7 Coffee Shops and Cafes for Breakfast in Ajman | Energetic Breakfast to Start your Day!

7 Coffee Shops and Cafes for Breakfast in Ajman | Energetic Breakfast to Start your Day!

Coffee is a natural stimulant that helps you start your day off with energy. Including coffee with your breakfast can help you feel more energized for the day ahead. Here we are with you to select the best coffee shops and cafes for breakfast in Ajman among a wider range of places for breakfast in Ajman 

Coffee not only wakes you up and gives you energy, but it also helps you focus for longer, which is helpful when you have a long assignment to do.

When you lack the energy to do anything in the morning, the delightful aroma of coffee is the perfect pick-me-up. Many individuals brew a pot of coffee to start their day. Ajman has a thriving coffee culture, just like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Aside from the traditional Arabic coffee, several coffee shops in Ajman serve a variety of popular coffee mixes and flavors.

Let’s explore the best coffee shops and cafes in Ajman for an energetic start to your day!

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Fili Cafe 

Google Reviews 1,095 ★★★★★

FiLLi is a household name in the tea industry, and we want everyone to enjoy the same quality and satisfaction that we have in serving this beverage. 

FiLLi can be explained in only three simple sentences. At FiLLi, there’s always enough time for tea and conversation. Zafran’s Original Tea: Credit for what FiLLi is today goes to our own mix of FiLLi Zafran Tea. 

Each FiLLi location was designed to be a haven of relaxation where customers could come to unwind with friends and family or during lunch breaks from their busy schedules. In order for FiLLi to become the successful company that it is today, its founders created their own unique blend of tea called Zafran.

Location:  Shop 5 Ground Floor, Corniche Mall, Al Rumailah – Ajman 

Contact:+971 50 108 6814

Timing: 7:30 Am to 2:00 AM 


Shakespeare and Co. Al Zorah Pavilion 

 Google Reviews 997 ★★★★★

7 Coffee Shops and Cafes for Breakfast in Ajman | Energetic Breakfast to Start your Day!

Shakespeare and Co. is a popular cafe in Ajman, and for good reason: they provide delicious food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and a wide range of coffee drinks.

Vegans can enjoy Acai bowls and other tasty treats from the menu at Shakespeare and Co. in Ajman. Cappuccino freddo, espresso vanilla, iced caramel macchiato, and other variations, along with iced teas, are among the most well-liked kinds of iced coffee. Consider the café latte, Spanish latte, red velvet latte, cappuccino, and Turkish coffee if you’re looking for something hot to drink.

In this eatery, you may find some authentic Italian cuisine. At Shakespeare and Co., you can always count on getting expertly grilled steaks, smoked salmon, and pizza. The most delicious foods are pancakes, chocolate cake, and tiramisu. Some tasty coffee, Moroccan tea, or juice could do you good right about now.

Location: AL JURF – Al Zorah The Pavilion – شارع الشيخ زايد – Ajman

Contact: +971 6 741 6775

Timing: 7:30 Am to 12:00 AM 


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PappaRoti Cafe in Ajman

Google Reviews 790 ★★★★★

Coffe Shops in Ajman

Pappa Roti, on the Ajman Corniche, is a popular coffee establishment with a loyal customer base. The cafe is known for its freshly baked buns and variety of high-quality coffees and teas.

Pappa Roti Ajman’s menu features a number of specialty coffees that go wonderfully with the shop’s namesake buns. The café late, which comes in flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and wild mint, is a client favorite. Espresso macchiatos, Americanos, Turkish coffees, hot chocolates, and Arabic coffees are some of the other popular beverages that keep customers coming back for more.

Location: The Corniche Avanue Mall – Ajman 

Contact: +971 6 740 2929

Timing: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM 


The Grove Restaurant 

 Google Reviews 750 ★★★★★

Breakfast in Ajman

The Grove, an international and Levantine restaurant for delecious breakfast in Ajman, features stunning panoramas of the city’s pristine mangroves and lagoons. 

This restaurant is offering a variety of services, from excellent dining to a relaxed atmosphere with reasonable costs, all while overlooking beautiful landscapes, you can relax here knowing that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. 

A children’s play area is conveniently located within sight of the eatery.

Location: Al Ittihad St – Al Jerf 1 – Ajman 

Contact:+971 58 831 7543

Timing: 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM 


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Qdemk Ndemk Cafe

Google Reviews 585 ★★★★★

Qdemk Ndemk Cafe serves Arabian, American, Emirati, and Indian food. They are famous for their breakfast and platters for sharing and single servings. 

Here you’ll find a very classy ambiance, nice lighting, and 80’s-90’s technology that make this place cozy, nice, and classical.  The Karak Chaey is one of their best brews, paired with pancake and pastries. 

Location: Ajman Musem – Al Bustan – ليوارة 1 – Ajman

Contact: +971 6 744 4040

Timing: Monday to Wednesday 8:00 AM to 10: 30  PM | Thursday to Sunday 8:00 to 11:00 PM 


Al Amaken مقهى الأماكن

Google Reviews 492 ★★★★★

Cafes in Ajman

Alamaken Cafe is the most ideal spot in Ajman for you to relax and enjoy yourself while also having a special time with the best service. 

We serve you with the greatest experience, drinks, food, and sweets provided by a professional staff with a distinctive taste. 

This café serves a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, coffee, espresso, fresh juices, milkshakes, and other hot and cold beverages. 

In addition, they serve a variety of delectable meals, including shawarma, all different kinds of pasta, pizza, Fahita, chicken, and meat dishes. The café also provides shisha for its customers.

Location: Shop No.1, Next to Makkah Pharmacy – Ajman

Contact: +971 6 743 5575

Timing: Open 24 hours 


The Secret Garden Cafe 

 Google Reviews 373 ★★★★★

Cafes in Ajman

This is the most beautiful and instagrammable cafe there is, plus the atmosphere is incredibly hip. This hidden gem of a coffee shop in Ajman’s villa district is really breathtaking.

You will absolutely adore both their Spanish latte and their molten cake dessert. They offer some wonderful outside seats as well as tables and walls that are perfect for Instagramming. 

It’s a great spot for a hangout with friends or a coffee date, and they also provide some excellent options for putting your own personal spin on celebrations. Appropriate for use with two individuals, as well as special events and celebrations.

Location: CGG2+53M – Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Mak Toum St – Al Jerf 1 – Ajman 

Contact:  +971 6 744 4332

Timing: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM 


Wrapping Up!

Here we ended with the best coffee shops and cafes for Breakfast in Ajman. 

If you are planning to visit Ajman, or live there, this collection would be great addition to choosing the best place for coffee in Ajman. 


What are the best coffee shops and cafes for breakfast in Ajman?

These are the top-rated coffee shops and cafes for breakfast in Ajman:

-Filli Cafe 
-Shakespeare and Co
-PappaRoti Cafe Ajman
-The Grove Restaurant 
-Qdemk Ndemk Cafe Ajman
-The Secret Garden Cafe Ajman 

Which is the best place for coffee in Ajman?

Shakespeare and Co. is an ideal place for coffee in Ajman followed by PappaRoti Cafe and Filli Cafe in Ajman.