All About Orbi Dubai, An Immersing Virtual Reality Attraction

All About Orbi Dubai, An Immersing Virtual Reality Attraction

Ever imagined an attraction to get you and/or your children completely immersed or thrilled? Let’s get specific. Ever imagined seeing the whole world from one place, perhaps like God? Sounds fun. Ever imagined migrating with Africa’s elephants and feeling their stumping explicitly? Ever thought about exploring creatures at the depth of the sea, and coming to learn about creatures no human knew, until recently?

Ever imagined joining a BBC Earth crew, getting deep into an African jungle, and grittily experiencing what it takes to film in the natural world? Ever imagined experiencing the chilling temperatures of the peak of Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya?

Lastly here, have you ever imagined measuring up to animals on what they are known for, for example flapping your arms as fast as a hummingbird can its wings? Orbi Dubai offers you all these and even more. holds Orbi Dubai a veritable attraction for sightseeing. Let’s quickly get you a rundown on Orbi Dubai.

What is Orbi Dubai?

Orbi Dubai is a high-tech attraction which combines SEGA’s technological innovation with BBC Earth’s groundbreaking natural history content. The attraction is a virtual/faux-reality experience and thus immerses you in a virtual or a faux world. In other words, you interact with a virtual world or are taken to a nature zone in real life right there in Dubai. You get to feel the reality of these nature zones by virtue of smells, wind or water effects, for example; which the Orbi Dubai’s high-end tech attractions are augmented with.

As regards interacting with the virtual world, you can, for example, interact with animals from a giant interactive screen and consequently up facts about them. Indubitably, this is a thrilling way for people and especially kids to learn. “” describes Orbi Dubai as a high-tech, multisensory natural-history project. The management of the attraction has described it as “game-changing multi-sensory experience” and a “supercharged indoor nature experience”.

Boasting 11 recorded interactive attractions, Orbi Dubai’s core is the main theater, Earth Theatre 23.4. The theater holds a huge 35-meter screen which is combined with two additional large screens behind the audience area, to create a 360-degree, a one-with-nature experience, and screen specially made wildlife films accompanied by 4-D effects.

Orbi (the tech) is rare. You can only get it in Dubai besides Japan. Natasha Hussain, the BBC’s vice president for the Middle East region addresses this:

“We launched in Japan, first in Yokohama, then Osaka. The next logical step was, ‘Where can we bring it that is innovative, groundbreaking, and has a young demographic that’s open to new technology?’

“Dubai seemed the perfect fit. It’s right on the edge of that cutting-edge technology and really the only place in the world outside Japan right now where you can experience this kind of cutting-edge filmmaking with the very latest technology.”

What is Orbi’s Management Saying about the Attraction?

“Of all the things to do in Dubai, a visit to Orbi Dubai stands out as one of the most fun individual or group activities. From among the many attractions in Dubai, Orbi, not only surprises you with amazing facts about animals and the Earth, but is one of the most fun things for kids and families to do. If you are wondering what to do in Dubai, whether to celebrate a birthday or just have fun — wonder no more – come to Orbi Dubai and be amazed! Orbi is many attractions in one. You may find yourself coming back again and again to experience the multi-sensory thrill of being transported to the far corners of our planet.”

Orbi Dubai’s Attractions

The destination, to reiterate, boasts 11 recorded attractions, although they say 12. These attractions include Blue Layer, Mountain Gorilla in 4D Theater, African Elephants, Earth Cruising, Frozen Mt. Kenya, Animalpedia, Earth Palette, Extreme Photo Spot, Time Slice, Base Camp and Earth Theater 23.4.

Of the attractions, Frozen Mt. Kenya, Mt.Gorilla, African elephant and Earth Theatre 23.4 are considered the main attractions by Orbi Dubai, and are guided by the Orbi Dubai staff. The rest are not.

Blue Layer

Blue Layer Orbi Dubai


Blue Layer gives you a breathtaking underwater experience by virtue of a 12-meter-wide circular screen. It lets you learn about real creatures the world didn’t know of until only recently, in relaxation. These creatures have been discovered in unexplored territories. Note that you breathe throughout this experience. Sit back on a plush, leather sofa in a dim room and watch an array of multicolored jellyfish float across the enormous screen to soothing music.

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla lets you experience a exhilarating BBC Earth location, the depth of the jungle of Uganda, and the animals encountered. Preparing for these location takes the BBC crew months and actually getting there takes days. Thanks “for” Orbi which lets you get there in seconds. Mountain Gorilla is a mini-4D theater which features a 3D film, lighting and water effects, moving seats and the occasional poke and prod.

You get to see mountain gorillas that have informed the name of this attraction. These gorillas would help you truly understand what it takes to film in the natural world. Of the most immersing 4D activities in Dubai, Mountain Gorilla conveys interesting facts about gorillas as it lets you accompany a BBC Earth crew, deep into the jungle. The adventure is thrilling or may be a little frightening given that the gorillas are unpredictable. So, try to stay quiet and out of the way.

