All About Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai — Rides, Ticket Price, Timings, Map

All About Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai — Rides, Ticket Price, Timings, Map

Dubai is packed with things to do for vacationers. Whether you’re looking for what to do in the air, land or water, you’d get served in this Arabian city. What do you seek? Spectacular sights to see or adrenaline surging things to do? While we cover all of these and more, this article covers one of Dubai’s adrenaline surging activities — Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai.

Atlantis Aquaventure

A place to let the bother go; a place to let the soul soar, get electrified and insouciant: the Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis, The Palm.

Since its inception, Aquaventure, namesake of the water park in Bahamas, has been an exhilarating waterscape. Built on about 17 hectares (42 acres) of lush greenery, the Atlantis Water Park is designed to see that you slough stress and embrace ecstasy.

In short, it’s a tourist place for a perfect exuberant diversion. It’s small wonder thus that it’s bagged some awards to be reckoned with such as Best UAE Waterpark by Time Out Kid’s Awards in 2018, Sea TREK Operator of the Year by Sub Sea Systems Awards in 2018, Leading Waterpark in the Middle East by World Travel Awards in 2017, Best Waterpark in Dubai and The Middle East and Fourth Best in the World by Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award in 2017.

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Rides — The Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park Slides

Antlantis Aquaventure Rides

The water park’s rides are subsumed under The Tower Of Neptune and The Tower Of Poseidon.

Rides at The Tower Of Neptune

The Leap Of Faith

All About Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai — Rides, Ticket Price, Timings, Map

The Leap Of Faith is not popular for nothing. Though nine-story tall, it slides you down in about three seconds. That’s not all. You continue in a clear acrylic tube surrounded by numerous sharks and cownose rays. This plus sliding speedily down a nearly vertical path about 27.5 meters high and propelled through the tunnel surrounded by sharks is sure to get you thrilled. This explains why about six hundred thousand (600,000) guests take The Leap of Faith every year.

The Shark Attack

All About Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai — Rides, Ticket Price, Timings, Map

Whether you’re riding alone or with a company, the Shark Attack, by virtue of its for-one and for-two inner tubes, would serve. Your journey begins at the 13-meter high Ziggurat. From there, you plunge into the blackness of the cryptic core of the Mesopotamian-styled Tower of Neptune and then emerge in the middle of a shark-filled lagoon. In this journey you’d see have an exquisite view of spectacular fishes.

The Water Coasters

Atlantis Aquaventure Ride

It’s time for true exuberance and veritable thrill. Are you ready? Hop on the water coaster ride that employs high-end technology. By virtue of this tech, you’re propelled up and down on jets of water. This ride takes you through the labyrinth of dark tunnels and finally to the lazy river.

Rides at The Tower Of Poseidon

The Tower Of Poseidon is quite a feat. Constructed in 2013 and sucking up $27 million, it features some insane rides discussed below and its own zip line to help participants cover some of the distance between slides.

The Aquaconda

All About Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai — Rides, Ticket Price, Timings, Map

First Aquaventure and now Aquaconda? You probably have an understanding of the word, anaconda. What then does aquaconda (‘aqua’ relating to water while ‘conda’ relating to the snake) communicate? The Aquaconda ride employs a path similar to the movement of a snake and catapults you through its dark and snaky tunnel to drop you in a fiber glass tube. This fiber glass tube’s billed as the largest in the world.

Up to six persons can take this ride. The Aquaventure management dubs the Aquaconda the world’s largest waterslide. Wanna see for yourself?

Poseidon’s Revenge

Poseidon's Revenge
Credit: One&

We’re in the business of thrill and the rush of adrenaline, right? Step into one of the two capsules of the Poseidon Revenge, where you’ll stand upright, hands crossed on your chest, waiting for your judgement. The trill is sure and the immersion no less.

The thrilling ride of the Poseidon Revenge in other words can admit two riders at a time. You enter into one of the capsules in which you’d stand upright and wait for your fate, getting dropped to slide through a 116-meter path. If you’re with a company, try to seethe your fear, because you can be seen through the capsule’s transparent doors.

Assuming you’re in the capsule, when everything is set, a button is pressed. Immediately, the floor gives way and you plummet from the height of 31 meters. Remember — at the speed of 60kph through a 116-meter path. Imagine the trill! You know a beautiful part of this? You’re propelled upside down along your journey. So, brace up.


