5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With

5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With

Dubai is one of the most famous destinations globally, renowned for its lavish architecture, jaw-dropping skylines, and massive shopping malls. As of 2021, around 3.7 million international tourists visited the UAE city.

Dubai, as a megacity, never stops growing and has become the most progressive travel destination in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Amidst the pandemic, the Arabian city remained at the forefront of global tourism recovery after international travels reopened.

For international travelers planning to visit Dubai, booking with a travel agency can be helpful. However, it can be pricey, and cancellation terms can be restrictive.

Luckily, travelers can have a more budget-friendly option with travel websites in Dubai. Travel websites in Dubai also allow users to see travel reviews, trip fares, and other promos in just one click.

Travelers can completely control flights, accommodation, holiday packages, and more when using a travel website. Moreover, travelers can also get a complete idea about their dream destinations and access basic details, historical significance, travel costs, and even HD images of the attractions.

There are many travel agencies and travel websites in Dubai, and they offer different information and tools that help travelers make informed decisions. Travel websites in Dubai also help clients get updated with the latest news and notices from travel operators.

Moreover, some travel websites in Dubai even offer itinerary details for different tour packages and even provide virtual tours.

For this list, only the best travel websites in Dubai were included to help you book your next vacation. The best travel websites in Dubai offer different booking tools, tour packages, and additional features.

In rounding up the list for the best travel websites in Dubai, services offered, accessibility, and transparent pricing have been considered. Moreover, customer reviews and ratings were also considered. 

Best Travel Websites in Dubai

Here is a rundown of the top travel websites in Dubai:

Visit Dubai

5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With
Visit Dubai – One of the Best Travel Websites in Dubai | Credit: Majalahka.com

Visit Dubai is the official travel website of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism. It offers general details about Dubai, its history, and the top things to do.

The website features different attractions and events for tourists to try while in Dubai. It also offers suggestions on what to do for tourists and the new and trending activities.

What makes Visit Dubai one of the best travel websites in Dubai is the comprehensive and curated information they provide for travelers. Visit Dubai includes a list of family-friendly cafes, celebrity restaurants, and Instagram-worthy dining hotspots.

For tourists looking for inventive menus or traditional Emirati cuisine, the website provides links to listicles about trending restaurants in Dubai. Moreover, the website features the Dubai calendar that includes information about events such as live performances, sporting action, shopping festivals, and family experiences.

Another pro featured on the website is the tips and tools for planning your next trip. Visit Dubai offers practical information, visa information, tips on getting to and around Dubai, accommodation, travel accessibility, and Dubai passes that tourists can purchase.

On top of that, you can directly book your flight with Emirates as the website offers online booking, so it’s easier for tourists to search available flights and ticket prices.

For easier access, Visit Dubai also features a chat support tool so users can interact with a virtual travel assistant via chat. This feature is convenient for users with other queries and concerns.

Travel Dubai

5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With
Travel Dubai – Top Dubai Travel Website | Photo Credit: TravelDubai.co.uk

For over 25 years, Travel Dubai has been one of the most seasoned companies providing holidays to the UAE. Currently, its website is also one of the best travel websites in Dubai.

Travel Dubai’s on-the-ground team in UAE and expert advisers in the UK help deliver memorable holiday experiences to tourists and locals alike. Its long-standing relationships with Dubai hotel partners allow them to access exclusive discounts and offers featured on the website.

Travel Dubai is one of the best travel websites in Dubai for many reasons.

It offers tailor-made itineraries for its client’s flight and hotel holidays. Add it to the fact that it considers the client’s preferences, including health and wellness, cultural activities, nature and wildlife, culinary experiences, and sports.

Their services extend to wedding planning, corporate events, sporting, and special events such as F1, golf, and horse racing. Travel Dubai offers services from families, honeymooners, professional athletes to solo and private group travelers.

On top of that, Travel Dubai is part of the Trade Wings Travel Family, which allows them to help and tailor holidays to Dubai and beyond. Booking with Travel Dubai is also convenient as they provide personal travel quotations on their website.

Clients can request a personal quotation for their flight and hotel through their website. Clients can also request immediate quotes from experienced travel advisers via phone call.

Travel Dubai also offers information about the best hotel offers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Ajman. The website also includes different promotional offers and classifies hotels according to holiday types.

Moreover, Travel Dubai provides basic information about Dubai and restrictions tourists should avoid. The website also features customer reviews and ratings to see feedback for their service.

To ensure that clients can enjoy their holiday with peace of mind, Travel Dubai offers financial protection to clients as a UK Private Limited Company. Their company is a long-standing ATOL holder and an IATA license holder.


5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With
TripVisors | Photo Credit: tripvisors.com

TripVisors is one of the best travel websites in Dubai for flights, hotels, and visas. This global travel search site allows travelers to compare flights and travel deals prices.