The adrenalin-fuelled ride, and the footage of a pack of ravenous wolves hunting a baby elk offered by Mountain Gorilla might be frightening, especially to kids.

African Elephants

African Elephants Orbi Dubai


African Elephants lets you encounter African elephants in their natural habitat. This is not just another wildlife safari where you, for safety, stay aloof seeing the wildlife. Here, you migrate with a herd of elephants in their middle through a harsh, arid environment in search of water. And you could feel the stamping of their feet as you journey with them into the virtual African wilderness. As result of this journey and integration, you get to experience how they survive in the African continent.

Earth Cruising

Earth Cruising Orbi Dubai


Earth Cruising lets you take a low altitude flight across the Earth in a seamless transition across varying landscapes around beautiful destinations, wind in your hair. It gives you the bird’s eye view and slows down at close-up encounters with mountain peaks, sand dunes, waterfalls and animals of all types. As your flight progresses and your destinations unfold, you are provided with key facts about the Earth. Getting across the Earth takes days, but Earth Cruising makes this possible in minutes. The Earth you explore in the activity is a product of hours of aerial photography captured by the BBC.

Frozen: Mount Kenya

Frozen: Mount Kenya


Frozen: Mount Kenya by combining a variety of modern technologies, such as a wind chill simulator, and thermal images lets you experience the chilling temperatures of the peak of Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya. The attraction replicates the blustery -25°C conditions at the top of the mountain. It is a small room, where temperatures drop to sub-zero levels while an icy wind blows. Images from infra-red cameras show how your body-temperature drops as the conditions deteriorate – coats are available for the faint of heart.


Animalpedia Orbi Dubai


Animalpedia is a giant interactive screen which features spectacular views of animals’ shapes. It is the first attraction you’d see if you enter Orbi Dubai. You could interact with the animals on the screen if you stand at any of the booths positioned before the screen. If you do this, a scanner would track you movement enabling you to virtually reach out to an animal on screen so it responds with pop-up facts. Thus, the attraction provides interesting facts about a wide range of animals.

Earth Palette

Earth Palette Orbi Dubai


Earth Pallet reveals, through color, many interesting facts about the Earth, by virtue of a near 360 visual experience. You get to learn about plants and animals that use color to differentiate or camouflage themselves, to appeal to mates or to hide from predators. The tech provides a spacious zone whose middle you can stand and engage with a wealth of natural images in a spectrum of colors projected around the surrounding screen.

Earth Palette has a spectacular activity. You place an item of clothing on the table in the middle of the room, a camera reads it and identifies its color after which scenes from nature in the same color fill the 8-foot-tall walls with imagery, enveloping guests with countless images of animals, landscapes and plants flashing before their eyes.

Extreme Photo Spot

Camera Orbi Dubai


Extreme Photo Spot is a picture hall which presents a vast gallery of beautiful animals and lets the interlacing of scenic pictures captured by BBC Earth with your images possible. In this way, you get to have fun posing alongside your favorite animals. You can save the photos you have taken to your wristband and view them later in the “Photo Diary”.

Time Slice



The hummingbird is known for flapping its wings very fast, can you beat it by flapping your hands as fast as it does its wings? I’ll be glad to see you try. If you see bears documentaries quite frequently, you should have seen them shake water off their heads. They do this very fast. Can you measure up? Time Slice lets you compare your abilities in demonstration with some of the fastest animals on the Earth in what they are known for.

It captures your efforts and plays them to you immediately. If you explore Time Slice, ensure you capture your Time Slice photographs on your Orbi wristband. You can view them at the dedicated ‘photo diary’ stands.

Base Camp

Orbi Dubai


At the Base Camp, Orbi Dubai uses projection mapping to exhibit beautiful images captured on walls and a standalone soft sculpture. The sculpture changes in representing different animals which interact on touch. When natural elements such as waterfalls and lava appear on the wall, the sculpture seamlessly transforms in synchronization with that image. The Base Camp is enchanting and lets you intuitively learn many interesting facts about the Earth and amazing facts about animals. The Base Camp might also be called Nature Projection Mapping.

Earth Theatre 23.4

Earth Theatre 23.4


Named after the tilt of the Earth’s axis, Orbi’s Earth Theatre 23.4 lets you experience the surreal beauty of a natural world by virtue of one of the largest theater screens in the world. The screen is 40-meter wide. With the theater’s massive multiple screens and multiple sensory effects, you will be taken on journeys only crews of BBC Earth have been able to experience – until now.

Address: 20 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.


