Burj Khalifa – Height, Hotel, At The Top, Prices, Floors, Other Facts

Burj Khalifa – Height, Hotel, At The Top, Prices, Floors, Other Facts

In this definitive guide, learn about Burj Khalifa, its observatory decks: Burj Khalifa At The Top and Burj Khalifa At The Top SKY.

Also learn about other facts of it such as its number of floors, its height, hotel, service prices, design, architect and more.

The facts here will be as detailed as they’ll be tourist friendly.

  • Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, establishing Dubai as a synonym of “top holiday destination in the world”, since its launching.

This tall Dubai destination is by far the most popular Dubai attraction. It is tall indeed but not merely tall as it features some of the most modern equipment and gadgets. For example, it has some of the fastest elevators in the world, the largest LED-illuminated facade et cetera. It should also be mentioned that the building as well as the services rendered in it are all top-notch.

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Since its inauguration in 2010, Burj Khalifa has earned a gazillion of awards.

About 30 on-site contracting companies came together, shedding their expertise, to bring the glitzy engineering feat to existence. Hence, it’s little wonder the tower boasts the architectural style of neo-futurism.

It’s structural design was inspired by Hymenocallis, a flower also called Spider Lily, making the structure look like a Y-shape when viewed from above it. And arguably, the sight is even more beautiful than that of the actual flower itself.

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Burj Khalifa Architecture

Two thousand, seven hundred and seventeen feet (2,717 ft (828 meters)) tall from bottom to roof, it’s about three times the height of Eiffel Tower and about two times taller than Empire State Building. Surprisingly, during low tides and clearness, people can see the shores of Iran from the top of the skyscraper.

The world’s tallest skyscraper is so tall that it makes other skyscrapers around it appear like they were no skyscrapers. It neatly dwarfs them. In terms of height, its predecessor is Taiwan’s Taipei 101, which is 1,667 feet (508m) tall. Taiwan’s Taipei 101 became the tallest building in the world in 2004, the year the construction of Burj Khalifa started.

Laid horizontally, the Burj Khalifa tower should stretch over a quarter of the way around the world. Being the tallest building in the world, it gives you the best panoramic view of Dubai (from a spot); it has the highest number of floors in the world; it has the highest occupied floors in the world; it is the tallest free-standing structure in the world; it has the elevator with longest travel distance in the world, and has the tallest service elevator in the world.

The building is estimated to cost 1.5 billion US dollars. It has been projected that, in 2020, Burj Khalifa will be surpassed as the world’s tallest building.

Burj Khalifa At The Top — 124th and 125th floor observatory deck

Burj Khalifa At The Top

The Burj Khalifa At The Top observatory deck occupying 124th and 125th floors of the giant skyscraper is spectacular one, allowing of panoramic view of the Arabian city.

Even more spectacular is the more recent At The Top SKY, Burj Khalifa’s highest observatory deck. While At The Top is lower, it features an electronic telescope, an augmented reality device developed by Gsmprjct° of Montréal. The technology allows visitors to view the surrounding landscape in real-time. It also lets them view previously saved images.

To avoid the daily rush of tourists, visitors can purchase tickets in advance for a specific date and time. Kindly see Burj Khalifa At The Top observatory decks prices.

Burj Khalifa’s Design

Burj Khalifa Design
Credit: KissPng.com

The building, as should be expected, was inspired by traditional Islamic architectural design and pattern, but the most inspiring muse was the regional desert flower, the Hymenocallis. The harmonious structure of this flower is one of the organizing principles of the tower’s design. Three ‘petals’ are arranged in a triangular shape and unified at the centre, and instead of repeated identical patterns, the architectural plan appoints successively receding and rotated stories.

Eight hundred and sixty eight powerful stroboscope lights are integrated into the façade and spire of the tower and these are capable of choreographing different lighting sequences, together with more than 50 different combinations of the other effects.

Burj Khalifa’s Exterior

Burj Khalifa Exterior

Outside the tower, a fountain system, Dubai Fountain, flourishes. Designed by WET Enterprises at the cost of Dh 800 milion ($217 milion), the enthralling fountain is the world’s second largest choreographed fountain. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 50 colored projectors, it is 270 meters (900 feet) long and shoots water 150 meters (500 feet) high into the air, accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. The fountain displays, in five minutes, every thirty minutes.

