Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve’s Enchanting Show – Video and Description

Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve’s Enchanting Show – Video and Description

Millions of people, Emiratis, expatriates and tourists, thronged Downtown Dubai to see the most anticipated laser façade show in Dubai, the UAE and in fact the world. EMAAR, Dubai and the UAE wished the world a Happy New Year. Burj Khalifa’s façade is the largest LED-illuminated façade in the world.

The Linchpin of The Façade’s Show

The show takes you on a journey through the progress of the UAE. It highlights the journey of the country and its swift and significant progress over the years, showcasing the successful launch of the UAE-made KhalifaSat and the Mars Mission, its future ambitions. It also wishes the world a Happy New Year, the primary reason for it.

The show starts with dazzles, as it sent light into the dark night of Dubai. Next came a Dhow, a swimmer swimming vertically down, while fishes darted past, and then a hand picks up a pearl. This turns into the moon. On the background, meanwhile, you hear the happy clamor, coming up stronger at intriguing moments.

The next scene is the desert; camels are traveling and then a flying eagle is seen. Another scene yet shows the year 1918, immediately accompanied by
Sheikh Mohammad with the eagle apparently on his hand. Then starts a count by the decade from the year 1918 until it gets to 2018.

What follows is the message “Future generations will look at our achievements and follow in our footsteps”. Next slid through vertically upwards the following words, which supposedly are the footsteps: Respect, wisdom, sustainability and human development. This is followed by Sheikh Mohammad’s face, plus “Year of Zayed” and then the flag of the UAE right from the apex of Burj Khalifa to the bottom, followed by United Arab Emirates which comes word by word.

Thereafter, a flowery pattern comes up and turns into a door. A count starts at 10 down through, until 1. And then it is written 2019. This is followed by Happy New Year from The UAE, EMAAR and then from Dubai and then from EMAAR. This is translated in different languages and followed by the UAE flag, and then others.

Flowery patterns display and as a repetition, From The UAE and To The World are shown. This is followed by space facilities after which more flowery patterns display.

While all this is ongoing, there is a beautiful performance of fireworks, still coming from the tower. Further, the Dubai Mall accompanies all of this.

The display ends in the vertical upward slide of the following: Our City, Our Hearts, Our Lives, Dubai, 2019.

If you didn’t see the video, but only read this text, you can’t imagine how dazzling, beautiful, thrilling, enchanting and immersing the show is. It’d beat your imagination.

With the laser and light show, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, flourishing gloriously at 828 meters in the heart of Dubai’s glitz has earned two Guinness World Records:

  1. Largest illuminated façade and
  2. Tallest LED-illuminated facade.

Video Credit:
Global News YouTube Channel