Facebook Page:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +9714 231 6252

Some FAQs

What are Orbi Dubai tickets prices

Full day passes include:

A tour to all the exhibits

Kids below 3 years old can enter for Free

1.Full Day Pass (3-10 years old) — AED 65

2.Full Day Pass (10 years old and above) — AED 85

3.Full Day Pass (Family Package of 4) — AED 320

Book here

Single exhibit passes include:

Access to one guided exhibit of choice

Kids below 3 years old can enter for Free

1.Single Exhibit Pass (Individual) — AED 35

2.Single Exhibit Pass (Family Package of 4) — AED 120

Book here

How do I make a reservation?

Make a reservation on their official website here.

What is the location of Orbi Dubai?

20 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Orbi Dubai is located inside of Magic Planet south- level 1 in city center Mirdif.

What time do they operate?

Sun-Wed 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Thu-Sat 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Timing is subject to change during public holidays.

What is the last entry time to Orbi Dubai?

The dwell time for the Orbi Experience is 2 hours. Therefore, below are the suggested last entry times:

1.Last entry on Weekdays 8:00 p.m.

2.Last entry on Weekends 10:00 p.m.

How long does it take to get around the facility (Dwell Time)?

It takes at least 1 hour and a half to two hours to explore and enjoy Orbi Dubai to the greatest extent.

Are there height limits and age restrictions?

Each exhibition has age restrictions. Please ask the staff.

Do children below 3 years require an admission ticket?

Children under the age of 3 can enter Orbi Dubai free of charge.

Can I take pictures with a mobile, camera, digital camera, etc.?

Unfortunately any attempt to take photo or video shooting inside the exhibition is strictly prohibited.

Can you buy in the Orbi shop even if you are not entering or a buying ticket?

Orbi Shop is located adjacent to the mall and you can buy items in the shop without buying ticket to enter the facility.

Can I enter the facility with a baby stroller?

You can enter the facility with a stroller. However, there are some restrictions on the use of a stroller in the exhibition. In addition, they will guide you to the elevator when moving to each floor, so please tell the staff member nearby.

Is there access for visitors with disabilities?

Orbi facility has made most areas accessible to disabled visitors. Please ask our staff for more information and assistance.

Can I bring in food and drinks?

Food cannot be brought into the facility.

Where is the nearest parking to Orbi Dubai?

Orbi is located in City Centre Mirdif, on level 1 inside of Magic Planet South, therefore, to have easy access to the facility guests can park on level 1 at South East Entrance of City Centre Mirdif.

How do I contact Orbi Dubai?

You can contact us by sending us an Email: [email protected]

Park Rules

As culled from the official website.

Before entering

Please notify facility personnel if you have any of the following conditions (access to some facilities and experiences may be restricted):

Pregnancy or potential pregnancy/Broken bones or other bone problems/high blood pressure or heart conditions/ Neck or spine problems/ Physical disabilities/ Fear of loud places, darkness, tight spaces or heights, ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism or intellectual disability.

Auditory impairment, visual impairment: Use wheelchair accompanied by adult.

On Location in 4D: Mountain Gorillas

As a stage effect, there is a blackout during the screening.

Frozen: Mount Kenya

Children of 4 years old or younger may enter the exhibition except for the “Blizzard Room,” for safety reasons.

Facility Rules

  • Bringing food and beverages inside is strictly prohibited.
  • No refunds will be offered for entrance fees
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the facility.
  • Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to use the attraction.
  • Lights are kept dim to enhance the effects of exhibitions, but emergency guide lamps turn on during emergencies and evacuations.
  • Please watch your personal belongings closely to prevent loss and/or damage. Orbi is not responsible for any loss or damage of your personal belonging.
  • Flash photography is not allowed inside the facility. Please refrain from taking photos, shooting videos and recording audio inside the experience areas.
  • There may be cases in which some areas of the facility are closed to visitors and opened to the mass media. There may also be instances in which reporters capture visitors in photos and videos.
  • Transferring, reselling, and lending of your ticket to another person is prohibited.
  • Visitors must follow the instructions and warnings of facility personnel.
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a guardian over 16 years old at all times.

During Busy Periods

Orbi management reserves the right to hold the entry of the guest or initiate one-in, one-out procedure for safety reasons.

Entry Pass

  • Entry fee includes admission to all exhibitions except food & beverage, retail and photo services.
  • Children not up to 3 years of age can enter for free. Please note: This does not entitle the child to a seat.
  • Orbi reserves the right to ask any guests to leave the premises if not compliant with any of the rules and regulations above.
  • Other rules and regulations may apply.


It has been a long one. Manifestly, Orbi Dubai has immersing activities for you. Its thrilling characteristics make it a perfect destination to take your loved one(s). If you are in Dubai already, or are planning to visit, you’ll find these articles useful: exciting things to do in Dubai at night, some shopping malls in Dubai for cheap shopping, necessary Dubai laws for tourists, is Dubai safe for a woman traveling aloneis it safe to travel to Dubai?, best time to visit Dubai for shoppingbest time to visit Dubai in terms of weather and Dubai vourist visa – all you need to know. Have a go and a do.