Burj Al Arab Hotel – Restaurants, Inside, Room Prices, Terrace, Location, Owner

Burj Al Arab Hotel
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Learn about the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in the world which is also widely acclaimed as a seven star hotel. Also, learn about its restaurants, inside or interior, exterior, room prices, terrace, location, owner, transfers and other important fact about it.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

“It has got some of [the] finest dining on planet [Earth]. We experience[d] just [the] restaurant there which is [the] best in the world, I must say. And [the] sunset view from [the] hotel is magical. Must experience,” says Nilz77.

What can Nilz77 be talking about? The most grandiose architecture from classic Greece or Rome? The most magnificent building in wonderland? Or, New Jerusalem from Heaven? Nilz77 is talking about no other than Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Burj Al Arab Hotel (also Burj Al Arab Jumeirah or simply Burj Al Arab) is a five-star luxury hotel in Dubai, an acclaimed luxury hospitality leader. The gem has had a distinct impact on the global hospitality market since it was launched in 1999. Its foundation is unreserved and untainted hospitality and, on this, every service or facility of its is hinged. Not to gloss over its menu, its core menu merges distinctive and exclusive elements with rare and natural ingredients from products with deeply stemmed Arabic heritage.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Awards – Best Hotel in The World

Burj Al Arab has been awarded as the best hotel in the world, among other awards. To be specific, it has earned the following awards:

  1. Forbes Travel Guide 2018, Five-Star Award
  2. World Travel Awards 2018 – UAE’s Leading Hotel
  3. The Telegraph’s ULTRA Awards 2018 – Best Hotel in the World
  4. The Telegraph’s ULTRA Awards 2018 – Best Hotel in Middle East

At the ULTRA Awards in 2018, Anthony Costa, the regional vice president of Jumeirah Group and the managing director of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah says, “This property is all about passion, creating lifelong memories and to mesmerize guests at every moment.” That statement is not a mere bluff; it is instead descriptive. Not known to do anything by halves, Burj Al Arab is the flagship hotel of its owners. Launched in 1999 and older than 18 years, its design does not only remain iconic but also impressive. Further, its age has not made it budge or slack in its approaches and processes. It’s relentless, resilient and high-flying.

Built on a triangular man-made island, Burj Al Arab rises 321 meters (1,053 ft) above the Arabian Gulf and flourishes 280 meters off the shores of Dubai, symbolizing it’s veritably outstanding. Clearly, the management of the hotel is meticulous and particular about everything and nothing is done without a specific purpose.

Your journey into the opulent hospitality of Burj Al Arab starts right from the airport. If you opt for it, a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce would drive you from the airport to the hotel.

Burj Al Arab’s Exterior

Burj Al Arab Moon Night

When you get to its vicinity, you are greeted with the sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The hotel was built to resemble the billowing spinnaker of a J-class yacht. This design was informed by the need to have an icon for the city of Dubai just as the Eiffel Tower is the icon of Paris, as Opera House is of Sydney, Big Ben of London and as the Statue of Liberty is that of New York.

Burj Al Arab was designed by multidisciplinary consultancy Atkins led by architect Tom Wright. The design and construction were managed by Canadian engineer Rick Gregory also of WS Atkins.

Tom Wright says, “The client wanted a building that would become an iconic or symbolic statement for Dubai; this is very similar to Sydney with its Opera House, London with Big Ben, or Paris with the Eiffel Tower. It needed to be a building that would become synonymous with the name of the city.”

Burj Al Arab’s Interior

Burj Al Arab's  Interior
Credit: Burj Al Arab

Delivered by UAE based Depa, and clad in gold, the hotel’s interior flourishes a grandiosely regal quality. It has been described as opulent, glamorous and start-of-the-art. In fact, given its splendor, it has been criticized. Burj Al Arab’s interior is, in fact, the elevated celebration of surpassing wealth. It exposes you to the gritty futuristic fantasy of spilling splendor, grandeur and glamor.

Further, the interior has a soft, warm and sensuous glow throughout as it’s, to reiterate, bedecked with gold. Gold is in fact more ubiquitous than anything else inside Burj Al Arab. Real 24-carat gold leaf covers approximately 790 square meters of the interior – including the TV screens.

