What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

Are you apprehensive about your first journey to this Middle Eastern Emirate? Not to worry! Here are some pointers to help you make the most of your trip to the Gulf city. Read the complete article to know useful information for traveling to Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, and the Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world, are both located in Dubai, the most picturesque city in the United Arab Emirates. Not only that, but Dubai is continually growing to become one of the world’s most attractively laid-out cities, renowned for its rich cultural diversity and well-attended fiestas. But Dubai is so much more than just its extravagant malls and sky-touching superstructures.

Useful Information for Traveling to Dubai Before your arrival

What to bring?


The most crucial section. Verify your documents a minimum of three times, make copies of them, and carry the copies with you at all times. The originals should remain locked in your hotel room. The need for a visa, which is subject to change, should be confirmed with your local embassy.


Whatever you neglect to include in your suitcase, ensure it includes many huge bottles of sunscreen. Due to the harsh conditions in Dubai, it is advised to always carry sunscreen with the maximum SPF possible. Carry body/face wipes, sunglasses, caps, water bottles, insect repellent, and other items.

What is Dubai’s duty-free allowance?

The following items are acceptable for travelers to carry into the UAE:

  • 500g of tobacco, 
  • 500g of tobacco
  • 50 cigars and 400 cigarettes
  • 24 cans of beer
  • 24 cans of beer, 4 liters of wine or spirits, 
  • other items worth USD 800

Currency in Dubai and how much can you carry?

The UAE Dirham is the official currency of Dubai (AED). For the most recent exchange rates, visit OANDA.

Banks, airports, and hotels offer currency exchange services throughout the region. It is preferable to do as many of your swaps here since most malls feature currency exchange offices that typically provide better rates than hotels and airports. Travelers are permitted to bring in up to AED 100,000 without declaring it. Although having a case is helpful for things like taxis, most establishments accept all major credit cards.

Traveler’s checks are not advised because they can be challenging to exchange and typically include high costs.

Find and book accommodation prior

Do not immediately make a pricey hotel reservation because Dubai has something to offer every traveler; read and investigate your lodging options while keeping an eye on your budget. To avoid chaos, make reservations ahead of time. Even though summer is the cheapest time to go and book accommodations, Dubai would be so hot that you would almost be roasting.

Cost estimation of outings, dining, and entertainment

 Aside from lodging, one of the significant expenses for most travelers is their participation in activities. Prepare your budget for this because going to the top of the Burj Khalia, skiing indoors, or getting wet at a water park might cost anything from $25 to $100. A meal of street cuisine can occasionally cost less than $10 (USD), making it a budget-friendly option.

A three-course lunch at a mid-range restaurant can cost between $30 and $50 (USD), whereas a supper at a high-end restaurant can cost over $100 (USD). Alcohol is usually pricey because of religious prohibitions, with a beer costing about (USD) $6. Due to the size of the city and some of the distances, taxis can be extremely pricey.

Arriving in Dubai – Visa on Arrival (mostly)

The majority of nations can easily obtain a visa at the airport; however, travelers should confirm their requirements before traveling. There are several useful amenities and options for public transportation at both Dubai World Central (DWC) and Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Taxis, money exchange services, automobile rental companies, convenience stores, and help desks for general inquiries are all easily accessible.

Best time and Weather

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

The best season to visit Dubai is between November and March when the weather is generally agreeable, and temperatures range from 30° C to 12° C. In addition, the magnificent Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in December, offers a wide variety of goods from international brands.

It would be unwise to travel to Dubai between April and October when it would be nearly difficult to leave the air-conditioned malls and posh spas due to the heat and humidity.

Emergency Contacts

While on vacation in the UAE, dial this number in case of an emergency:

  • 998 – Ambulance
  • 911 – The police
  • 997 – for the Fire Department
  • 996 – Coastguard

These numbers may be useful to visitors as well:

  • Tourist security hotline at +971 800 4438
  • Consumer hotline at +971 600 545 555
  • Dubai Health Authority +971 800 342 for the

Be aware – Things to do with caution during your travel to Dubai

Dress code

Primarily, apart from a moderate and liberal or forward-thinking Dubai, it is still an Islamic nation where the people uphold their traditions and customs. Since the city is fairly stylish, you are free to dress however you choose, but please take care not to offend the residents of your host city. Covering your legs and shoulders is preferable.

Although wearing an abaya or kandora is not required because Dubai is a tourist destination, exposing too much skin in public is generally discouraged. Naturally, walking onto a beach without a swimsuit, shorts, or bikini would be strange, yet you can dress whatever you choose on any other beach.

In short, Dress appropriately for the events and the location you visit so that you blend in rather than offend anyone. Furthermore, it is frequently swelteringly hot outside. Therefore, you should cover yourself if you don’t want the UV rays to damage your skin.

