Dubai Driving Tips For Tourists & Residents on Dubai Roads

Dubai Driving Tips For Tourists & Residents on Dubai Roads

Dubai driving tips for tourists and residents on Dubai roads

Stay safe for your loved ones and you with these Dubai driving tips for tourists and residents on Dubai roads.

Dubai Driving Tips For Tourists

The United Arab Emirates is one of the developed countries and it has one of the best road and highway structures in the world. According to the GCR (Global Competitiveness Report) that is issued by the World Economic Forum of the year 2019, the UAE has 7th position in the index of road quality. 

The United Arab Emirates continues to construct and manage the roads according to international standards. They do so by using the best technology that fit’s the environmental condition of the UAE. The main aim of these projects is to improve the efficiency of traffic flow and to connect different parts of the city and country through a modern road network. The UAE has a road network that links different emirates with each other. 

Driving in a large city like Dubai with a heavy flow of traffic can be a frightening experience for most people. And it is one of the most liberating experiences. So driving in Dubai can be scary for you if you have not much experience and knowledge about local traffic. If you are not used to driving on large, fast, and busy roads, Dubai roads will be fatal for you. Apart from traffic rules that are the basics of any road safety, some basic laws and Dubai driving tips are also important. 

Can Tourists Drive in Dubai?

Can tourists drive in Dubai? If we’re discussing Dubai driving tips for tourists, this question is a good one to touch on. And the answer according to Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is YES.

Dubai Driving Tips For Safe Driving on Dubai roads

Some of the basic driving tips that you should follow while driving on Dubai roads are discussed below. Also, we recommend you hire a chauffeured vehicle from a Dubai car rental company if you are not familiar with the Dubai road structure. 

1- Always Keep a Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance while driving is very important. Maintain at least a 3 to 5 seconds gap between your vehicle and the one in front of you. It will ensure that you have enough space for speed adjustment and emergency breaks. Other drivers will often try to fit in the spaces you left for your safety, but you do not need to be tempted to overtake. It is up to you to recreate that distance and pull back that gap again. It will help you in preparing and controlling your vehicle during an emergency or sudden surprise. Remember that your safety comes first. 

2- Driving in Fast Lane

Dubai road

You will drive fast certainly if you wish to be in the fast lane. In Dubai, there is a heavy fine on overspeeding but certain motorists still commit the offense and like to be in the fast lane. On the road, each lane is marked clearly and the fastest lane stands on the left side. But when driving in the fast lane, you have to stick to the speed limit. Many slow drivers drive on the fast lane and do not give way to the other drivers. As the name shows, the fast lane is for those who hit the supper limit of the speed allowed. So be alert and if you see a faster vehicle coming from the backside, put on your right indicator and give way.

3- Hazards Light

Appropriate use of hazard lights is necessary if you want a safe drive. Motorists are there to warn you if any hazard is ahead. In case of any emergency, it will help the drivers to shift to the slower lane. They have to leave their hazard lights on so that other drivers may indicate that there is an issue with this car. Any malfunction of your car will also be communicated through these hazard lights. These lights are often abused by the people for not parking on the road properly. Do not use hazard lights in foggy or rainy weather because it causes the wrong impression. It makes no sense of what’s going on ahead and causes more traffic. 

4- Driving on the Hard Shoulder

Do not drive your car on a hard shoulder. It is very unsafe and threatening to drive or just stand on the hard shoulder even with flat tires. Do not over from it also. Even if you see someone doing this, do not get inspired to do the same thing. People often decline to drive safely and take the hard shoulder even if they do not have flat tires. This usually happens during traffic jams. And if you are caught doing so, you will be slapped a fine of 1,000 AED. If you have flat tires or any other issue after pulling your car to the hard shoulder, go through the safety barrier and call the emergency number.

Other General Tips for Driving Safely in Dubai

Dubai Road Safety
  1. Keep yourself calm and be patient. You may face some erratic and irritating drivers on the roads but avoiding useless and rash behavior will keep you safe.
  2. While driving in Dubai, always wear your seat belt. Otherwise, you will get 4 black points and a fine of 400 AED. 
  3. Use RTA Smart Drive, one of the RTA Dubai apps which are designed especially to help you in navigation through the roads and traffic in Dubai.
  4. Never drive without a valid driving license. Or you have the driving license of the emirate you are inhabiting. 
  5. Make sure that your car is registered before taking it out on the roads. 
  6. Never use cell phones while driving on the roads in Dubai. 
  7. Do not swear or use hand gestures to annoy other drivers. It is against public indecency offenses.
  8. Never overtake a vehicle from the right side.
  9. Observe speed limits.
  10. Observe road signs.
  11. Do not throw anything on the road.


There you have it, Dubai driving tips for tourists and residents on Dubai roads. Keep the Dubai driving tips in mind while driving on the roads of Dubai for safety and to avoid loss and penalty. It is as simple as just getting into a habit. But you should also know about Dubai laws and regulations, driving rules, and safety measures for better security. Furthermore, if you are in Dubai and looking for a reliable cheap Dubai car rental company, RentalcarsUAE is a good recommendation. Just book your car online and enjoy a convenient trip at your own pace. 

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