The walls and floors of the hotel were clad in over 30 kinds of Italian Statuario marble, the same used by the famed artist, Michelangelo, to create his legendary sculptures.

Suites, all relatively spacious, combine both Eastern and Western designs. All suites boast a king size bed, at least. And these beds are draped in Eiderdown duvets and Egyptian cotton sheets. Also, all suites have remote controlled environments. See more on the features of the suites under the heading, “Burj Al Arab’s Suites” below.

The hotel is quite liberal for a property in an Islamic domain as it has a smoking-permitted policy. It offers “progressive cocktails” using unusual ingredients. Some of the innovative combinations include Light Sweet Crude (using foie gras and blackened truffle oil), Scent of the Souk (using oud oil, rosemary and spices) and A Ghaaf, a Goat and a Camel (using goat cheese foam).

As a guest at Burj Al Arab, you have access to the private beach on the other side of the bridge. Sunbeds, mineral water, facial sprays and refreshments are all complimentary. There are buggies available to take you around the hotel including other properties of its like Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Click here to see Burj Al Arab’s Interior live.

Burj Al Arab’s Suites

Burj Al Arab Suite
Credit: lavishhotelsandresorts.com

Burj Al Arab will dazzle you with its suites. All suites have remote controlled environments including curtains, TVs, in-suite music and lights and a private all in one printer, copier, scanner and fax. There’s no lack of complimentary Wi-Fi, 21 inch iMac, 24 hours butler service, a range of 42 inch and 32 inch widescreen interactive HD TVs.

I will not gloss over the fact that all suites also feature a set of his and hers full-size Hermes amenities. Or, is it the master bathroom complete with a full-size Jacuzzi and a separate five-head rain shower that I shall gloss over? As though the luxury isn’t enough, the suites boasts a selection of 14 types of pillows, an ultra-deluxe twin bed and, to reiterate, Eiderdown duvets and exquisite Egyptian cotton linen.

All suites also lend you access to the following services: private Burj Al Arab beach, bespoke experience management with a 24-hour concierge service, full access to Burj Al Arab’s Talise Spa with additional separate ladies’ facilities and a complimentary visit to Wild Wadi Waterpar. If you are with children, they can get a complimentary access to the Kids Club.

The loftier suites have some exclusive features which include separate staff entrance with private butler’s kitchen, personalized private bars, private library and two spacious dressing rooms.

The royal suite exclusively has an exquisite majlis style lounge, a library and cinema room, a personal in-suite elevator, a private dining room for 12, two large dressing rooms, a daily breakfast buffet for two in Junsui or Bab Al Yam or alternatively in the privacy of your suite.

The price of the least suite starts at about AED 10,000 ($2,700) per night while that of the most luxurious suite is about AED 70,000 ($19,000) per night.

The suites are:

Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite

This suite boasts 170 square meters and a king size bed. It is designed for only two adults and two children younger than 11 years or three adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Sky One Bedroom Suite

This suite boasts 170 square meters, a king size bed and the ocean view. It is designed for only two adults and two children younger than 11 years or three adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Panoramic One-Bedroom Suite

This suite boasts 225 to 315 square meters and a king size bed. It is designed for only two adults and two children younger than 11 years and one child with additional supplementary charges. In it, you have access to Dubai cityscape or the ocean view.

Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite

This suite spans two levels, boasts 335 square meters, a king size bed, a twin bed and the ocean view. It is designed for only four adults and two kids younger than 11 years.

