Al Baik Dubai – Lovers of Fried Chicken-3 Famous Places

Al Baik Dubai – Lovers of Fried Chicken-3 Famous Places

Al Baik Dubai, you find flavorful, quick food. The United Arab Emirates doesn’t need an introduction because it has modern sights like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Marina Mall, as well as restaurants that are among the best in the world. Al Baik Dubai Mall, a great place for food lovers, is another thing that makes Dubai so beautiful.

The famous brand of fried chicken was started in Saudi Arabia in 1974, but it didn’t get to Dubai until last year. Since then, Al Baik locations in the UAE have done very well. The long lines at the temporary Al Baik location at Expo 2020 are proof of how popular it is.

Here are all the places in the UAE where people who already know and like Al Baik can get their fix. Even though we know you usually get the signature Al Baik  Chicken Meal, we’ve also suggested something a little different for your next trip.

Best Places you Can Get your Al Baik in Dubai

The Dubai Mall

Al Baik

The Dubai Mall is always a popular place to go and an important part of Downtown Dubai. The mall has more than 1,200 stores, two anchor department stores, and more than 200 places to eat and drink. With so many places to eat and drink in the Dubai Mall, it’s easy to get confused about what to eat and where to eat it. But if you like seafood or meat, there’s good news for you! Now that Al Baik  has opened a restaurant on the second floor of the Dubai Mall, you don’t have to worry about choosing your favorite restaurant.

This was the first Al Baik  UAE location to open, in June 2021. Every weekend, it seems like there are more people there. It seems like a trip to Dubai isn’t complete unless you go to the Dubai Mall, just like a trip to the mall isn’t complete unless you eat some Al Baik. You can make a meal out of a double Baik burger, fries, and a soft drink from the food court on the second floor of Dubai Mall.

Menu Al Baik Dubai Mall

The Al Baik restaurant chain is known for its delicious, crispy roasted chicken dishes. Before the new location opened, the Al Baik Dubai Mall menu only had a few best-sellers so that it could keep up with the growing demand. But now there are a few more items on the menu, which already had a wide range of sides, seafood, sandwiches, and desserts.

Delivery at Al Baik Dubai Mall

When you order at Al Baik restaurant, you have to stand in a long line and wait. But you’re in luck if you want to order your favorite dish without waiting in long lines. Food delivery services like Talabat and Zomato make it easy to get your favorite Al Baik dishes brought right to your door. They both take orders for delivery to Al Baik Dubai Mall.

At first, delivery was only available near the Dubai Mall, but this Saudi fast-food chain later teamed up with Talabat and Zomato to offer home delivery. Depending on what you order, you may have to wait anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes for your food.

So, if you want to order soon from Al Baik in Dubai, don’t forget to think about the home delivery service. It really is a great way to avoid long lines and eat tasty food at home.

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Al Baik

Al-Baik’s second store opened in Dubai. After the first Al Baik Dubai Mall opened, the Al Baik Mall of the Emirates opened.

People who like crispy chicken are likely to go to Al Baik Mall of the Emirates, which also has a wide range of side dishes, desserts, chicken dishes, and seafood.

When Al Baik opened in the Dubai Mall last summer, fans of the fried chicken chain that started in Saudi Arabia went crazy. The brand has grown even more, and there is now a second location inside the Mall of the Emirates.

Al Baik, which is well-known in the area for its fried chicken, shrimp, falafel, and fries, has opened a new location in the Mall of the Emirates’ food court, right next to Shake Shack.

where Al Baik Mall of the Emirates will start serving the full menu, which will include all of Al Baik’s delicious meals, like breakfast, sandwiches, chicken, seafood, and side dishes.

Al Baik Mall of the Emirates is on the first floor of the Mall of the Emirates food court, near the famous Shake Shack restaurant. It can be reached through the main entrance of the Mall of the Emirates.

Timings: From 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., Al Baik serves crispy fried chicken and other tasty dishes.

Al Baik Expo City,Dubai 

Al Baik

At Expo City Dubai, fans of fried chicken can eat wings, burgers, shrimp, and more from the Saudi brand Al Baik. The third location in the city opened after the pop-up shop did well at Expo 2020.

Fans of Expo 2020 Dubai can now go back to a number of pavilions and attractions they liked during the event. A number of popular cafes and restaurants, like the very popular Al Baik, will reopen for people who like to eat.

The fast-food restaurant with roots in Saudi Arabia was a great place to eat that was easy on the wallet. No matter what time of day you went, there was always a long line of hungry people waiting to eat.

Over the past year, Al Baik has opened a number of restaurants all over the UAE to bring its delicious food to more people. With its popularity growing, we can expect more restaurants to open in the coming years.


Saudi export Al Baik is known for its delicious fried and roasted chicken, which it sells for very low prices. But it serves more than just chicken. Vegetarians love their crispy falafel, and seafood lovers should try their famous jumbo shrimp or fish fillet, which they serve with fries.

Since it first opened in Jeddah more than 50 years ago, it has become a regional favorite. You can now find it in many of the city’s best malls, such as Dubai Mall and The Mall of Emirates.

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Can you get Al Baik in the UAE?

Yes, the famous fast-food chain from Saudi Arabia is growing a lot with a new location in the UAE. Since its first location opened in the Dubai Mall in 2021, Al Baik has become a huge hit in the UAE.

When did Al Baik open in Dubai?

Al Baik’s first permanent home was at Dubai Mall, which opened in the summer of 2021. Then, the Mall of the Emirates opened at the end of April 2022.