Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

You should take advantage of the Al Qudra Lake location if you enjoy being outside. Two enormous, interconnected cores make up this amazing lake of emotions. This magnificent pool in the shape of a Dubai heart is superior to all other attractions in the city. For anyone with a romantic heart, it is a great location.

All About Al Qudra Lakes

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

Dubai’s preferred leisure area has long been Al Qudra Lake. This desert haven offers a relaxing getaway from the city and a variety of fun activities that will let you unwind. With lovely beaches to unwind on, busy boulevards to cycle on and various outdoor activities, Dubai offers a wealth of ways to spend a sunny day. Al Qudra is a well-known ecotourism location ideal for wildlife watchers who want to get back to nature, nevertheless, and is the true oasis in the desert for those seeking a more serene setting.

To promote ecotourism in Dubai, Al Qudra Lake was created. It is a man-made oasis in arid. Its surroundings include several man-made lakes, dunes, and wildlife. This place gained more notoriety in 2015 thanks to its authentic desert setting and solitude. One of Dubai’s top BBQ places is Al Qudra Lake, which is still a favorite with campers.

How to reach Al Qudra Lake 

The artificial lakes at Al Qudra offer a pleasant respite from the bustle of Dubai. Locals like going there for picnics, dog walks, and desert bird viewing. Right along Al-Qudra Lane is a location that is only a short drive from Dubai. Al Qudra Road is easily accessible via Dubai Al Ain Road or Emirates Road, depending on your destination. Google Maps’ labels for Al Qudra’s sites make it easy to locate them. A 4-wheel drive is safer to be on the safe side because you should keep in mind that it will be a bit off-road. The wetlands are home to over a hundred different species of birds. Towers for birdwatching are available at any of the lakes. Both of them are excellent places to see the dawn and sunset. Low light pollution is present, and stargazers frequent the area.

What is unique about Al Qudra Lake 

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

There is more to Love Lake’s appeal than just a picnic area or a nighttime hike. It’s one of Dubai’s revolutionary sights, for sure. Far from the city, the location is lovely and tranquil. Love Lake is your best option if you want to unwind with family or friends for the evening. This is where you can watch Dubai’s most beautiful sunset. Beyond words, the sun’s orange light blended with the golden sand and vegetation. Therefore, Love Lake exploration is best done an hour before sunset. If the weather is suitable, you can spend hours in the forest gazing around and listening to the songs of the birds.

As long as a suitable cooker/stand is present, barbecues are permitted. These fires are likely to face urgent legal action. There are also provided garbage cans for charcoal. Al Qudra Reservoirs are located in the desert about 10 miles east of Al Maktoum International Airport. It terminates at D63 Al Qudra Road. The reservoirs are far from any bus stops.

Additionally, picnics, pet walks, and running are all wonderful in this park. There aren’t many joggers around, and there aren’t any close residential areas. But some bicycles can be seen visiting the park.

What you will find at Al Qudra Lake

  • A beautiful photogenic location
  • A map of the lake sketched on a wooden frame 
  • Swings on big tree branches that adults can use 
  • A badminton court in my heart just for capturing photos 
  • There are numerous wooden park benches where you can unwind and enjoy the scenery. 
  • The vast red heart is composed of a grouping of red flowers in the garden.
Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

The information before you go to Al Qudra Lake 

  • There is no entrance fee, making it free to enter the park. 
  • If you plan to fly drones in the park, be sure the authorities have the appropriate authorization. 
  • Never feed the fish and birds in the park. 
  • In the winter, deserts are substantially colder than populated areas.
  • To look good, wear a sweater when you arrive
  • Never grill somewhere other than the designated area for the barbeque.
  • Remains of burned charcoal are hazardous to wildlife, particularly in rivers. 
  • High heels are not allowed in various parts of the park. 
  • A four-wheel drive is safer when visiting Love Pool. 
  • Nevertheless, there is no harm in operating a standard car.
  • Very few restrooms are located exclusively in a parking lot.
  • Make sure you are disposing of your rubbish in garbage bags because littering is not permitted and can harm the environment. 
  • If you plan to stay in the evening, dress warmly because it can get chilly.
Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

What you can do – Lakeside Activities at Al Qudra Lake 

Admiration For Wildlife

In the Al Qudra Desert, there are 170 native birds and animals. The lakes of Al Qudra are a man-made attraction, but they are also a natural haven for wildlife. The creatures seem to roam around, though they are a little more enigmatic. In and around Al Qudra, gazelles, foxes, and rabbits can frequently be seen.