Burj Two Bedroom Family Suite

This suite spans two levels, boasts 335 square meters, a king size bed, a twin bed, an in-suite play area for the kids, entertainment leisure options for teens and exclusive kids amenities. It is designed for four adults and two children or five adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Club One Bedroom

This suite boasts 330 square meters, a king size bed and the ocean view. It is designed for two adults and two kids younger than 11 years or three adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Burj Three Bedroom Family Suite

This suite boasts 670 square meters, two king size beds, a twin bed, in-suite play area for the children, entertainment leisure options for teens and exclusive kids amenities on arrival. It is designed for six adults and two children younger than 11 years or seven adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Diplomatic Three-Bedroom Suite

This suite boasts 670 square meters, two king size beds, a twin bed, complimentary airport transfers in Rolls Royce Phantom and AED 2000 ($544.49) Resort Credit once per stay. It is designed for six adults and two children younger than 11 years or seven adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Presidential Two Bedroom Suite

This suite boasts 667 square meters, AED 3000 ($816.74) Resort Credit once per stay. It is designed for four adults and two children younger than 11 years, or five adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Royal Two-Bedroom Suite

This regal suite boasts 780 square meters, two king size beds, and AED 4000 ($1,088.98) Resort Credit once per stay. It is designed for four adults and two children younger than 11 years or five adults and one child with additional supplementary charges.

Burj Al Arab Restaurants and Bars

Burj Al Arab Restaurants
Credit: ArabianBusiness.com

Burj Al Arab has several restaurants and bars. You could enjoy cuisines across Asia and Europe by virtue of the classy restaurants Burj Al Arab boasts: Al Mahara (Highlight: Nathan Outlaw), Scape Restaurant & Lounge, Gold On 27, Al Iwan, Al Muntaha, Bab Al Yam, Junsui, Sahn Eddar, Skyview Bar, Summersalt (Highlight: Umi Shio).

Burj Al Arab Spa – Talise Spa

Talise Spa - Burj Al Arab
Credit: TheNational.ae

First up, Burj Al Arab boasts a cutting-edge spa. You don’t think it’d be dubbed the most luxurious hotel in the world without one. Talise Spa has won the “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” award in the “World Luxury Spa Awards Global Winners” category twice, the first coming in 2013.

If you frequent classy spas, I should think you’re yet to experience a state-of-the-art treatment? Talise Spa’s experiences are carefully crafted. And attention is paid to everything that constitutes the total experience. The spa is hinged 150 meters above the Arabian Gulf and lit with natural light. With the world’s most luxury products, each experience is not only carefully designed, but also exclusive. In other words, each treatment uses the highest quality products and latest methods in personal care. The menus are extensive, stretching from facials and organic body wraps to Chakra balancing hot stone massage. It’s a place where you could ignite the exuberance in you, a place to make you younger, fresher and stronger, a place designed to unify your body, mind and spirit.

Where have got tension? Talise Spa focuses on whatever part of the body you might have tension. Whether you want relief, firming or even shaping, you’d get served. They do one of, some of or all of the foregoing using different packages, their shortest package being 55 minutes.

Spanning over two levels, the spa is sufficiently spacious. You have nothing to worry about as regards the opposite sex as there are separate amenities for both sexes. Both the men’s and women’s relaxation areas boast a plush aqua retreat. Further, it features separate indoor infinity pools, Jacuzzi and treatment rooms along with saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools. Gentlemen can look down through a rare fog-proofed glass at the World Islands and Downtown Dubai. Further still, it boasts a squash court, a fitness centre with aerobic facilities and advanced cardiovascular and resistance training equipment.

Let’s go in more detail on the services to expect in the spa.

Romantic Moonlight Swim

Whether you’re yet to marry your spouse or have already done that, the Romantic Moonlight Swim could lend you the ultimate romantic experience you can only imagine. The swimming pool is prepared for two with Rose petals and you could see the Arabian Gulf at every turn while enjoying the moonlight, champagne and strawberries. For an old couple, the experience could help in igniting that romance that was once profusely gay. It is perfect for a marriage proposal, anniversary, honeymoon, and/or birthdays. In all, it is a perfect choice for giving your spouse an unparalleled treat. A marriage proposal done in a place like this should be unforgettable.

La Prairie Signature Element

Yoga is known to lend a balance between body, mind and spirit. If you haven’t started practising it or have not been chanced to, La Prairie Signature Element is a perfect choice to balance your body, mind and spirit. The treatment includes every part of your body, from head to toe. Natural, specifically-sourced crystal healing stones are used. First, the skin is exfoliated and a La Prairie Hydralift Firming Mask applied. Your face, neck and décolleté are then prepared for the soothing full body, face and neck crystal stone massages. After this, indulgent La Prairie skincare is applied to the facial areas and décolleté before the body is enveloped in soothing Cellular Energising Body Lotion.


