or weddings spectacular whenever they come over to celebrate. Don’t pass up Nayaab Handi’s Malai Boti & Palak Paneer, two of their most well-liked dishes.

In Dubai, Nayaab Handi is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking some delectable grill meals. The best feature of this restaurant is that it offers fairly priced choices. You’ll find their services to be quite friendly, and you’ll want to come back frequently. Along with a range of dishes like Chicken Karahi and kebabs, they also provide a family buffer service. You can try a variety of dishes and flavors when visiting this place. 

Additionally, you can contact them to organize birthday parties, anniversaries, or wedding receptions. Among the most well-liked menu items at the restaurant are the Malai Boti and the Palak Paneer.

They also offer alternatives for dine-in, takeout, and home delivery. The cost of a meal for two people at this hotel is AED 135. The three main types of meals available are lunch, dinner, and late-night. The Iranian Hospital in Dubai is nearby; it’s on Al Wasl Road in Al Badaa.

Location: Al Wasl Road, Al Badaa، Next to Al Ghazal Mall, Near Iranian Hospital – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 359 7448

Timing:12:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Daily Restaurant – BBQ Restaurant with Pakistani Flavours in Dubai  

 Google Reviews 2,787 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

The Daily Restaurant, as its name suggests, offers some fantastic traditional Pakistani food options. The restaurant sees the majority of its patrons during lunch because of its close proximity to workplaces, but they are all fine.

You may satisfy your hunger for delicious meals all day long at Daily Restaurant, which is close to Dubai. For the convenience of individuals who work in offices, this restaurant is situated close to the workplace. Most of our customers stop by during their lunch hour at work. They are incredibly affordable given their costs. Their most well-known specialty food is paya curry. You may also try their fantastic Qorma and scrumptious Chicken Peshawari.

It is typically crowded on weekends with people looking for a cheap Pakistani lunch in Dubai. The restaurant’s signature dish is the mouthwatering Special Paya Curry. This budget-friendly Pakistani restaurant in Dubai provides qorma and chicken Peshawari.

Location:  Damascus Road,Qusais, Near Dubai Grand Hotel – 251 Damascus Street – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 267 3708 

Timing: 11:30 AM to 12:30 AM


Des Pardes Restaurant – 24 Hours 

Google Reviews 2,211 ★★★★★

7 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai | For Pakistani Food Lovers | Full of Spices and Variety

If you unexpectedly get hungry after most restaurants’ closing times, you can go to Des Pardes Restaurant – 24 Hours, one of the Pakistani eateries in Dubai that is always open. Enjoy some traditional food at this eatery, which is renowned for its great food that is nevertheless reasonably priced as well as its first-rate service and warmth.

You should sample some of their specialties, such as mutton Peshawari, chicken karahi, beef Bihari boti, roghni naan, and chicken white handi. It goes without saying that fans of biryani would want to try their best-selling biryani. The juicy, expertly seasoned kebabs should also be on your list of must-try foods.

Location: Near Lamcy Square – 10th St – Oud Metha – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 379 5701

Timing: Open 24 hours 

Insta: des_pardes_dubai


Due to the large number of Pakistani expats residing in Dubai, the emirate has no shortage of restaurants serving Pakistani cuisine. You may get all kinds of treats, from mouthwatering kebabs to fragrant curries.

This concludes our ranking of the top Pakistani eateries in Dubai. Foodies, if you enjoy Pakistani food, you probably also enjoy Indian food. Indian restaurants in Dubai provide finely prepared food in a welcoming setting.

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Where can we find a Pakistani buffet in Dubai?

One of the most well-liked locations in Dubai for a Pakistani buffet is Karachi grill, Lal Qila and Nayaab Haandi.

Are there Pakistani restaurants in Jumeirah?

Jumeirah is home to the restaurants Lal Qila, Truck Adda, and Karachi Grill.

Does a Pakistani restaurant exist in Bur Dubai?

Around al Karama and bur Dubai, there are a lot of Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. In Bur Dubai, you can go to the Pak Liyari restaurant or the Chicken Tikka Inn.

What is the food that Pakistanis eat the most?

Classic dishes include rice, flatbreads made of wheat (roti, paratha, pita, and puri), dal, sabzi, yogurt, and fruits (served with a dash of salt). The typical Pakistani eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner as their three primary meals. A favorite breakfast food is halva puri.