Follow and Remain Aware of Local Etiquette

As one of the more extensive Emirates and a popular tourist destination, Dubai has a more modern appearance than Sharjah, its neighbor, or any other city in the Middle East. However, you must follow a few fundamental guidelines to avoid visiting the prison while being shackled.

First and foremost, it should go without saying that kissing or even a simple cheek kiss should never happen in public. Unmarried couples are recommended to book different accommodations because Sharia Law is upheld in the UAE. Last but not least, using foul language in public will get you to be put in jail. Avoiding the “F” word is preferable because it is disliked.

Capture photographs and Make memories (with consent)

It’s a sin to visit one of the most buzzed-about cities on earth without taking a photo! It isn’t easy to control your excitement, photographers, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Please keep in mind to always ask someone’s permission before taking their picture. Don’t take photos of Muslim women. Avoid taking photos of government structures, docks, airports, and other commercial, industrial, or military facilities.

Beverage and Alcohol

Concerning alcoholic beverages, restaurants, hotels, and pubs will provide you with the largest selection possible, ranging from the least expensive beer or spirits to the most luxurious champagne. Several bars don’t let patrons under 25 drink, even though the legal drinking age is 21. A liquor license is necessary to purchase alcoholic beverages in the city; however, they are pricy. Even so, there is a limit to your purchase that the customs office will examine. You can also purchase alcohol from the airport shop duty-free, but some restrictions apply.

Even if you are a tourist or a non-Muslim, you will barely find alcohol served in restaurants or bars during the holy month of Ramadan.

Medications and Drugs

Dubai has a zero-tolerance stance regarding drug misuse, and the use of drugs is severely forbidden. Don’t forget your prescription if you’re bringing any medications with you. Carrying just what you’ll need for the duration of your trip is safer. Also, because poppy seeds are an opium source, they are illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

What to do  – During travel in Dubai

Transport – Taxi vs Local Transport

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

Let’s not forget how inexpensive your travel would become using public transportation, even though many websites and blogs would advise you to use a private cab. Instead, you may spend that money on groceries and shopping.

Go for a taxi if you want a comfortable trip and don’t mind spending money, but make sure to download Google Maps and keep track of the significant locations. You can only assume that your driver is familiar with some parts of this immense wonder of a city. Instead, why not choose the metro and public buses if you’re on a tight budget or want to minimize travel expenses?

Buses run practically everywhere; if not, a metro station is located near the most important landmarks.

Even the Dubai Metro has a gold section, which, while pricey, is worth it. An international driving license is required if you want to rent a car. In Dubai, automobiles drive on the right side of the road while the wheels are on the left.

Shopping in Dubai – Dazzling Supermalls

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

With its abundance of dazzling supermalls offering designer labels by the dozen, fast automobiles, gold bars, and any other luxury item you might imagine, Dubai is one of the world’s shopping capitals. However, there are still a ton of items that can and should be purchased on your trip for the average shopper, for whom these purchases are clearly out of their price range.

Although not everyone may purchase gold bullion directly from a vending machine, gold jewelry in Dubai is more affordable and pure than in many other nations. If you enjoy wearing some golden accessories, this is the place to shop.

Dates are a fantastic travel gift because they taste lovely after landing and will withstand the flight. Middle Eastern dates are particularly delicious.

Dubai – Food heaven

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

Dubai is a food lover’s paradise, whether it’s the traditional cuisines from all over the world in the Global Village, an expensive and upscale restaurant, or the delectable street food. If you’re a vegetarian, your options could be limited, but if you’re not and enjoy trying new foods, Dubai’s streets are perfect for you. It includes everything from the greatest KFC grilled chicken to the best Shawarma to the traditional meals of many other nations, like Lebanon, India, and others. Concerning hygiene, don’t worry. Creating a safe and healthy environment is something that Emiratis and foreigners in Dubai take great pride in.

Desert excursions or beach sunbathing

What You Need To Know Before Arriving To Dubai?

Lastly, Dubai is much more than only the retail centers with various brands and multi-story skyscrapers. Enjoy a day of sunbathing by the Persian Gulf or go on a safari to the Arabian Desert’s crimson sands. Remember Dubai Creek, where the city was founded, and the exquisitely designed Palm Jumeirah.


Knowing what activities are offered in the area, you want to visit is one of the main reasons you should research your destination before visiting there. You can plan your trip following all the aspects mentioned above.

Please explore our website for Dubai’s best accommodations, shopping malls, and food spots.

Have a nice trip ahead.


Is accommodation cheap or expensive in Dubai?

Accommodation is affordable in Dubai if you book prior. You should plan and book your accommodation before avail the cheap one.

Can we get a visa on arrival at Dubai Airport?

It is possible to get after arriving at the airport in Dubai and does not require any planning. After landing and completing the necessary biometric processes, the visa is issued at the immigration desk.