Events in March 2023 in Dubai – Celebrate Religious, Sports, and Fun Events

Events in March 2023 in Dubai – Celebrate Religious, Sports, and Fun Events

Events in March 2023 in Dubai are living in a city with a wide range of events, sports, and fun things to do every month. The city is known for hosting big events, and 2023 won’t be any different. March 2023 will be full of fun things to do for both people who live there and people who come to visit. Here is a list of the most important annual events in Dubai in March 2023.

Ramadan – Spiritual Self-Reflection – Thu, Mar 23, 2023

Events in March 2023

Muslims worldwide use Ramadan for spiritual self-reflection, renewal, and rituals. The dawn-to-dusk fast is a symbol of this time. During this time, Dubai has a very different feel because businesses change their hours to accommodate those who are fasting. But while things move slowly during the day, the city comes to life after sunset when people break their fast at Iftar.

With so many cultural events, this is a great time to see another side of the emirate, characterized by a sense of community and giving. Take advantage of deals on shopping and signature iftars and suhoors to experience real Emirati hospitality.

How long the Holy Month lasts depends on when the moon is seen.

Middle East Film & Comic Con March 3 to March 5, 2023

Events in March 2023

From March 3 to March 5, 2023, Comic Con will be heading to Abu Dhabi for yet another gaming, anime, comics, and pop-culture fun installment. MEFCC 2023 will have new parts, like the Gaming Area and the Cosplay Central, which will have unreleased games, eSports tournaments, gaming software, accessories, hardware, and limited edition merchandise.

Location: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Al Rawdah

Timing: Friday, March 3, to Sunday, March 5


Dubai Community Run – 18th March 2023

The Dubai community run celebrates health, fitness, and community spirit with people from all backgrounds. Mai Dubai, a major water provider in the UAE, is in charge of the event, open to runners of all ages and skill levels. The event promotes a healthy and active lifestyle in a fun and inclusive setting.

The Mai Dubai community run offers 5K and 10K races for runners of all levels. The race starts and finishes at the Burj Khalifa and passes through some of the city’s most beautiful areas. Running is a great way to see Dubai’s unique vibe.

In addition to the main race, the Mai Dubai community run includes various other activities, such as a kids’ fun run, a post-race festival, and a health and wellness expo. The event also promotes environmental sustainability by asking runners to reduce their environmental impact and treat it with care while out on the course.

Women’s Arab Fashion Week – Mid-March 2023

Events in March 2023

Arab Fashion Week is the official fashion week in Dubai and the rest of the Arab world. The Arab Fashion Council and the Dubai Design District put it on. 

The Arab Fashion Week is held four times a year: in January and June for men’s fashion and in October and March for women’s fashion.

The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) is the largest non-profit fashion council in the world. It is also an international non-governmental organization (INGO) for the 22 Arab League members. It is based in Dubai, and its main goal is to promote Arab fashion designers around the world, spread fashion culture in the area, and put the Arab world on the fashion map of the rest of the world.

World Cup in Dubai, March 25, 2023

Events in March 2023

The Dubai World Cup is a big event that takes place every year and is on our list of the best things to do in Dubai. This horse racing event started in 1996 and has grown to be one of the biggest sports events in Dubai. It is also known as one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.

This would be the mega sport event, among other Events in March 2023.

Horse racing fans can watch top-notch thoroughbreds compete for the top prize at the Dubai World Cup. The event is also known for its hat competition, where the women who attend show off their creative and unique hats. The Dubai World Cup will happen for the 27th time in 2023. It is held every year.

Hatta Hills Run, March 5, 2023

Events in March 2023

The Hatta Hills Run is held annually in the beautiful Hatta neighborhood of Dubai. The event is held at Hatta Heritage Village for casual and serious runners. During the Hatta Hills Run, you can test yourself in the beautiful Hatta Mountains. Hatta Hills Run provides 10km, 21km, and 42km races. The 21- and 42-kilometer races are for more experienced runners, while the 10-kilometer race is for those who have never run.

The tough course winds through the Hatta mountains, giving racers beautiful views of the harsh landscape. Most of the race is on dirt trails, but there are also gravel and rocky parts that test stamina and endurance. The sports lover will love this event as compared to other events in March 2023.

The marathon route goes through some of the area’s most beautiful villages, wadis, and mountains. Runners can also get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors.

The Hatta Hills Run is fun and challenging. It gives runners of all levels a challenge in the beautiful area of Hatta. Whether you’re a runner or not, the Hatta Hills Run is a great way to push yourself and see Dubai’s beautiful nature.

The La Perle Live Show: The Borders of Your Imagination – March 2023

Events in March 2023 in Dubai - Celebrate Religious, Sports, and Fun Events

It is a masterpiece by Franco Dragone, who is known as a great person and is the creative director for Cirque du Soleil and other well-known shows worldwide. The story of the amazing show La Perle is about a fisherwoman’s fairy-tale journey around the UAE in search of a lost pearl.

Whether you are a tourist or live in the UAE, getting tickets for La Perle is a must. Scenes with magical projections, epic choreography, breathtaking aerial acrobatics, awe-inspiring motorcycling feats, and amazing diving stunts will make you feel like you’ve fallen into a dream and been taken to another world. This would be a world-class experience event among all events in March 2023.

The icing on the cake is the city of La Perle Al Habtoor, where the show takes place. It’s not a typical UAE theater. Instead, it’s a custom-made space with a groundbreaking stage that fills with water and drains in the blink of an eye. This is Franco Dragone’s way of combining art, dance, and water.

When you go to the La Perle Aqua Theatre show, you’ll have a world-class experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Location: Al Habtoor City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wrapping Up!

March 2023 in Dubai will be full of events and activities, such as Ramadan, Middle East Film & Comic Con 2023, the Dubai Community-Run, Women’s Arab Fashion Week, the Dubai World Cup, and the Hatta Hills Run. Different people go to these events, like those interested in religion, comics and pop culture, fitness, fashion, horse racing, and running.

During Ramadan, people think about their spiritual lives and try to improve them, while the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2023 will show off gaming, anime, comics, and pop culture. The Dubai Community Run promotes health and fitness, Women’s Arab Fashion Week shows off Arab fashion, and the Dubai World Cup, a prestigious horse race, is one of the biggest sports events in Dubai.

The Hatta Hills Run has different race lengths and beautiful views through the Hatta Mountains. It is for both casual and serious runners.

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What important event happens every year in March in Dubai?

Swim the Burj is an annual event in March and lets people get close to the Burj Al Arab. You can race either 1600 or 800 meters around the Burj al-Arab.

Is March a good time to go to Dubai?

When the weather is cool, November to March is the best time to visit Dubai. Dubai is a very dry place, and the weather is hot and humid all year except during the winter. In Dubai, March is the best month for the weather.

What show is going to be in Dubai in March 2022?

From March 11 to 13, 2022, the 15th Art Dubai takes place at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. Order of Magnitude by Jitish Kallat is being shown at the Ishara Art Foundation. It is the artist’s first major solo show in West Asia and the Levant.