Sunsets Over Desert Oasis

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

This location offers a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, you can take in a stunning sunset while finding peace. One of Al Qudra’s top spots for taking in the splendor of nature and ensuring your family has a good time. Get ready to take fantastic pictures of the sunset with your camera. As the sun sets over the dune, the gradual orange sky provides you with uninterrupted and breathtaking views because this location is away from high-rise buildings and busy highways. If you’re a photographer who enjoys capturing the beauty of nature, you have the chance to capture some fantastic shots as you gather picnic supplies, tunes, and snacks to take in the serene view of Lake Qudra. The Lake is magnificent at night because the sky above it glows after it has grown dark, giving it a stellar appearance.

Enjoy Cycling 

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

The 86-kilometer-long lake’s path makes it one of the best activities in Dubai. This track offers an excellent dune experience and is considered one of Dubai’s best cycling routes.

Routes for Biking

The Al Qudra Cycling Car Park, close to the available villas in Mira Oasis, and the Teck Bicycle Store, situated in Seih Al Salam, are cyclists’ primary starting points.

Bicycle Rental: The Teck Bicycle Store is where you must go if you need to rent a bicycle.

Timing for Biking Store: from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Capture the immense view of the sunset in the desert

The sun sets over the dunes while you enjoy uninterrupted and breathtaking views of the gradient orange sky because this area is away from high-rise buildings and busy roads. If you’re a photographer, you can take some incredible pictures. For those who merely enjoy taking in the beauty of nature, pack some snacks, music, and picnic chairs so you can take in the tranquil scenery Al Qudra Lake has to offer. Al Qudra Lake looks stunning at night. It’s an excellent place for star gazing after dark because of the sky above sparkles.

Ideal location for Camping 

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

The best campsite in the UAE is Al Qudra. Surrounding the stunning BBQ atmosphere, starry skies, and overnight campground are artificial reservoirs and dunes. Even though the area is typically crowded on the weekends, you can still find a quiet place to pitch your tent near Love Lake or Al Qudra Lake in the East. Lake camping is one of the free outdoor activities available in Dubai. If you could ensure that you had the necessary tools, that would help. Bring the camping gear you need, such as tents, packs, torches, etc. One of the Dubai camping gear shops has all the supplies you require. Al Qudra Campsite is located about 30 minutes from Dubai, and Al Qudra is open all day. If you go there, you’ll get the chance to camp nearby and BBQs there. Whether you’re camping alone, with friends, or with family, it’s fantastic. Gather your belongings and prepare for a delicious camping and grilling experience. Since this is one of the best BBQ spots in Dubai, the experience cannot be overlooked.

The restaurant at  Al Qudra Lake

There are numerous inquiries about Al Qudra, such as whether grilling and campfires are permitted near the lake. Al Qudra needs restaurants, but this could not stop visitors from dining by the coast and ruining the secluded ambiance. As long as the barbecues are set up and not directly on the sand, you’ll see local tourists gather around them for most of the days, grilling their lunches. Alternatively, pack a picnic and a blanket, then find a spot to relax and spend the afternoon taking in the scenery.

Exploring the bird’s species.

Visit Al Qudar Lake & Love Lake For Exotic Winter Experience In Dubai

At Al Qudra Lake, there are over 170 different species of birds and other animals living there in their natural habitat. Bird watchers will find species like ducks, flamingos, and black swans all around the lake, which is a haven for them.


Take advantage of this breathtaking location if you’re considering a trip to Dubai. For all of your requirements, Al Qudra is the best location. This artificial oasis is excellent if you like to do outdoor activities in Dubai. Despite some camping and barbecuing restrictions, there are many more things to do at Al Qudra. The Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai’s most well-known desert attraction, is a great place to spend a wonderful day with friends or family.


Which season is best for visiting Al Qudra Lake?

Wintertime is undoubtedly the ideal time to visit Al Qudra Lake. Wintertime is the best time to stroll through the natural desert because the sun isn’t as hot.

Are Love Lake and Al Qudra Lake the same?

Love Lake is a part of a complex of artificial lakes designed to resemble a desert ecosystem with its native wildlife, flora, and vegetation. Al Qudra is the name of the entire lake complex.

What is unique about Love Lake?

The impressive variety of plants and flowers makes it look much better. Around Love Lake, there are more than 16,000 plants in the park. All of the shrubs, begonias, and branches have a heart-shaped shape. Love Lake demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to sustainability.