How Much Does It Cost To Go to Dubai — Here’s What It Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Go to Dubai — Here’s What It Costs

How much does it cost to travel to Dubai?

With Dubai getting glitzier and growing in ranking, accolades and attractions, tourists have more reason to have a first go and even frequent the dynamic city. We’ve been told that Dubai is heavily visited by tourist but an important question is how much does it cost to visit the activity-bustling city.

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That said, let’s quickly discuss how much it costs to travel to Dubai.

How Much Does It Cost To Go to Dubai

The cost of visiting Dubai is not fixed by virtue of certain variables such as the airline you’d travel by, number of passengers, the time of year and/or of day you’d be traveling, whether or not you’d return by the same airline you’d be traveling by, and the class you’d want to travel in (Economy, Business or First Class).

In this way, it’d be misleading to shallowly state an amount and conclude wrongly that that’s how much it’d cost to travel to Dubai.

Your fare’s generally much more expensive when you travel one-way. And traveling in Business class is much more expensive than in Economy, and so is traveling in First much more expensive than in Business. You’d need a visa traveling to Dubai whatever your country. For information on Dubai’s tourist visa, please see Dubai Tourist Visa Information.

In this article, we’ve used Emirates airline to determine your airline spend from your country to Dubai as well as from Dubai to your country.

Thus, the prices shown on the following table is for one passenger to Dubai who’d be traveling, for the record, to and from Dubai via Emirates airline. Note, to reiterate, that if you’re traveling one-way, the fare significantly increases.


  1. The fares listed below are for one passenger older than 12 years each.
  2. While these fares have been gotten from Emirates’ official website painstakingly, we advise that you only take them as examples. This is because the prices are never the same; they change from time to time on the basis of the time of year and/or of day you’re traveling, among other things. What you might be charged or find may be higher or lower than this and increment or otherwise could be appreciable.
  3. If you’re traveling on a budget, you could consider using Etihad. They have been found to be generally cheaper than Emirates, although they don’t go to Dubai but Abu Dhabi. If you want to fly by Etihad which means you’d be landing in Abu Dhabi and not Dubai, that’s very fine in that Abu Dhabi is few minutes away from Dubai. They actually abut.
  4. There might be other cities in your country from which you can set off to Dubai with Emirates. But we have generally used the busiest airport in each country, and prices from and to these cities should be really close to the city used here.
(To Dubai)
1USA (New York)$685.10$6,267.10$16,132.10
2Nigeria (Lagos)N150,693N602,427N1,780,453
3India (Delhi)INR33,169INR87,992INR107,452
4UK (London)GBP234.62GBP1,664.53GBP2,438.53
5Canada (Toronto)CAD527.76CAD2,438.76CAD8,381.86
6South AfricaZAR6,934.68ZAR44,531.68ZAR65,021.68
7Ireland (Dublin)EUR242.25EUR1,413.05EUR2,369.05
8Ghana (Accra)GHS2,209.10GHS24,781.50GHS29,376.50
(From Dubai)
AUSA (New York)$763.03$6,305.03$16,171.03
BNigeria (Lagos)N146,216N588,494N1,766,521
CIndia (Delhi)INR10,377INR58,164INR89,401
DUK (London)GBP433.00GBP1,487.90GBP2,262.90
ECanada (Toronto)CAD1,158.20CAD2,520.00CAD8,371.90
FSouth AfricaZAR44,521.00ZAR53,601.00
GIreland (Dublin)EUR544.12EUR1,427.12EUR2,383.12
HGhana (Accra)GHS1,900.40GHS14,748.80GHS28,418.80

Conclusion – How Much To Go To Dubai

We’re sorry if your country isn’t covered. The countries covered are the ones that use this site the most. Please, if you want to know how much it’d cost to travel from your country to Dubai and vice versa, please kindly request for it here now and we’ll include it on the table.

If you want to have a closer idea about how much you’d spend traveling to and from Dubai, alone or with your family, a tour operator could be of good help in that they can handle getting you a Dubai visa, booking a flight and a hotel apartment for you, getting you access to all the attractions you’d like to explore. As you opt for these, you come to know how much you’d be spending.

Remember! Knowing the attractions yourself is very good as you’d get to know which ones you should visit. In this way, we recommend you explore this site and request for articles you’d like to learn about. Flourish!