Burj Khalifa is surrounded by an 11-hectare (27-acre) wide park designed by landscape architects SWA Group. Like the tower, the park’s design was also inspired by the Hymenocallis flower. At a point in the park is a series of pools which the Dubai Fountain is located at. The images of Burj Khalifa and the Hymenocallis flower are incorporated on benches and signs. It has about 2,957 parking spaces. Outside Burj Khalifa, also, and not so far from it is Dubai Mall.

Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel

Armani Hotel Burj Khalifa
Credit: Booking.com

The Armani Hotel is a significant part of the tower. It is the first hotel in the world to be designed by Italian fashion legend Giorgio Armani and features his signature minimalist style with muted gray interiors, sumptuous fabrics and Japanese wooden floors. The hotel’s rooms and suites are each decorated with bespoke furnishings and state-of-the-art mod cons controlled by iPads.

The hotel service reserves a VIP welcome and a personal butler for every guest of theirs on their arrival. There’s more; there are individually designed spa treatments, fluffy monogrammed robes and Armani toiletries

Besides the hotel service, the Armani management also operates residences in the tower. It operates about 144 plush suites, all featuring the same distinctive style of the hotel with access to the carefully curated collection of shops discretely located at lobby level. The hotel is home to a host of unique dining experiences spanning Italian, Japanese, India, European and Mediterranean food. Its room rates are relatively at the premium.


Burj Khalifa At.mosphere Interior

At.Mosphere is a restaurant located at 122th floor of the tower. An elevator transporting guests to and fro the classy dining restaurant in about 45 seconds is well available. The lofty restaurant boasts ubiquitous floor-to-ceiling windows perfect for spectacular vistas, plush leather seats and pristine white tablecloths.

Burj Khalifa’s Security

The manner and materials with which the tower was built makes it secure. Already the elevator system has been addressed under the title, elevator system. The consistency of the concrete used in the project was essential. It was difficult to create a concrete that could withstand both the thousands of tonnes bearing down on it and the Persian Gulf temperatures that could reach 50 0C (122 0F). To combat this problem, the concrete was not poured during the day; instead, during summer, ice was added to the mixture and it was poured at night when the air is cooler and the humidity is higher.

A cooler concrete mixture cures evenly throughout, and is therefore less likely to set too quickly and crack. Any significant cracks could have put the entire project in jeopardy. In other words, special mixes of concrete were made to withstand the extreme pressures of the massive building weight; as is typical with reinforced concrete construction, each batch of concrete used was tested to ensure it could withstand certain pressures. CTL Group, working for SOM, conducted the creep and shrinkage testing critical for the structural analysis of the building. In other words, the construction of the building was of reinforced concrete.

Pressurized air-conditioned refuge floors are located at approximately every 35 floors where people can shelter on their long walk down. Foreign tourists are protected from the Dubai’s rather parching sun, especially that during summer, as over 26,000 glass panels were used in the exterior cladding of Burj Khalifa. Over 300 cladding specialists from China were assigned with the task of cladding the tower and they disposed themselves to it, making the tower’s cladding a good reality.

Death Cases in The World’s Tallest Building

Death in The World’s Tallest Building? Yes, you read that right. But there’s no cause for alarm. Since it’s existence, including the period of its construction, two cases of suicide have been recorded. That of Laura Vanessa Nunes, a Portuguese national, Laura, who was in Dubai on a tourist visa and that of a worker. Laura fell from the At The Top SKY observatory deck.

While Dubai police denied the report made by Daily Mail about this incident, a Dubai Coroner’s report stated that Laura’s body was found on the third floor of the Burj Khalifa. Emails obtained under the Freedom of Information act from Portugal’s embassy in the UAE also confirmed that Laura Nunes had committed suicide from the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa. As regards the worker who committed suicide, it was said that he requested for leave and when he didn’t get it, he took recourse to the unprotected dive.

Burj Khalifa Dubai Popularity

The building is now so popular that it has been featured in a number of television documentaries, in video games, musics, and movies – Skyscraper, for example. Also, many notable media celebrities and many business tycoons have visited it, and many more people want to visit Dubai over it. As an example, personalities like US singer Mariah Carey, supermodel Gigi Hadid and soccer star David Beckham have visited it.

