How to Take Care of Your Rolex & Other Luxury Watches in Dubai?

How to Take Care of Your Rolex & Other Luxury Watches in Dubai?

Luxury watches mostly come with complicated mechanicals on the inside and they often feature precious metals as well as diamonds at times. This means that these watches need extra attention when compared to a regular Timex watch. But there is no rocket science behind taking care of your watch. If you just keep a few important things in your mind, you can make sure that your premium watch lasts long and remains in pristine condition. 

Make Your Luxury Watch Last Longer 

Make your luxury watch last longer

With regular winding and timely service of the watch, you can ensure that the internal parts remain in their best running condition. Also, by cleaning it properly from time to time and avoiding a few things can help the watch shine like-new and hold its value better. Here are all the key points that you should keep in mind if you want to take extra care of your Rolex or any other luxury watch. 

Regular Winding

If you own a Quartz watch, you need not worry about winding, as they work on batteries. On the other hand, if you have a mechanical watch, you should keep winding it regularly and in a proper manner. Most of the luxury watches in Dubai either come with an automatic movement or a manual-winding movement. 

When you are shopping for premium high-end watches, you should keep this in mind. Manual winding movement watches have to be wound manually every few hours. This usually works by rotating the crown several times. As for the automatic or self-winding watches, they wind themselves when you wear them. These watches do have a power reserve that allows them to run for a couple of hours before they are needed to wound. 

When these watches are kept in a place for a more extended period of time, they run out of power. So, when you decide to wear them after a couple of days, you will have to set the time and date again. In order to avoid that, you can buy accessories like watch winders that will keep the watch wound at all times. 

Timely Service

Unlike affordable watches, premium high-end timepieces most come with manual-winding or automatic mechanical movements. These movements are constantly moving in order to power the watch. While it is fascinating to look at from the back glass of your watch, it also means that the watch has to be serviced every few years. Depending on the type of watch you are using, you should get it serviced timely.

Most luxury watches should be serviced every 3-5 years. If you are traveling to Dubai anytime soon, you should know the right stores that deal with servicing luxury watches in Dubai. These service centers will then disassemble your watch, use the suitable lubricants to make sure the moving parts function smoothly and properly and then assemble it back. The whole process is quite complicated and time-consuming, which means you will have to be patient.  

Use Proper Storage Methods

Use proper storage methods for luxury watches in Dubai

Taking care of your watch is also directly related to how you store it. While some people might just place it on a desk or put it in a drawer, that is the worst way to store your watch. In order to make sure the timepiece remains in its pristine condition, you should make sure that you store it properly. This means you should place it back inside its original box when not in use. 

You can also choose to buy accessories that help you store them, like a case for the watch or a box that can store multiple watches at the same time. When you are out with your family exploring the attractions in UAE, you can store the watches you are now wearing in a box like that. You can also invest in some watch stands where you can temporarily place your watch when you are not using it. 

Keep it Clean

Servicing is not the only time when your watch should be cleaned. Instead, you should constantly clean it to make sure it retains its shine and always look the way it should. Since these watches are made out of precious metals and have a sapphire crystal on them, you should use a microfiber cloth to clean them. Microfiber cloth is the cloth that is also used to keep gadgets clean.  

If your watch is water-resistant, you can even feel free to wash it from time to time. But before you go ahead and wash it, just ensure that the winding crown is screwed down properly against the case. 

Avoid Polishing

Most people in Dubai buy luxury watches for their shiny precious metals like Rose Gold. In order to keep your watch in a brand-new shape, many watch service stores might recommend you polish it. Yes, polishing will bring back the shine, but you should still avoid it unless your watch is too scratched up. 

Polishing any type of metal involves a process where certain chemicals are used to take off a very thin layer off the surface. This will eliminate any kind of scratches on the bracelet and the case of your watch but the layer that is removed will never come back. In conclusion, you should avoid getting it polished unless necessary. 

Why Should I Take Care of My Luxury Watch?

There are numerous reasons why you should take care of your watch. Firstly, this will help hold the value of your watch. Luxury watches in Dubai usually go up in value but that happens only if you take good care of your watch. Even if the value does not go up, it at least holds well. Second of all, it gives an amount of self-satisfaction to any watch aficionado. In a nutshell, you should take care of your watch so that it always functions well and looks as good as new.