The Slitherine is a dual waterslide within a waterslide. It lets you race with your companies to see who’s better. 31 meters high and 182 meters long, it boasts enough room for you to take on your companies in a frenzy of twists and turns, and a terrifying darkness. Lo. Far below you are riders of the Aquaconda slide.



At Zoomerango, gravity defiance is the norm rather than the exception. Get tossed, thrusted up and shoved down with thrilling bursts of ostensible weightlessness. Whatever stress you may have in you can’t hold through this frenetic activity.

The Atlantean Flyer Zip Line
This is a zip line designed to take you from one slide to another. It offers a stunning treetop view of the park, beach and The Palm Island below.

River Rides

The Altantis Aquaventure River Rides

Done with the slides? You probably want to take the complex river ride with waves pushing you on your tube around the park.

The Rapids

Experience an electrical moment to the full through a 1.6 kilometer ride in a tube on The Rapids. Adequately named, The Rapids has multiple level rapids and propels you through the high intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls by means of 15 million liters of fresh water.

It lends you the opportunity to journey through all the major slides in the park. Ride taking about 45 minutes, this river is claimed to be one of the longest rivers in the region. Guests can dip in and out of various large pools with spacious sun decks along the river, as they please. These pools have no entry besides the access the ride lends you.

The Torrent

As the name suggests, The Torrent is capable of creating tidal swells along its course. As you journey through this 700-meter long river, you experience these surges that get as high as 1 meter. In all this, you’re propelled in your tube on the crests of the waves. Getting thrilled here’s quick.

The Neptune’s Retreat

The Aquaventure’s exuberant rides are great. But there comes a time when relaxation becomes requisite. The Neptune’s Retreat would be the solution in this time. It is a reserved seating area. Situated in lush tropical landscapes, plus being secluded and serene, it’s perfect for unwinding. The reserved seating area offers complimentary amenities and all-day cabana host service.

Pre-booking saves you the queue. To book, call +971 4 426 1169 or make this known via the email: [email protected].

Splashers — Kid’s Dedicated Play Area

The Aquaventure recognizes the needs of kids as much as it recognizes those of adults. Indubitably, kids need and love excitement the most. So, where’re your children? Splashers is a dedicated area boasting two remarkable play structures, the Splashers Mountain and the Splashers Island.

The Splashers Mountain

Kids at The Splashers Mountain

The Splashers Mountain is a water playground which features elaborate water games and slides such as The Cyclone, The Wave and The Blaze. The Mountain boasts two enormous spinning tipping buckets. These release 1,400 liters of water at various intervals and effortlessly drench those who dare go under them. Children can try the Mountain’s interactive climbing frames or challenge one another across one of the five rope bridges interconnecting ten water slides.

The Mountain is not bereft of water jets and cannons. These can be used to heighten the diversion. Note that only children below the height of 1.2 meters with their parents are allowed in the Splashers Mountain.

The Splashers Island

The Splashers Island

Launched in April 2018 next to Splashers Mountain, Splashers Island offers seven thrilling water slides for kids. The Splashers Mountain is reasonably big but the Splashers Island is even bigger, almost three times the size of the former. The Island is designed specifically for children not more than 1.20 meters tall, although their parents are allowed in.

The Island features 20 thrilling water attractions, as well as a giant dry-play structure in the shape of a Dhow shipwreck. Added to the foregoing, it also has KIDZ Tornado and KIDZ Bowl. These are exact copies of the Aquaventure adult slides.

The Aquaventure Beach

The Aquaventure Beach

Slides are normal existent in water parks. But beach? That’s really rare. The Aquaventure interestingly has a beach of a whole 700 meters of pristine white sand. The atmosphere is serene and great for relaxation and a stroll.

If you visit in the day and you please, you can enjoy this unique beach experience as part of your entry into the park. You can even take things further by booking the luxury and private cabanas which come with indulgences.

To pre-book the VIP Cabana call +971 4 426 1169 or make this known via the email: [email protected]. Availability is limited.

The Aquaventure’s Dining

Atlantis Aquaventure Dining

The Aquaventure boasts 16 restaurants and kiosks. We touch upon some.


Barracudas is a sleek restaurant with different outlets such as TBJ, Shawafel, The Dosa Factory, Peetza, Asia Republic Express, and Rooster 66. These outlets are named according to what they offer. At Barracudas, you can get burgers, falafel, sharwana, tandoori, dosa, pizza, chinese noodles and fried chicken.