FAQ on Burj Khalifa

Is it free to enter Burj Khalifa?

No, it is not free. In other words, one cannot enter without a definite purpose.

Who owns Burj Khalifa?

Emaar Properties

Is it safe to visit it?

It is on the basis of its obvious specifications safe to visit.

What are the things to do there?

Sightseeing, gym, lodging at the Armani hotel in it, patronizing At.Mosphere restaurant which is in it, residence and business.

How many floors are in Burj Khalifa?

Actually, it has over 200 floors, but about 160 are usable, or habitable. That’s why it is often said it has about 160 floors.

What is the height of its highest observatory deck?

555.7 metres (1,823 ft). It is called At The Top SKY.

Who designed Burj Khalifa?

The building was designed by Adrian Smith of Chicago-based architectural firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM).

Where is Burj Khalifa located?

Burj Khalifa is located at Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Downtown is filled with lofty structures; it is a classy area.

What is the meaning of the name, Burj Khalifa

Pronounced in English as /ˈbɜːrdʒ kəˈliːfə/, Burj Khalifa literally means Khalifa Tower. It was formerly called Burj Dubai until 2011 when it was christened Burj Khalifa. Many sources show that while the building was under construction, the global financial crisis of 2007-2012 set in and that this threatened the continuance of the tower such that help was sought from oil-rich Abu Dhabi, whose ruler is Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Maktoum (also UAE’s prime minister). It is for this, as the sources show, that the tower was renamed Burj Khalifa in honour of Sheikh Khalifa, for the indispensable role he played.

Has Burj Khalifa got an elevator system?

The tower contains about 57 elevators and 8 escalators. It boasts some of the fastest elevators in the world, elevators running at the top speed of 10 meters per second. In other words, the elevator system is specially designed for controlled evacuation during emergency situations. The tower has the longest single running elevator, which covers 140 floors. Of the elevators, 55 are single deck, while 2 are double deck. Otis Elevator Company is the author of the elevators.

Burj Khalifa Awards

Since the very first year the tower was inaugurated, it has got many different awards. Some are provided hereunder. This section is the end of this article.


  • Interior Architecture Award, Certificate of Merit from AIA – Chicago Chapter.


  • Distinguished Building Award, Citation of Merit from AIA – Chicago Chapter.
  • Interior Architecture Award: Special Recognition from AIA – Chicago Chapter.
  • Design Excellence Award: Special Function Room.
  • Excellence in Engineering from ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) – Ilinois Chapter.
  • Outstanding Structure Award from International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.
  • GCC Technical Building Project of the Year from MEED (formerly Middle East Economic Digest).


  • International Architecture Award.
  • Arab Achievement Award 2010: Best Architecture Project from Arab Investment Summit.
  • International Architecture Award from Chicago Athenaeum.
  • American Architecture Award from Chicago Athenaeum.
  • Best Mixed Use Built Development in Cityscape Abu Dhabi.
  • International Architecture Award (Mixed Use) from International Commercial Property Awards.
  • Special Recognition for Technological Advancement from International Highrise Awards.
  • Best Structural Design of the Year from LEAF Award.
  • International Projects Category: Outstanding Project from National Council of Structural Engineers Associations.
  • Best of What’s New from Popular Science Magazine.
  • Excelence in Structural Engineering: Most Innovative Structure from SEAOI

Other Burj Khalifa Facts

  • The weight of the concrete used in building the tower is equivalent to that of 100,000 elephants. The total weight of aluminium used on Burj Khalifa is equivalent to that of five A380 aircraft.
  • Every year, there is a firework display on the facade of Burj Khalifa on New Year’s Eve, attracting millions of people craving to feed their eyes on the internet in real-time and on ground.
  • Non-residents can book the rooftop brunch at The Burj Club every Friday from 12 p.m – 4 p.m; ?the activity there is gym, although there could be access to swimming pool.


Burj Khalifa is one of the most visited destinations in Dubai. The Dubai’s World’s Tallest Building has the world’s largest LED-illuminated facade. If you’re visiting Dubai, you should consider including it in your itinerary. Knowing Dubai laws would keep out of trouble. This is not a Wikipedia article, but we have tried to make it as detailed as some of its best.