Dubai — Why People Visit This Dynamic City: Things To Do, Biz, Jobs etc

Dubai — Why People Visit This Dynamic City: Things To Do, Biz, Jobs etc

Learn about Dubai and why people visit Dubai tremendously.

Attracting people from all over the world and covering an area of 3,885 square meters, Dubai is the UAE’s most populous and largest city. It is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, and flourishes on the southeast coast of the Arabian Gulf. Being the most populous city in the UAE, it boasts significantly more expatriates than Emiratis. Clearly, it is the world’s fourth most visited city.

  • Address: Emirate of Dubai, UAE

A Brief History of Dubai

The history of Dubai can be traced to some 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum Family, who settled at the mouth of the creek in 1833. Until today the city is still led by the Maktoum Family.

An Overview on Dubai

Burj Khalifa Exterior

From the tranquility of the desert to the bustle of the city, Dubai brims with life. Speeding away from its humble beginnings, it has surpassed the barrier of time and emerged as one of the world’s leading tourist cities.

The desert city has attracted global attention by virtue of its mammoth projects, outstanding attractions and milestones. Today, it boasts the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab, and the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. And a mammoth project called The World which is informed by the map of the world is underway. Its airport overtook London’s Heathrow to become the world’s busiest airport.

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Dubai — A Leading Tourist Destination

With year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, classy shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community, Dubai welcomes millions of leisure and business visitors from around the world each year, India significantly being its top source market followed by Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Further, people visit the Arabian pride because it puts a premium on hospitality given that it’s tourism-conscious and more importantly that it’s Islamic. As a law (informed both by Islamic laws and Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and a way of life, it maintains that the human rights of people, Muslims or not, are not to be infringed. It considers them inviolable.

And hosting people from around the world as a leading holiday’s destination, it boasts a rich cultural heritage; it is a melting pot of cultures manifest, among other things, in the most varied and exotic cuisines. Lastly here, its natives are affable.

Lifestyle in Dubai

Lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai is cosmopolitan. Indeed, it boasts people from around the world, making a heavily diversified city. But that notwithstanding, the lifestyle in Dubai is informed by Islam. In fact, Islam is considered a way of life in the city. In this way, tourists in Dubai are advised to adopt a certain level of cultural and religious sensitivity.

This Islamic way of life has informed the city’s laws and customs. And in this connection, lovers, for example, are not allowed to make out, hold hands or even show affection in public. A man and a woman who aren’t married aren’t allowed to make love without a jail punishment. It’s a given that same sex relationships are abhorrent and aberrant, and unacceptable in an Islamic domain.

Outfits should be modest. Bare bodies, say bare chests, of people (emphasis on men, unlike in Western countries), are not allowed to litter the streets, or even taint them. Clothes shouldn’t display abhorrent or abusive messages. Drug abuse is strictly shunned and punishable. People’s privacy should perforce be respected. Dubai laws are a requisite. This post will keep you guided. It holds the details of Dubai’s travel warnings.

Dubai Is A Holidays’ Destination

Dubai Beach

While Dubai is young as an holiday’s destination, it is no mean holiday’s destination, nor can any destination of its category eclipse it — indeed, not with its world’s most luxurious hotel, its world’s tallest building, its world’s tallest performing and biggest choreographed fountain, its world’s largest suspended aquarium, and its world’s tallest hotels, among others.

Can holidays be perfect without security? In terms of security, try Dubai. Only Dubai’s police use supercars such as the Bentley, the Ferrari and the Bugatti Veyron in the world. Security threats in the city are at the monimum; neither terrorist threats nor the epidemic of violent crimes is heard. Financial crimes are strictly combatted. Further, theft seems really at a minimum. Please you should read safety of Dubai for traveler and pros and cons of Dubai.


Business Bay Dubai

While the past few decades have witnessed incredible growth throughout all sectors of Dubai’s economy, the emirate’s government is constantly working towards improving its economy. This explains why its economy is no longer reliant solely on oil, but is now more diversified — relying heavily on trade, tourism, services and finance sectors. It’s also working stridently to ensure commercial transparency and introduce dynamic regulations to aid the formation of small and medium enterprises.

Dubai’s Weather

Burj Al Arab Aerial View

Dubai enjoys an arid subtropical climate, lending the city blue skies and sunshine all year round. The hottest months span June and September, while the coolest December and March (winter season). The city experiences very little rainfall, which comes in the cooler months. Please, see the best time to visit Dubai in terms of weather and month. There, you’d learn about the degree of the seasons’ temperature in the city.


What currency does Dubai use?

Dubai’s official currency is the dirham. AED 3.67 converts to $1. The dirham was issued on May 19, 1973 as the UAE’s official currency. AED stands for United Arab Emirates Dirham.

What language is spoken in Dubai

Arabic is the UAE’s official language, although English is the most spoken language in Dubai. You will also find a lot of expatriates who speak Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Tagalog, Persian, Chinese, and Malayalam.

Is Dubai a country?

Given how popular Dubai is, people mistake it for a country. Dubai is not a country but a city. It’s not even an Emirate but the capital of an Emirate.

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This article has covered significant bits of information for holidaying and business visitors to Dubai. It would be updated from time to time. Take your time and explore Dubai Tour Pro to know more about the city and visiting it. Our About Us page is a good place to start.

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