Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

In terms of a magnificent outdoor adventure location and a spectacular outdoor exhibition, the Dubai Miracle Garden is incomparable in the area and throughout the globe. It is one of the unique tourist destinations in the UAE. It is a floral paradise with 50 million flowers. The Dubai Miracle Garden, situated in the district of Dubailand, in the center of Dubai, is a must-see if you’re planning any special vacations there.

In its early phase, Miracle Garden is offering amazing facilities and services, such as open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer rooms, restrooms, ablution facilities, carts or wheelchairs for visitors with disabilities, security rooms, commercial stalls, first aid rooms, retail shops, and all other services available to help and facilitate visitors. It is advertised as the biggest natural flower garden in the world. It has hundreds of flower-shaped exhibits across an area of 18 acres or 7.3 hectares, all of which combine to provide a spectacular display of color and fragrance on the edges of Dubai. Here we will explain all the details about Dubai Miracle Garden.

Why is Dubai Miracle Garden so famous?

As the largest floral garden in the world, Dubai Miracle Garden is well-known. With varied floral arrangements and activities exclusive to the park, it is a sizable flower garden that spans 72,000 square meters. It is situated in Dubai and has 0.25 billion plants and 0.05 billion flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular vacation spot for visitors and families because of the continuous addition of new attractions and flower-arranging activities. It is home to attractions like the life-size replica of the Emirates Airbus A380, the Emirates Airbus A380 flower arrangement, Disney Avenue, which features floral arrangements of well-known Disney characters, Hearts Passage, a mind-blowing heart-shaped installation, the Trampoline Park & Amphitheatre, and many more.

Timings of Dubai Miracle Garden

Knowing the opening hours in advance if you intend to visit Dubai Miracle Garden will be a good idea. The Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes tourists as soon as winter arrives in November and is open until March. At ten in the morning, the gates open. On weekdays, Miracle Garden is open from 9 AM to 9 PM. The Dubai miracle garden is open until 10 PM on weekend days. However, the hours are extended by an hour.

The amazing time to visit is in November since there are fewer visitors and you can tour the park in more aspects. The Dubai Miracle Garden’s official website will provide information on the opening dates for 2022 and 2023.

What Season Is Best for Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden?

You can visit the Dubai Miracle Garden from November to May. During this time, the garden’s magnificence is on show, and you are always free to choose the time that suits you and your family. Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking natural floral displays. We advise visiting on a weekday early in the day if you wish to explore slowly and take lots of photos.

It would be better to schedule your visit to avoid the afternoon or the busiest times of the day because it is a popular destination for families on weekends. If you finish the exploratory portion first, you may also take in the arranged live performances within the park in peace. It is advised to go as early in the day as possible whenever you can visit the gorgeous area of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Ticket Prices

The cost of a Dubai Miracle Garden ticket varies depending on the person’s age limit. There is a cost of AED 75 (INR 1,691.17) for adults, AED 60 (INR 1,352.94) for children aged three to twelve, and free admission for those under the age of three. The VAT tax is included in the prices of tickets for the Dubai Miracle Garden. Another good incentive to see the Dubai Miracle Garden is the relatively affordable cost of the tickets.

This stunning and intriguing floral garden in Dubai is simply one more example of how lavish Dubai is in all it does. Make sure one of the largest flower gardens in the world is included in your schedule if you are purchasing a Dubai tour package.

Famous Point of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden

The following installations and tourist destinations in Dubai Miracle Garden make it ideal for both visitors and travelers:

Emirates A380

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

Although Dubai has numerous gardens, the flowery garden is the most charming. With the addition of a life-size flower-covered model of an Emirates A380 Airbus, the Dubai Miracle Garden becomes the first place in the world to have the biggest floral work. This flowery Emirates A380 Airbus enhances the experience of visiting the garden with a variety of roughly 9 thousand flowers for the Emirates logo and 5 lac flowers and living plants for the overall structure. It took 180 days and 10 hours a day to bring this elaborate fantasy to reality.