There are also facial treatments geared among other things towards lifting and/or making the face, neck and décolleté smoother, radiant and vibrantly alive by virtue of innovative contouring creams or Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold and/or gentle heat and the selected masks. The treatments can take care of your face whether it’s mature or damaged.

You could buy those products used in massaging or treating you in Talise Spa. These include La Prairie, Carol Joy, QMS, Voya, Aromatherapy. You can get them at Jannah Al Juwan Spa Boutique on the mezzanine level of the spa.

Please note that Talise Spa boasts a fitness center.

Burj Al Arab Butler Service

Burj Al Arab Butler Service
Credit: Jumeirah.com

Each floor of Burj Al Arab has a dedicated reception with check-in conducted in the privacy of the individual suite. Butlers are available 24 hours of the day. They are trained to address the needs and concerns of every guest. A total of one thousand six hundred (1,600) persons from seventy-five different countries constitute the staff of Burj Al Arab. When weighed against the suites the hotel boasts, we get the ratio of 8:1 (staff-to-suite).

Burj Al Arab Vehicle Service

Burj Al Arab renders transfer service from the airport to the hotel. It also rents supercars to to hotel and non-hotel guests.

Rolls Royce Service

Burj Al Arab Rolls Royce
Credit: Pinterest

One way airport transfer with the Rolls Royce Phantom cost AED 945 ($257.27). If you’re an in-suite guest, you could hire the Rolls Royce Phantom which costs AED 2,100 ($571.71 ) per hour. The maximum capacity is 3 passengers.

BMW 7 Series Transfer

BMW 7 Series
Credit: fotoblog.gorgolewski.pl

One way airport transfer with the BMW 7 cost AED 475 ($129.32). This is for in-house guest only. The maximum capacity is 3 passengers.

Not an in-house guest but wanna rent a car?

You could do this by contacting the following number or email address +971 4 301 7777 or [email protected] Cars you can have access to include the Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Should you want a chauffeur service, it is available.

Meetings and Events

Al Falak Ballroom
Credit: Jumeirah.com

With Al Falak, Ballroom, the Gold On 27 bar, the Tameen Majis (where private gatherings are held) Burj Al Arab has shown that it doesn’t only cater for individual needs but also those of groups of people. In other words, groups can find places in the magnificent hotel as rendezvouses for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and events like weddings.

Kids Club

Kids Club
Credit: oyster.com

Visiting with kids? Burj Al Arab has got you covered. Located on the 18th floor of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, adjacent to the Diwania Library and boasting professional carers, the Kids Club is an ideal place to keep the kids busy meaningfully. With the spacious playroom, soft toys, board games, bean bags, large plasma screen that features children’s TV channels, computer games, books, drawing and creatives and like-minded kids, I bet your kid would disagree to follow you out of the club. Providing a place as this for kids in a hotel has explicitly given Burj Al Arab a progressive status. This service is free for in-suite guests.

The Terrace

The Terrace
Credit: Jumeirah.com

Burj Al Arab has a terrace which stretches 10,000 square meters over the sea. This terrace, christened The Terrace, was added to Burj Al Arab in 2017. Made in Finland, it is the first man-made luxury beach facility of its kind. The structure of The Terrace was constructed in a cruise ship and yacht production facility in Finland before being shipped to the emirate in six pieces. The Terrace boasts a restaurant, a bar and lounge, four Jacuzzis, a breathtaking 828 square meters saltwater infinity pool (80 meters long), thirty two private and exclusive air-conditioned and butler-serviced luxury cabanas and a beach area with luxury day and sunbeds.

The fresh water pool has a shaded swim up bar. The swimming pools are tiled with an incredible 10 million mosaic tiles (in shades of azure and gold). The beach comprises 1,000 tonnes of white sand, specially imported from Saudi Arabia for its special qualities. It doesn’t fly away when the wind blows.