Travelers can search for leading providers and travel sites to compare the best flight prices with just one click. The website also offers information on the cheapest departure and arrival dates and the best balance between price and flight time.

As one of the best travel websites in Dubai, TripVisors helps travelers know how different factors affect fare prices, such as days to departure and seasonality helps travelers find flights that fit their budget. However, it should be noted that TripVisors doesn’t sell tickets but directs travelers to relevant companies.

Aside from providing information about the best flight offers, TripVisors also includes information on the best hotel promos and car rental booking. The website helps tourists find cheap car rental deals in Dubai and beyond.

To check the best hotel offers in Dubai, TripVisors categorizes hotels based on popularity and price. It also provides information on prices and discounts, guest ratings, and amenities available.

TripVisor is available for download on the App Store for easier access. To get regular updates, you can follow their Facebook page.


5 Best Travel Websites in Dubai to Easily Plan Your Trip to Dubai With
Musafir – Top Dubai Travel Website | Photo Credit: Musafir.com

Musafir is UAE’s first premium-experience travel website in Dubai. It offers flights to over 3,000 destinations, and hotel stays for more than 1 million worldwide.

As one of the best travel websites in Dubai, Musafir offers more than just fantastic holiday experiences. As its tagline goes, Musafir promises travelers great choice, no-nonsense convenience, and a premium experience.

Musafir was founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Sachin Gadoya, and Albert Dias in August 2007. Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani later inaugurated it in April 2009.

Musafir is incorporated under Universal Travels & Tourism LLC; an IATA accredited travel agency founded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani and Sachin Gadoya in 2005.

Although Musafir first launched its services in India in 2010, it continued as a global brand reaching UAE and Qatar.

Musafir helps travelers find the best flights with exclusive flight deals and a price match guarantee. It is also linked to Emirates’ flight updates and special discounts.

Moreover, Musafir provides information about getting different visas, including the process, prices, etc. Applicants can also track their visa applications through the website.

Musafir also features different holiday packages that travelers can choose from. Travelers can get the best deals according to their preferred theme, budget, staycation options, and the number of pax.

On top of that, Musafir features Musafir Business which helps companies or group travelers find out how much time and money they can save with super-saver policies, paperless approval, and best flight + hotel deals. Through Musafir Business, travelers can also visualize their travel spending and find unique ways to save by team, project, duration, cost, and other factors.

Musafir Business also features tracking tags to categorize travel spending by title, cost-center, department, travel intent, and more. It also uses AI technology to recommend the best flights and adapts to the traveler’s choices every booking.

Musafir Business is a full-featured mobile application that aims to put travelers first and organize complicated details. Travelers or companies can start for free by logging into Musafir’s website.

For better communication, Musafir offers customer support via email and phone calls. For in-person appointments, you can check their locations near to you.

Al Rostamani

Burj Al Arab - Best Dubai Travel Websites
Aerial view of the Burj al Arab hotel in the Gulf emirate of Dubai | Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images and CNN.com

For more than 40 years, Al Rostamani Travels (ART) has been a leading travel provider in the UAE. Throughout the years, it has become one of the best travel websites in Dubai and has been responding to travelers’ high-quality needs and satisfying the needs of its broad customer base.

Al Rostamani Group established ART in 1979 and has been awarded the SUPERBRANDS status for 11 consecutive years since 2010. As one of the best travel websites in Dubai, ART is famous for its warm culture and excellent customer service.

It is also known for its high level of professional expertise and consultation to thousands of Corporate and Leisure travelers to and from the UAE and the Middle East Region. It has three offices in the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, providing a wide array of services.

Its services include Corporate Travel, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), an Inbound division for exploring the UAE, and a Leisure division that offers a wide range of holiday packages.                     

ART’s website features an online booking tool that helps travelers compare flights and fares so they can get the best deal. It also features different special packages in Dubai and beyond.

Travelers can also check and compare hotels through their websites. Moreover, travelers have more options for different holiday packages as ART offers packages for family holidays, beach holidays, city breaks, escorted tours, and rail packages.

Travelers can also compare packages by date, prices, and country. Add it to the fact that travelers can also check different attractions through their inbound packages, local tours, and Yas Island packages.

ART also offers airline and hotel reservations for corporate and marine travel, both regionally and internationally. Travelers are also provided inbound and outbound visa services with the processing of biometric requirements.

Travelers can also have peace of mind while traveling because ART provides travel insurance and duty of care solutions to cover high-risk countries and locations. You can check this link for a complete list of ART’s services.

ART offers 0% installment plans, ADCB TouchPoints redemption, and Air Miles in terms of payment options. You can follow ART’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube account for regular updates.

And that concludes our list of the best travel websites in Dubai! If you have tried using any of these websites, you can share your experience with us.