Sunflower Field

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

Nothing could be more beautiful than a display of 5 million sunflowers, capturing the pleasure and merriment of Dubai’s sunny days. Another main draw of this garden is the sunflower field, which has 15 different sunflowers. You must participate in a DDLJ-style picture session with your spouse if you visit Dubai with them. The Dubai Miracle Garden is made even more spectacular by the addition of this sunflower field.

You can tour the adjacent locations besides these attractions inside the garden enclosure. You can enjoy the finest of Dubai at some of the top shopping centers, clubs, and malls in Dubai.

Floating Lady

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

Dubai’s Floating Lady is a creative artwork in this beautiful garden. One of the spectacular and outstanding attractions here is the Floating woman, a beautiful illustration of flower creativity. The Floating Lady is a fairly distinctive illustration of abstract imagination, floating in the void with her arms outstretched to the sky. She appears to be floating in midair and is greeting the skies thanks to the artwork. She made her clothing out of pink and white petunias. The garden is also known as the Magical Garden of Dubai because of the Floating Lady, a work of art.

Hearts Passage

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

You can also visit the most charming and beautiful heart passage. As you pass through the stunning heart-shaped installation known as the Hearts Passage, immerse yourself in a dozen different hearts. One of the Miracle Garden’s most popular attractions is the Hearts Passage, which features hundreds of flowers etched into each heart.

Trampoline Park & Amphitheatre

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

Allow your little children to burn off some energy at the trampoline park if they need some playing and want some fun. There are a lot of fun activities and swings they can take. The Amphitheatre’s events will inspire young imaginations to devise alternative solutions.

Flower Parade

Dubai Miracle Garden: Location, Timing & Tickets

And when visiting Dubai Miracle Garden, you must not skip the Flower Parade. Every season has street dancers and lives music, making the opening of this Dubai flower garden a special occasion. The energy of the Flower Parade will get you in the mood whether you are with family or friends. Tourists from all foreign countries visit Dubai’s Miracle Garden merely to experience the vibrancy of this flower festival, which is one of the Miracle Garden’s main attractions.


The Miracle Garden is a must-visit place in Dubai. This one of its kind project offers visitors a stunning spectacle of more than 16 million blooming flowers, spanning a total area of over 50,000 square feet. There are around 25 islands that recreate some of the famous places and cities around the globe. If you have not yet been to this unique garden, you need to get the Dubai miracle garden tickets and head on to this “Paradise on Earth.” The beautiful natural surroundings of the garden act as a perfect backdrop for pictures that the entire family can enjoy.


Where exactly is the Miracle Garden?

Al Barsha South 3 in Dubailand is where you can find the Miracle Garden in the city of Dubai. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is nearby.

What time does the Miracle Garden open?

On weekdays, Miracle Garden is open from 9 AM to 9 PM. The garden is open until 10 PM on weekends; however, the hours are extended by an hour.

When was Miracle Garden inaugurated?

Given the park’s theme, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013, marked the opening of Miracle Garden.

How many people visit the Miracle Garden annually?

More than 2 million people visit Dubai Miracle Garden every year.

Are there any precautions against COVID-19 in Dubai Miracle Garden?

The company Dubai Miracle Garden is COVID-safe. Before entering the event, each visitor will go through a thermal screening. There are hand sanitizers along every course of travel.

How can I get tickets for the Miracle Garden in Dubai?

Online ticket sales are available for Miracle Garden Dubai. Due to the attraction’s high demand and swift ticket sales, we advise purchasing tickets online and in advance.

What amenities are provided in Dubai Miracle Garden?

Modern amenities include parking spaces, waiting for places, prayer rooms, restrooms, ablution facilities, first aid rooms, wheelchairs for guests with special requirements, gift stores, and food kiosks available at Dubai Miracle Garden.