Shark Bites

Shark Bites is another sleek restaurant offering items suited to the family. It offers a variety of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads and traditional Arabic food. It also offers indoor and outdoor dining options.


You can find kiosks around the Aquaventure where you can buy snacks including parathas, popcorn, sorbets and ice cream. Although, the beach has healthier options such as smoothies, fresh coconut, pineapple and watermelon.


Splashers offers burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, beverages among other things.

The Lagoons

For something chill, the Lagoons have got you. At the Lagoons, you can get soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes or other cold beverages.


Snappers offers a variety of coffees, teas, cakes and pastries to all Aquaventure guests.


Waves is a relaxed outdoor setting that offers shawarma, hot dog, sandwiches and cold beverages.

The Encounter with Aquatic Creatures

Ray Feeding

Cownose Ray Feeding

The park lends you the opportunity to see the Cownose Ray feed. Opening only at 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm daily, you can have an intimate encounter with these impressive aquatic creatures in the shallow water of the Shark Lagoon at the Tower of Neptune. You can even handfeed the friendly creatures.

The 35-minute experience is open to only guest older than 6 and to only 6 people at a feeding.

Shark Safari

Shark Safari

The Shark Safari is a spectacular Sea TREK experience. How well it is being carried out can be easily explained by the “Sea TREK Operator of the Year” award the management of the Aquaventure bagged in 2018.

You don’t have to be a professional or certified diver to have this underwater experience. Just put on the Sea TREK helmet and you’re good for the aquatic animals’ exploration. The helmet lets you breathe underwater. You have little to fear as you walk in a safe controlled environment.

You get so close and so personal with these fishes including many Black Tip Reef Sharks, rare Mable Rays and exotic and colorful fishes. Given how magical the experience is, the 20-minute activity would be like a 2-minute one.

The park’s marine animal specialists are ready to enlighten you on the marine animals you’re expected to encounter in a training and orientation session. Those younger than 16 must be accompanied.

Event’s timing is 1:00 to 4:30 pm and only people older than 8 can have it.

Aquaventure After Dark

Aquaventure After Dark

The Aquaventure After Dark is a special nocturnal event held in the Aquaventure. Opening at 8:00 pm until midnight, it causes the Aquaventure to get flipped, all of the park becoming scintillating. You get access to more than 20 slides in an environment buzzing with music by some of Dubai’s best DJs such as Mr. Shef Codes and DJ Keza. There’s an exclusive VIP Seating area which can be booked at the entry gate.

Think of this event as a festival in the moonlight. All ages are welcome. People younger than 14 are required to have a guardian who’s at least 21.

With Shark Bites and Barracudas opening during this event — offering both indoor and outdoor seating — you can effusively enjoy Arabic mezze, freshly baked pizzas, shawarma, falafel, dosas, fish and chips and barbeque.

After Dark is a is seasonal event.

Aquaventure Waterpark Parking

Have a car? Parking for people visiting the Aquaventure Waterpark is available at P17 car pack, behind the helipad.

To get there, when driving towards Atlantis, take a first right at the round-about before getting to the Atlantis, The Palm building. A shuttle bus will pick you up from the branded bus hop-on/hop-off area and drop you off at the Avenues entrance from where you will reach the Aquaventure Ticketing Plaza.

Thoughts About The Aquaventure

Xtie O
Atlantis Waterpark is a must for anyone planning a visit to Dubai. My kids had so much fun. It was their best place ever! Its better you go in the morning so you will have time to cover at least half of the park. Or better still, stay in their hotel for easy daily access to the park.

Sharon B
Aquapark Atlantis

Aquapark Atlantis is an amazing park. A lot variety and beautiful scenery. Nice beach as well to relax.

Muhannad-Anabtawi (Amman, Jordan)
What a nice place
It’s a lovely place with full actions and we’ll organized. …next time I will go with my kids …for sure … they will enjoy it.

Daryoush F

If you are thinking to spend a day of enjoyment and fast rides, then look no further. In addition to that, this place is very good on a hot day. Large number of swimming pools and water activities.

Atlantis Aquaventure Ticket Prices

Aquaventure Day Visitors – Exclusive Online Rate*

1 Day Super Pass for Adults AED 320*
1 Day Super Pass for Kids AED 260*
2 Day Mega Pass for Adults AED 350*
2 Day Mega Pass for Kids AED 290*
0 – 2 years of age Free

Please note that online rates are subject to seasonal pricing.

