Safari Park Dubai – The things you should not Miss – Complete Guide 2023

Safari Park Dubai – The things you should not Miss – Complete Guide 2023

Safari Park Dubai is one of the city’s most popular places to visit, and it is the only place that has done a good job of making an animal’s natural habitat in a city. The United Arab Emirates’ ecotourism park, Dubai Safari Park, is situated in Al Warqa. The Dubai Municipality initiated this ambitious tourism project, which includes a significant solar energy source. The Dubai Safari Park is near Al Warqa 5 on the Hatta Road. It has 3000 animals from more than 250 different species.

How to reach Safari Park Dubai 

Dubai Safari PArk

By Car: 

The best and easiest way to access the park is by this route. Simply enter Dubai Safari Park as your location, and you should have no trouble finding the park.

At the park, there are two gates. Gate 1 is just in front of and on the other side of Dragon Mart, allowing access to the park from Ras Al Khor Road. You can enter through Gate 2 via Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street. Gate 1 is easier to get to.

By Metro:

From Dubai Airport  4 AED | From Dubai Downtown  7.5 AED

You may enjoy a wonderful experience while yet keeping your expenses low, thanks to the Dubai Metro. Rashidiya Metro Station is the closest metro station, but you’ll still need to take a cab there, which could cost up to 40 AED. Alternatively, a bus can be taken from this location to the Dragon Mart bus stop.

By Bus: 

From Dubai Airport 5-10 AED | From Dubai Downtown  5-8 AED

The least expensive way to get to Dubai Safari Park if you’re on a tight budget is to take a bus that drops you off at the bus stop close to Dragon Mart 2nd Terminus. You may take a cab to the park for roughly 25 AED. Take the 50 or N30 bus to this stop.

What is the timing of Safari Park Dubai?

Dubai Safari

The Dubai Safari is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Make sure you have enough time to see everything when you schedule your visit. A tour of the entire park can easily take more than 5 hours.

When would be the best time to visit Safari Park Dubai?

The best months to visit Dubai Safari Park are November through March because the temperatures are just right to allow you to explore the area comfortably. The best time to observe the wildlife is right now.

Tickets for Safari Park Dubai

Dubai Safari Park – Entry Ticket   AED 50 

What included: 

  • See over 2,500 animal
  • Indulge yourself in exceptional experiences (fee)
  • Visit all four villages.
  • You may upgrade your ticket for a safari ride, also
  • You will pay separately for paid experiences 

What are the attractions of Safari Park? 

The park has four distinct areas: Explorer Village, African Village, Arabian Desert Safari, and Asian Village. You can locate both legendary creatures and local wildlife in each zone. You’ll be taken to the jungles of Asia, the deserts of Arabia, and the rainforests of Africa, all very different from Dubai’s high-rise structures and extravagances.

Dubai Safari Park Villages 

  • Asian Village
  • African Village 
  • Explorer Village 
  • Arabian Dessert Safari 

Asian Village Safari Park Dubai

Asian Village Safari Park Dubai

In this area, see the unusual and enormous variety of flora and wildlife found in the Asian continent. They are home to many fascinating animals, like moon bears, who are seen as heroes in this area. The white crescent-shaped patch on the Moon Bear’s chest is how it got its name. Here, Komodo dragons, an endangered orangutan species, and various birds and reptiles native to Asian countries. 

One of the things the Asian Village has is a big theatre where different shows happen daily. These programs contain avian, raptor, and other animal exhibitions. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including gibbons, Mandarin ducks, and southern cassowaries.

African Village Safari Park Dubai

African Village at Safari Park Dubai

African Village, which is home to the most exotic species from the continent, is unsurprisingly one of the most talked-about locations in Dubai Safari Park. With its baobab trees and traditional mud buildings, the African Village gives you a real taste of rural Africa.

The hamlet, divided into an African Savannah and a Rainforest, has a big collection of wild canines, large tortoises, chimps, apes, monkeys, deer, komodo dragons, chimpanzees, gorillas, African elephants, and regal white lions from all across Africa. There is a sizable collection of snakes and other reptiles in the reptile house that are native to different parts of Africa. Additionally, the largest aviary display in the UAE is located in the African Village.

Explorer Village Safari Park Dubai

Explorer Village at Safari Park Dubai

Explorer Village is one of the best things to do at the Dubai Safari Park. It gives visitors an exciting time. When you enter this area, you will find the typical open safari, which will take you to the African and Asian rain forests for up-close interactions with the local wildlife. You will see many different animal species protected here as you stroll around the village in the comfort of a car built especially for tourists, including baboons, crocodiles, hippos, zebras, deer, cheetahs, and water buffaloes.

A trip to Explorer Village is impossible without seeing the gorgeous lions and tigers lazing in the sun. The stunning, solar-powered waterfalls that welcomed you inside the tiger enclosure and were built to enhance the environment of its water-loving inhabitants will take your breath away.

The world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit follows, offering you a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most intimidating predators on the planet.

