8 Useful Tips For Preparing Your Legal Documents for Travel

8 Useful Tips For Preparing Your Legal Documents for Travel

People travel for various reasons, which may include, studying abroad, working abroad and relocating to a different country, obtaining medical treatment and more. While there are number of things to get ready, whatever your reason is, having the prerequisite legal document updated and in place is the most important part in the travel planning process.

And, the required legal documents vary depending on your destination and your purpose. A passport including a visa or other form of identity-card is always required, besides other important legal documents such as medical care, child travel consent, last will and testament, proof of covid-19 vaccination and more.

Legal Translation Dubai, for example, provides its clients with the most accurate translation, to ensure that the purpose of the source text is correctly reflected in the target text. That said, below are the 8 useful tips for preparing your legal documents for travel.

Ensure that your travel documents are valid

First up, ensure that your travel documents are valid. But apart from that, also make sure they’re not about to expire. The validity of your travel doc should be prioritized. Many countries all over the world have a strict regulations. Many of them require your passport to be valid at least 3-6 months beyond your intended stay in their countries.

Keep copies of presented legal documents

You should keep photocopies of your passport, identification cards, and any related document. Fix your papers and organize them in one folder to be ready to present them. You may use the cloud system to save soft copies of your legal document.

Renew your passport about 9 months before its expiration

The process of renewing passport usually takes a month or two depending on your country. If your passport expires while you’re abroad you may face serious problems. Make sure that your passport and other legal documents are valid for the duration of your journey.

Prepare copies of your insurance cards and medical records

The preparing stage includes any medical documents that might serve as proof of insurance or identity such as health insurance card, immunization records, vaccination records and more. This will allow others to help you in emergency cases. You can choose a representative to act on your name, in the event that you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself.

Contact your credit card bank

Take your precautions before leaving and notify your bank that you will be using your card abroad for a specific number of days. This we help you avoid credit card freeze due to suspicious activity.

Prepare your Covid-19 travel document

The coronavirus pandemic has changed domestic and international travel. Additional entry requirements and restrictions have been introduced due to Covid-19. These measures differ from country to country. Look up the Covid-19 requirements needed for your trip, get them ready before making the trip.

Get a travel insurance

Get a travel insurance, if you haven’t done so. There are a host of reasons why you need travel insurance. Travel insurance, for example, can protect you from the following set of situations: non-refundable trip costs including vacation rentals, car rentals, hotels and flights. It can also protect you in the case of medical complications or a serious bodily injury that could arise at any time.

Don’t forget the Consent to Travel

Consent to travel is a legal document that shows that parent or guardian acknowledge that their children will be traveling alone or will be accompanied by an adult other than the legal guardian. Legal Translation Dubai, again, helps travelers get the official or certified translations they require for all types of legal documents. Its processes are designed to meet the international quality standards. And, it offers a customized quote with competitive pricing as well as a high translation quality.


There you have it, 8 useful tips for preparing your legal documents for travel. Travel is an essential part of our lives as the world becomes a coherent this global village. The Coronavirus pandemic did threaten travel and social life but the defiance the world has shown that traveling will remain a part of our lives.

Use the foregoing tips as a travel checklist for legal documents to help guide you relevantly.