Dubai Science Park – Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park – Complete Guide 2023

Dubai Science Park – Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park – Complete Guide 2023

Dubai Science Park (DSP) was started in 2005. It is home to more than 350 international organizations and small and medium-sized businesses with more than 3,600 employees. 

It is the region’s first science-focused corporate community, with the goal of establishing the UAE as a destination for research and development, prototyping, creativity, and innovation in the human, plant, material, environmental, and energy sciences. 

The Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, also known as DuBioTech, was rebranded as the Dubai Science Park in 2016 to reflect the merging of the Dubai government’s energy and environment sectors with its pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Previously, the park was known as Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (known as DuBioTech).

The Dubai Science Park is a place that helps the medical, wellness, and pharmaceutical industries grow and change. In the park, there are labs that make medicines, perfumes, and food and drinks. People can be successful not only because the community is strong and gives its members a good place to live, but also because it has a strong infrastructure and a collaborative atmosphere.

The Vision of the Park

Dubai Science Park

The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, outlined the vision for the park, which was to create “an incubator for researchers and scientists as well as a center for production, creativity, and development

The administration of the Dubai Science Park was in charge of the first phase of the development, which included the flagship HQ dual office towers, warehouse facilities, and the Dubai Science Park Lab Complex. The remaining land is designated for development through the use of public-private partnerships.

Free Zone

Dubai Science Park - Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park - Complete Guide 2023

Free zone benefits are available to businesses that choose to establish themselves in Dubai Science Park. These benefits include an exemption from personal and corporate taxes, complete ownership of the company, unrestricted capital and profit repatriation, full repatriation of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, a central location for all support services, a streamlined incorporation process, and expedited visa processing.

Your Ideal Tomorrow

Dubai Science Park - Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park - Complete Guide 2023

Plots in the Dubai Science Park are likely the most sought-after of all of Dubai Holding’s developments. This is due to the fact that this time around, the investors have the chance to design the future of their dream businesses.

In other words, Dubai Science Park will be the precise location at which all of your professional goals will be accomplished. Therefore, if you are interested in making a big difference in your life, the chance to do so is there in front of you!

Management –  DSP Sets Up an Internship Program

Dubai Science Park - Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park - Complete Guide 2023

Dr. Abdulqader Al Khayat, who had previously served as the director-general of the Dubai Police Forensic Department, was the man in charge of the Dubai Science Park when it first opened.

Dubai Science Park gives the scientific community a place to do business at the Dubai Eye Business Breakfast show in January 2008. The park is flexible and can be used by anyone from a scientist who wants to work alone in a lab to the regional headquarters of big companies that want to make things.

Marwan went on to say that the park’s management puts on a series of events with the goal of bringing together scientists in order to get people to come to the park. 

The DSP also keeps close ties with the academic world to make sure that talent is developed. For example, every spring, the DSP sets up an internship program to help students find jobs at local businesses. As a result of this successful program, students from Amity University and Mohammed Bin Rashid University have found jobs at the park.

Why Should You Choose to Establish Your Company in the Dubai Science Park?

Dubai Science Park - Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park - Complete Guide 2023

The Dubai Science Park is an important part of Dubai’s long-term plans to become self-sufficient and a world leader in scientific research and development.

 The enterprises that have their headquarters at Dubai Science Park will considerably benefit from the availability of cutting-edge resources, which will allow them to make significant headway in their research and development endeavors. Additionally, DSP affords participants the chance to investigate regional MENA markets, each of which contains millions of potential clients. 

For businesses that are prepared to take their operations to the next level of development and expansion, locating their operations in Dubai Science Park is the best option.

Getting Your Business Started at Dubai Science Park and the Necessary Documents

Dubai Science Park - Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park - Complete Guide 2023

It is important for businesses that have an interest in establishing their activities in Dubai Science Park to provide the proper documentation to the relevant authorities. 

The following is a list of the documents that are necessary for the incorporation of a business in the free zone.

  • The application form has been completely filled out.
  • A detailed explanation of the business plan, including an overview of the company’s products and services, etc.
  • Copies of everyone’s passports who is a shareholder or director
  • A copy of the resolution passed by the Board
  • Marketing description- Target market and segments
  • Proof that you have a bank account, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement, among other financial documents.
  • References


It’s in Al Barsha South, and the roads Umm Suqeim, Sheikh Zayed, and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed all lead there. Route F36 provides access to public transportation from the Mall of the Emirates. It is roughly thirty minutes away from Dubai International Airport.

The corporation is a subsidiary of Dubai Holding, the holding company of the Dubai government.


Dubai Science Park (DSP) is a free zone for science development in the UAE. It was once called Energy and Environment Park. DSP helps a network of entrepreneurs, new businesses, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and international organizations that work to advance scientific development around the world.

Dubai Science Park supports innovation in human science, plant science, material science, environmental research, and energy science by offering companies facilities with cutting-edge technologies.

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Why the Dubai Science Park? 

Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and multinational joint stock companies that work in the scientific research field can all use the infrastructure. The flexible environment of the free zone encourages scientific research, creativity, and modernization.

What kinds of businesses are there?

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