Arabian Desert Safari Park Dubai

As you stroll through the Arabian Desert Safari, get ready to see the desert wildlife of Arabia. You can engage in a variety of interactive activities here. The huge deserts of Western Asia influenced this area, and the adventure recreates the nomadic desert of the Arabian Peninsula. A marshal from Dubai Safari Park will give you a summary of the area’s fragile ecology. If you’re travelling with kids, remember to check out the Petting Zoo, a tourist favourite.

Children can participate in various educational activities at the Arabian Desert Safari. As you move through this settlement’s sand deserts, rocky mountains, and lush meadows, you will surely enjoy seeing all the different plants and animals on screen. Watch out for the antelopes, nilgais, and kittens that live here. The Arabian oryx wolf, which lives on the Arabian Peninsula and is a subspecies of the grey wolf, is the main animal in the Arabian Safari area. It is the smallest wolf species.

Watch for local wildlife like Arabian wolves, sheep, scimitar-horned, Addax, Sand gazelle, mountain gazelles, and Arabian Oryx.

Live Shows at Safari Park Dubai 

At Dubai Safari Park, there is so much to see and discover! Spend time touring the Arabian and African villages as you approach the park. After passing through the entry gates, you can spend some time touring the various Dubai Safari Park settlements.

If you purchased a ticket upgrade that included the Safari Journey, you can now go on a safari through the Explorer Village and continue exploring the park until the Amazing Creatures of the World presentation at 3 PM. Up until the Birds of Prey show at 4 PM, explore the remaining Asian Village. After that, spend some time relaxing at the Al Wadi Farm or Kids Farm before returning.

Kids Farm at Safari Park Dubai 

Kids Farm at Safari Park Dubai

The uniquely crafted Kids Farm, a fun-filled hybrid of a farm and a petting zoo, is another feature at Dubai Safari. The little ones are introduced to common farm animals, including chickens, goats, and sheep, at the Kids Farm. Here, youngsters love being in touch with nature, riding horses, and seeing the bird aviary.

Alwadi Farm at Safari Park 

Alwadi Farm at Safari Park Dubai

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your time dining in restaurants or picking up a snack from a kiosk in Wadi Area if you are feeling stressed out and need a break to re-energize.

You can take a minute to unwind, appreciate the surroundings, sit in the grass, watch the ducks and swans, and snap beautiful pictures!

The Wadi is a valley in the middle of the desert where people may unwind, appreciate nature, picnic, or have a drink while sitting on the grass and watching ducks, peacocks, swans, or even pelicans. Sign up for the pelican feeding.

The visitors are treated to instructive shows with amazing birds of prey several times per day.

Must-Try Experiences at Safari Park Dubai

The animal encounters at the Dubai Safari Park get you closer than before. These interesting activities, which are sure to have a lasting effect on your spirit, help animals and show how people are a threat to these beautiful creatures. Your children will adore these engaging, enjoyable, and thrilling activities.

Gorilla at Safari Park Dubai
  • Safari Journey 
  • Live Shows 
  • Animal Feeding
  • Gorilla House
  • Hippo Aquarium
  • Cheetah Viewing Gallery
  • Guinea Pig Encounter
  • Pony Walk
Lion at Safari Park Dubai

Services at Safari Park 

The park has several amenities that enhance visitors’ enjoyment and convenience. Here are a handful of the park’s amenities:

  • First Aid services
  • Restaurants 
  • Prayers are for women and men 
  • Baby care/baby changing room 
  • Toilet 

Restaurants at Safari Park Dubai

Restaurants at Safari Park Dubai

There are four main restaurants in Dubai Safari Park and additional food trucks and kiosks scattered throughout the park, so you won’t go hungry while you’re there.

 La Marquise: The Main Entrance’s Lebanese restaurant delivers some of the greatest shawarma in the area, along with a delectable selection of Continental and Arabic cuisine.

Bait Al Qadeem: The neighborhood restaurant to Champanze house serves a variety of regional Arabic and well-known Persian delicacies. The many communities in Dubai are represented on the menu as well.

Local House: This eatery honors its Mediterranean heritage and offers a fine selection of meals passed down through the years. The Explorer Village is close to it.

Oregano: This casual Italian restaurant is in the African Village Plaza. It serves food that is influenced by the food of the Ligurian region. A leisurely family supper in the great outdoors is ideal.


There is no other park like the Dubai Safari Park in the UAE for an immersive animal experience. Compared to the claustrophobic conditions of the former Dubai Zoo, a lot of effort has been put into keeping the animals at this facility comfortable. In our opinion, all animal lovers in Dubai and overseas should try it out for a pleasant day!

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The Dubai Safari Park has how many villages?

For your convenience, Dubai Safari Park has two farms and four villages with different settings.

What areas of Dubai Safari Park provide for relaxation?

The Al Wadi Farm at Dubai Safari Park is a tranquil place to unwind. The Kids Farm also provides several interactive games for your children’s enjoyment.

What kinds of experiences can one have at Dubai Safari Park?

You can feed the animals, go on a behind-the-scenes tour to observe how the park staff looks after them, or even see some magnificent animals in their natural habitats. Everyone can appreciate the variety of adventures that Dubai Safari Park offers.