Dubai Covid-19 Quarantine To Now Be 10 Days for Mild Cases

Dubai Covid-19 Quarantine To Now Be 10 Days for Mild Cases

While every nation wishes it could just take away Coronavirus from its people, it Dubai could lift quaratine completely, it would have done so. The city has reduced quarantine times to 10 days for certain Covid-19, including those who came in contact with affected individuals sadly. Previously, as in many other states, the period was 14 days.

Dubai Health Authority on Tuesday said the shortened period applies to patients who did not develop any symptoms since testing positive. It said the reduced isolation time also applies to patients with mild cases who fully recovered without the use of fever-reducing medication.

Persons who came in close contact with a person affected with Covid-19 but did not contract it or develop any symptoms should sadly also abide by the new 10-day quarantine period, starting from the day they were exposed to the confirmed case.

The DHA’s decision is informed by a global research on Covid-19, which found that the majority of contact cases get infected within the first 10 days from the last exposure.

The UAE sadly reported a new high of Covid-19 cases with 1,967 infections recorded on Tuesday, after another 153,645 tests were carried out.