You can experience a top-notch VIP service at any of the eight royal cabanas. They feature private dining options, a spa menu, mini-bars, espresso machines, Bang & Olufsen TVs, private bathroom and a veranda overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

How To Get To Burj Al Arab

Quick Facts

What is the height of Burj Al Arab Hotel?

Burj Al Arab Hotel is 321 meters (1,053 ft) tall, making it the fifth tallest hotel in the world. Although with the exclusion of buildings with mixed use, Burj Al Arab is the world’s third tallest hotel. Note though that 39% of its total height is made up of non-occupiable space.

How do I get to Burj Al Arab’s Underwater Aquarium Restaurant?

First up, the hotel boasts an underwater aquarium restaurant and it can be accessed through a simulated submarine voyage.

How popular is Burj Al Arab?

This is not to measure its statistical popularity. But you must know that it’s today one of the most photographed superstructures in the world and the most followed individual hotel on Instagram.

Is Burj Al Arab on Guinness World Record?

Yes, it is. It broke the Guinness World Record in 2008 for the most expensive cocktail (Dhs27,321) and the world’s largest tin of caviar in 2016 (it contained 17kg of Empress caviar – the world’s only fully certified organic caviar from native-raised sturgeon).

How many years did it take to complete the building of Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab is built on a manmade island. Thus the calculate of it’s building includes reclaiming the land. In this connection, the building of it took five years, starting in 1994 – about two years went into the island and about three went into the structure.

What has been done on the helipad of the hotel?

First up, Burj Al Arab has a helipad near the roof 210 meters (689 ft) above ground. A helipad is a platform helicopters and powered lift aircraft can land on. In 2004, Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad; in 2005, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played tennis on a makeshift court; 2013 saw the first ever table tennis match held on the helipad with Chinese world number one players Long Ma and ShiWen Liu; and most recently, in 2017, Nick Jacobsen, a professional kiteboarder, jumped off the helipad in a world first stunt.

Who owns Burj Al Arab Hotel?

Burj Al Arab Hotel is owned by a luxury hotel company called Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts or Jumeirah Group. Considered a luxury hospitality leader, the company is a member of Dubai Holding. At the moment, they operate twenty three property in eight countries and boasts the staff of 13,500 persons from across 140 nationalities.

How many suites does Burj Al Arab Boast?

Burj Al Arab boasts over 200 Suites (min 170 sqm) offering spectacular vista of ocean.

How much is a suite in Burj Al Arab?

A one-bedroom suite starts at about AED 10,000 ($2,700) per night while the most luxurious suite is about AED 70,000 ($19,000) per night.

How many restaurants are in Burj Al Arab?

Nine world-class restaurants; and bars.

How many swimming pools are in Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab boasts five swimming pools all together, three outdoor and two indoor. It also boasts a private beach.

What is the cost of building Burj Al Arab?

$1 billion. Building Burj Al Arab cost one billion USA Dollars.

Can non-in-suite guests access Burj Al Arab?

Oh yes, they can. You could go for a restaurant and/or a bar. As an example, Scape Restaurant and Lounge is open to non-hotel guests.

Who is the architect of Burj Al Arab Hotel?

Tom Wright of Atkins. Tom Wright is a Briton born in Shirley, Croydon, Greater London in 1957. He studied at the Royal Russell School and later at the Kingston University School of Architecture. He became a qualified architect in 1983. He wasn’t originally with Atkins. Atkins took over the architectural practice Lister Drew Haines Barrow which he was a director of. Consequently he became a member of Atkins which saw him become the head of Atkins’ architecture arm.


It has been a really long one. Given Burj Al Arab’s splendor, it is little wonder some people unofficially but in great fanaticism refer to it as the only 7-star hotel in the world. One thing you should have noticed by now is that Burj Al Arab Jumeirah elevates style over substance. It would take a lot to beat a hotel like this one. Clearly, the cost of building it only is $1 billion.

If you’re visiting Dubai, you should know and observe Dubai laws to stay away from trouble. Dubai is safe to visit, so you don’t have to worry about safety or security. Explore the site for all your Dubai questions. If you don’t get a particular solution, kindly contact us with your question.



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