5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

Are you searching for Uzbek restaurants in Dubai? then you are in the right place, which has top-rated Uzbek restaurants.

The culinary traditions of people in Central Asia are shared by Uzbek cuisine. Because Uzbekistan has extensive grain production, bread and noodles are important, and the cuisine has been dubbed “noodle-rich.” Due to the abundance of sheep in the nation, mutton is a preferred type of meat and is used in many Uzbek cuisines.

Here is the list of top Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai as authentic places for Uzbek cuisines.

OSH Restaurant

Google Reviews 2,600 ★★★★★

5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

Traditional Uzbek cuisine is combined with flavors from the Middle East at OSH, La Mer’s authentic restaurant, and nightclub.

First and foremost, OSH represents traditional Uzbek cuisine that is presented in a contemporary manner. We maintain the recipes’ original originality by making no changes to them. Serving, dinnerware, and other style choices are examples of how modernity is expressed.

The Knightsbridge menu includes dishes such as Uzbek tomato carpaccio, aubergine tartare, tiger prawns, soft shell crab, pickled Asian cherry tomatoes, and marinated peppers.

Larger dishes include butternut squash manti or lamb manti (basically dumplings), as well as Uzbek Osh, slow-cooked lamb with chickpeas, vegetables, and Uzbek spices, as well as a variety of shashlik, miso-glazed Chilean sea bass, black cod, and truffle-stuffed rabbit.

OSH offers signature cuisine from Uzbekistan that comes in number form among Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai.

Location:  La Mer North, Jumeira 1 – Dubai

Contact: +971 55 963 6756

Timing: 1:00 Pm to 2:00 AM


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UZB Avenue

Google Reviews 1,128 ★★★★★

5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

At UZB Avenue, you will experience the country’s warmth and culture firsthand.

Uzbek cuisine is a delectable mash-up of ethnic influences, and it is as interesting, diverse, and distinctive as its population. Due to their long history of agriculture, the Uzbeks generated a plethora of grains and vegetables that expanded their food variety and allowed them to continue their long practice of hospitality. 

You will observe an excellent domestic setting with ethnic influences. Companies have their own sections available. menu variety, generous serving sizes, consistently freshly prepared meals (both in-restaurant and for delivery), and decadent sweets from your youth.

Location: Oasis SBK Building, Opp. Novotel Hotel, Near Al Madina Super Market – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai  

Contact: +971 4 399 9904

Timing: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM


Uzbegim Restaurant

 Google Reviews 882★★★★★

5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

Truly Uzbekistan in Dubai! Uzbegim Restaurant is really awesome taste of Uzbekistan cuisine in Dubai! 

Uzbegim restaurant serves meals that are customary to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other post-soviet nations, Their excellent dishes are plov, manty, and lagman! If you’re one of these cuisine enthusiasts, you must visit this restaurant for Uzbek food.

The food is always fresh, tasty, and delivered quickly if you order online. The staff is very friendly. 

Location:  Shop #1,2,3, Al Husn Building – Al Seba St – Dubai Marina – Dubai 

Contact: +971 56 862 5222

Timing: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM 


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Zor Restaurant 

 Google Reviews 710 ★★★★★

Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai

Uzbek food has a fascinating past, and ZOR does a fantastic job of narrating the history of the long-gone customs that went into making its traditional meals. 

ZOR, which is situated at The Pointe, offers stunning decor and a terrace with picture-perfect views. Guests are invited to rest on the lower level or go to the upper bar to take advantage of the bustling lounge atmosphere.

The ZOR atmosphere as a whole elevates the dining experience, with the furniture, music, and utensils all adding to a passionate and encompassing demonstration of giving and shared ideals.

Zor restaurant is a reflection of Uzbek culture while we compare it with other Uzbek restaurants in Dubai.

Location: The Pointe Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai 

Contact: +971 4 566 9612

Timing: 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM 


Skazka Al Saha  

Google Reviews 501 ★★★★★

5 Great Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai | Feel Uzbek Vibes | Lovely Culinary Traditions

Skazka Al Saha offers both Russian and Uzbek food. This restaurant is famous for its reasonable prices. 

The restaurant offers a wide range of Uzbek dishes and remains open 24 hours a day. Here you will find everything possible to make our meal tasty and delicious. 

Location: Dubai Cluster M Street, m4 – Cluster M – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai 

Contact:+971 4 452 2289

Timing: Open 24 hours 


Wrapping Up!

 Here we are done with the list of Uzbek restaurants in Dubai. These eateries have a good ambiance, reasonable prices, and great service. 


Where does Uzbek food originate?

With its neighbors in Central Asia, Uzbekistan shares a variety of foods and culinary customs. The diet of the local Uzbek population heavily emphasizes locally grown vegetables and freshly killed meat. Mutton and lamb are among the most popular meats thanks to the quantity of sheep.

What are the best Uzbek restaurants in Dubai?

The best places for Uzbek food can be explored from the below list of Uzbek Restaurants in Dubai:
-OSH Restaurant
-UZB Avenue
-Uzbegim Restaurant
-Zor Restaurant
-Skazka Al Saha