Hatta Dam 2023 | A Day out at Beautiful Water Dam in Dubai

Hatta Dam 2023 | A Day out at Beautiful Water Dam in Dubai

Hatta, the oldest fort in the Dubai Emirate, is located on the south-eastern outskirts of the city of Dubai, just a short distance from the country’s border with Oman. It is impossible to describe the amazing natural splendor of the Hatta Dam, which is gently encircled by the jagged peaks of the Hajjar range. The best way to experience the place’s bizarre splendor, though, maybe from the sea itself.

Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating are just a few of the water sports and activities you can engage in here. You can park your car right at the water’s edge and then take a hike from one picturesque location to another while admiring the region’s rugged terrain and the dam in the middle.

Given that it requires some hiking and climbing, visiting Hatta Dam in the milder months of the year is very enjoyable. Due to the abundance of activities available that are specifically catered to children, kids also find this place to be worthwhile. A gigantic mural honoring the two founding fathers of the country that faces the water is a special feature not to be missed when here.

How to reach 

The 125 km from Dubai City to Hatta Dam can be completed in little more than 90 minutes. From Dubai, travel through S 112, Maliha Road, then take the E-102 route to Hatta. Driving across the Hajjar Mountains and desert from the city is beautiful.

Search on Google: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hatta+Lake+-+Dubai

History of Hatta Dam 

Because of rainfall, people used to be forced to rely on groundwater ponds and springs. However, a number of dams have made it possible for water to be accessed year-round in the wadis (veals) that the mountains have been cradling. These are typically flooded by rains in the winter, bringing beautiful plant and fauna into the valleys. It took two years for the main Hatta Dam, which was built in the late 1990s, to completely fill the reservoir, bringing much-needed respite to the residents of Hatta who are now able to access a dependable water source.

Best time to Visit Hatta Dam

The best months to visit Hatta Dam are from September to October and again from February to March in the spring. Due to the nature of the hub, peak summer and winter travel times are best avoided. Additionally, throughout the summer, all activities are suspended.

Why you should visit Hatta Dam

  • Take a journey through the 3,000-year-old cultural diversity found here. Visit the museum, an ancient fort, a watchtower, and a mosque from bygone eras.
  • Travelers that come here for a beautiful weekend of hiking, seeking adventure, or even absorbing the local culture will find a lot to interest them.
  • Hike over the rocky peaks and valleys of the Hajjar mountains; the area below the dam is particularly beautiful. Let your daring side run free.
  • You can bike on the well-marked paths near the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. One of the best methods to discover the hills and wadis is in this manner.
  • The greatest way to see the area is from the water, either in a kayak, paddle boat, or water bike, which you can rent locally or online.

Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Dam 2023 | A Day out at Beautiful Water Dam in Dubai

The district’s hub is Hatta Heritage Village. It was preserved and rebuilt by the government so that visitors might see rural living hundreds of years ago. The village, which debuted in 2001 and features renovated traditional huts and businesses that sell vintage goods, has a history in Dubai. The village also has writings, paintings, and prototypes. Within the Heritage Village is the Bait Al Wali, one of the most significant structures to survive the monarch. It has a patio, many rooms, and a covered dining area.

In that location, you may view the pottery, utensils, jewelry, clothing, and arms made by people who worked in the mountains to extract copper, leather, and clay. Additionally, social customs and well-known melodies, such as folktales and wedding songs, will be explained to visitors. A family that comes for an afternoon visit will love it.


Hatta Dam

In Dubai, one of the most popular water sports is kayaking. For those looking to enjoy kayaking in Dubai, Hatta Kayak is one of the most well-liked sports venues. The vast Hatta Dam lake and the Hatta kayak mountains are accessible by kayak. The demand for a natural and enjoyable kayaking location in Dubai was high last year, among both tourists and residents. Kayaking a long distance will get you to Hatta! The quickest way to get to Hatta Kayak is by automobile, which you may use to listen to some of the best music while traveling. Dubai to Sharjah-Kalba Route takes about an hour and a half.

Location of Kayak

You may easily locate the Hatta Kayak by typing “Hatta Kayak” into Google Maps. It is based on the Hatta Dam. The kayaking location is accessible only by automobile because of the paved path leading there, which is best for sedans. One of Hatta’s most well-known activities is kayaking at the Hatta Dam. However, the vista is breathtaking whether he travels by kayak or yacht through the mountain enclaves on the slick blue bay. It is worthwhile and a wonderful experience for groups of friends or families.

Boating at Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam

The Hatta Dam is the area’s biggest body of water, and boating is a popular activity there thanks to its calm, clear water. One of the best ways to discover the dam in a calm and unhurried manner is by renting a paddle boat.

Accommodation at Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam 2023 | A Day out at Beautiful Water Dam in Dubai

At Hatta Pools, there are many hotels, but the JA Hatta Fort Hotel is a top recommendation. Hatta, JA, is where it is situated. Due to the cooler climate and more tranquil surroundings, Hatta Fort Hotel provides you with the ideal location to escape the heat of the Dubai bush. Appreciate the peacocks and the unfocused, unhealthy surroundings.

World’s Leading Adventure Hotel for 2019 went to Hatta Fort. Dubai offers a wide range of adventure sports, to put it another way. By itself, it is a respectable place to live. At the hotel Ja Hatta, you’ll get to explore Hatta Dubai’s Great Outdoors. The spectacular Hajar Mountains are located in the center of the Hatta dam kayak welcomes your adventurous attitude. 

Investigate the challenging bike trails, climb the mountain, savor the thrill of the high-sky sky-sky zipline, and connect the natural world to glistening lakes. By going to a club or stepping out onto your private balcony, you can take advantage of the stunning mountain views and the wonderful sunny nights.


The well-known Hatta Dam is a well-liked tourist destination because of its gorgeous setting among rocky peaks, tranquil blue waters, and the peaceful respite it provides. Visitors can spend the full day here in the midst of unspoiled nature, engaging in water activities, and taking in the breathtaking scenery that stands in sharp contrast to the desert dunes.

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Is swimming allowed at Hatta Dam?

Even though you can’t swim in the Hatta Dam, there are still lots of things to do! Renting kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, water bikes, and other equipment allows visitors to explore the dam. If you can swim, you can also find the Hatta rock pools for a brief dip.

How much time do you need overall to visit Hatta Dam?

Depending on where you leave from in Dubai, it may take you more or less time to travel by road to Hatta. Although there are buses available, driving a private vehicle is far more convenient and flexible. You might think about getting a daytime rental car.