Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

The UAE is not only one of the most famous tourist destinations, globally, but is also one of the best places that offer a lot of job opportunities to everyone. Undoubtedly, it is a career hub. A place that provides multiple opportunities for the professional grooming of many new minds! It caters to talent all around the world. So, if you are thinking of seeking a job in the UAE, take out your laptop and start searching for a job that matches your skills. Yes! From the comfort of your home, you can easily apply for your dream job. Having a job at a place that is a travel destination has its own perk. So here is a list of top job websites in the UAE for you.


Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

One of the most notable social media sites that bring recruiters and job seekers to the common table is LinkedIn. Based on the details that you add to your profile, LinkedIn provides you with some job recommendations. In the UAE, all big businesses have profiles on this platform and they post job vacancies there. Also, you can connect to the people of the respective companies. It will give you some clues about the company’s environment.

LinkedIn also has a premium version that is paid. It gives you an excess of some additional features. For instance, some profile views cannot be checked through the unpaid version but through the premium version, you can check all the views. Moreover, you can also see the number of applicants for a particular job. LinkedIn provides a free one-month trial of the premium version. So if you want to apply for the use, avail this opportunity, stand out among others and increase your chances of being hired.


Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Dubizzle is one of the UAE’s most popular job-hunting websites. You have to visit the portal of dubizzle from where you can select the city you want to work in. Apart from that,  under the job section, the website offers a lot of categories, for instance, real estate jobs, hospital jobs, jobs in the sector of information technology, and a lot more. So select the category you are an expert in and find a job of your choice

The filters have made searching for your dream job easier. You can filter out jobs based on the city, salary range, experience, academic qualification, and employment type. Also, the job descriptions are so detailed that they greatly aid you in understanding what the recruiter actually is looking for. Additionally, uploading a CV is also quite easy compared to some other websites. Visit the website right now and look for the job that suits you the most.


Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Another website among the top UAE job sites is It makes finding jobs in reputed UAE companies extremely easy. Almost all the big fishes of the UAE post their job vacancies on the website. The reason that made indeed famous among job hunters!

But how would you find the job you want? Well! Here it is.

Go to the website, sign up and enter the job title in the search box. Choose the city that suits you and hit the find jobs button. Within a few seconds, you will see many jobs on your screen. Read the job description and apply for it. That’s it. All done from the comfort of your home.

Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Another one on the list of job sites in UAE is It is a website that helps recruiters in hiring talent from the UAE. You can find jobs by sector, location,  companies, salaries, and also executive jobs. Apart from jobs, Bayt also provides other services like the creation and evaluation of CVs, blogs giving tips to find jobs, and other job-related topics. In short, Bayt is one of the best websites that not only helps you in getting a job but also provides you with tips and tricks for professional grooming.


Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Laimoon is a well-known platform among job hunters and providers. You can easily find jobs related to your expertise on the portal. Just enter the job title in the search box and hit find jobs. A lot of jobs matching your search will appear on the screen. You can apply for any after reading all the details about your role. But before applying, register yourself. Furthermore, Laimoon offers several courses that give you an academic boost as well. So do check this website out!


Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

If you are looking for a job, do consider Snaphunt as well. It is an absolutely awesome website that not only helps recruiters and job hunters in posting and finding jobs but also offers advice and tips to both parties that help them in playing their roles in much better ways.

Top UAE Job Sites: Dubbizle, LinkedIn, Indeed, Bayt & More

Naukrigulf, a free website that offers more than 50,000 jobs every day, can be lucky for you. Register yourself at and try your luck with the top-class companies in the UAE.

Wrapping It Up

The UAE has a plethora of job opportunities for people around the globe. If you are interested in finding a job in the top-class companies of the UAE, it is just a few clicks away. You can look for your dream job on the top UAE job sites while at home. So, what are you waiting for?  Take out your mobile phone or laptop and start searching for jobs that match your academic profile and skills the most. Upload your CV and apply for the job that you always wanted to have. 


Is Linkedin good for finding jobs?

Linkedin is a platform for people of different professions to connect. It is unquestionably one of the best platforms for job hunters. All well-known companies have LinkedIn accounts where they post job updates. You can easily find the jobs under the job section. Moreover, LinkedIn also recommends jobs that match your academic profile.

Are the UAE job sites free of scams?

Although websites are a great aid for applicants and recruiters when it comes to jobs, still scams do happen. Scammers usually post jobs that people search for often and offer more salaries for these jobs. So, yes you should be a little careful while applying for a job.