Aquaventure In-House Guests

Above 1.2 metres Free
Below 1.2 metres Free
0 – 2 years of age Free

Aquaventure Waterpark Cabana Rental

Family Cabana
Suitable for up to 6 people
From AED 955 to AED 1,295
Medium Cabana
Suitable for up to 10 people
From AED 1,255 to AED 1,465
Large Cabana
Suitable for up to 15 people
From AED 1,805 to AED 2,065
Extra Large Cabana
Suitable for up to 20 people
From AED 2,255 to AED 2,890

Please note:

  • Included amenities are fruit, water and lockers
  • Prices are subject to availability and change
  • Prices vary based on seasonal changes

Exclusive Reserved Seating at Neptune’s Retreat

2 Reserved Sunbeds AED 325

Included amenities are fruit, water and all day host service. Prices are subject to availability and change.

Aquaventure Waterpark Adventures

In-House Guests  Day visitors
Shark Safari Starting at AED 320 Starting at AED 340
Cownose Ray Feeding Starting at AED 165 Starting at AED 185
Atlantean Flyer Zip Line AED 125 AED 125

Prices are subject to availability and change.

Atlantis Aquaventure Amenities

Towel Rental Starting from AED 45
Locker (Small) Rental Starting from AED 45
Locker (Large) Rental Starting from AED 75
Towel and Small Locker Combo Starting from AED 75

Atlantis Aquaventure Rules — Do’s & Don’ts

  • Guests must comply with these rules and all instructions you’re given at the park.
  • Aquaventure is a shallow water facility. Thus, diving is not permitted anywhere in the resort.
  • Life jackets are required for all swimmers under 48” / 1.2m and recommended for inexperienced swimmers of whatever age.
  • All swimmers under 48” / 1.2m or not up to 12 years of age should be kept within arms reach of a responsible adult whenever such swimmers in the water.
  • The Tower of Neptune and Tower of Poseidon rides are out of bounds for guests not more than 1.2 meters tall.
  • Guests are advised never to run but to walk in the park, especially in the slippery areas.
  • Guests shouldn’t be intoxicated if they don’t want to be denied entry.
  • Improper conduct, unruly behavior and horseplay are not permitted and will result in a guest’s removal from the attraction and/or property
  • Guests must remove accessories before taking a ride.
  • Guests are required to firmly grasp the handles of tubes and be careful to avoid other riders. They should vet each attraction and decide whether or not it is safe for them to to participate in it. You are the best judge of what’s suited to you.
  • Most rides and slides are not recommended for expectant mothers, persons with a history of neck, back, joint or heart problems, including people with physically limiting conditions.
  • Guests with injuries (casts, bandages, etc) or contagious diseases are not permitted on the attractions.
  • Regular nappies/diapers are not allowed in any of the park’s pools or attraction. Swim nappies/diapers are available in all gift shops in the park.
  • Selfie sticks or other extension devices used to hold cameras, notepads, cell phones or other technical devices are not permitted on any ride at Aquaventure Waterpark. This is for safety purposes.
  • Guests are required to observe and respect cultural sensitivities which relate to Dubai, being an Islamic domain.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the Aquaventure with food or beverages, glassware or alcohol.

Atlantis Aquaventure Swimwear Rules

  • Boardshorts, Speedos, One and Two Piece Swimsuit, Burkinis, and Rashguards are the only acceptable types of swim attire for Aquaventure Rides and Attractions.
  • For safety, guests are not permitted to wear the following into the water and on rides & attraction – Abayas, Sarees, Long Shirts, Long Pants, Jeans, Undergarments, Street Clothes, Cotton tops & bottoms, any sheer or see through items and anything that the management may deem inappropriate.

Atlantis Aquaventure Contact Information

Address: The Peak of The Palm Jumeirah
Timing: 10:00 am until sunset. This timing is tentative depending on the time of year.
Phone: +971 4 426 1169
Email: [email protected]

For rides booking, kindly click here.
For ridesbooking, kindly click here. Kindly note that we have no affiliation with Atlantis Aquaventure.


This article explores the Aquaventure situated in Palm Jumeirah. I believe you wouldn’t be disappointed in what it offers. A very close alternative of it in the same region is the Wild Wadi. Enjoy! As an appendage, be aware of the Aquaxpress which enables you to skip the queue at a higher pay.

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