Dubai Welcomes Ultra-contemporary Mosque

Dubai Welcomes Ultra-contemporary Mosque

The reason why Dubai is dynamic is its tradition of reinventing itself. This, among other things, explains why the cosmopolis has the largest collection of some of the most spectacular engineering feats in the Middle East.

Dubai welcomes its first ultra-contemporary mosque. Opened in Dubai International Financial Centre, this mosque can accommodate 500 worshipers. The Grand Mosque was designed by architectural firm RMJM and completes the sequence of buildings on Gate Avenue’s promenade.

The design is inspired by Islamic architecture and blends traditional elements, such as mashrabiya with a contemporary style. A mashrabiya is a type of projecting window enclosed with carved wood latticework and stained glass.

The mosque is enveloped by a perforated screen that allows light to enter. It also includes a women’s prayer area and can also host worshipers for Friday prayers.