Dubai Kids Miss Their Friends The Most Over Covid-19 Lockdown

Dubai Kids Miss Their Friends The Most Over Covid-19 Lockdown

With the eruption of Covid-19, it goes without saying that schools among other establishments were locked down.

Over the lockdown during which children took classes online, as reported by Dr Abdulla Al Karam, chairman of the Board of Directors and director general of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai pupils missed their friends the most, before the summer holidays.

Education authorities in Dubai said they were flooded with calls from pupils asking when they would be able to go back to classrooms when schools closed in March to limit the spread of Covid-19.

At a virtual conference on Wellbeing in Education held on Wednesday, Dr Karam

said technology helped in teaching as classes were held online but it cannot replace the emotional and psychological needs of the children.

“The school is a place where children make friends and they feel a sense of belonging. It’s a place where teachers connect with children and their colleagues and where parents meet each other. Schools are at the heart of the community,” said Dr Karam.

The KHDA is carrying out its wellbeing census for 2020.

Based on the annual feedback from participating schools, the regulatory body works to support and improve the wellbeing and happiness of pupils.

This first census was carried out in 2017.

“We will share the census results early next year,” said Dr Karam.

“The experience of the last few months has taught us that sometimes we won’t be able to see the path in front of us but we will always move forward. We won’t always succeed but we will learn from it. It won’t always be easy but we will always be together.”

Schools in the emirate reopened on August 30 after they were closed in March to contain the coronavirus infection.

Private education regulator in Dubai gave the parents the option to choose between their children’s mode of attendance. It could either be face-to-face at school or through distance learning, for the first term.