Seven Profitable Business Options in Dubai You Can Use Today

Seven Profitable Business Options in Dubai You Can Use Today

Learn about seven profitable business options in Dubai you can use today.

Dubai is a leading touristic destination. Given this and other reasons, the city is experiencing a positive economy and consequently investors from across the world, among other categories of people, are pouring into the thriving city.

The dynamic city has a favorable economy and market for business investments. Little wonder it’s viewed as the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates. With high standards in terms of economic modules, favorable policies, business setup laws and regulations, Dubai is preferred by lots of people who want to establish and flourish their businesses.

If you are planning for a​ business setup in Dubai, you need to know these seven profitable business options in Dubai.

Before setting up a business in Dubai however, you need to know something about Dubai and you need to make sure the factors that concern your prospective business are favorable and permitting.

If you have a business idea in mind already and you’re sure the factors surrounding it are good, make it happen. If you don’t have a business plan for Dubai already, below are seven profitable business options in Dubai you can use today. These should help you make a good decision. Do additional research or study. Once you’re sure, go for it. Let’s now discuss these business opportunities.

Travel and Tourism

Burj Khalifa's Observatory decks

Dubai is a leading vacation destination in the world. From myriad destinations, through shopping and culture, the city is a circus to be reckoned with. Travel and tourism is no doubt a strong industry in Dubai and in this way offers a wide range of opportunities for relevant entrepreneurs.

Starting a business, such as a travel agency that provides tourists with essential guidance and related services like itinerary planning, flight bookings, organizing sightseeing, accommodation, taxi service (say airport transfers) etc, will bring you a decent profit. There are many other opportunities in this area including being a hotelier, owning a transportation company, opening a competitive destination, shop and/or restaurant.


Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant

Opening a restaurant in Dubai is one of the most profitable investment options in the city for both foreign and native investors. This is because the city sees a heavy influx of visitors yearly. And, on average, one-third of Dubai residents eat out at least two to three times a week. While there is already a good number of food and beverage outlets in Dubai, there’d definitely be room for you once you’re set.

Entertainment and Cultural Events

Dubai Opera Interior

Setting up an event management company in Dubai is one profitable business option to consider. It goes without saying that it’ll do well in Dubai. The foregoing statement is corroborated by such structures as Dubai Opera which was built in the heart of Dubai, downtown, for the purpose of holding events.

More importantly however, people love having their events in Dubai these days. In fact, Dubai is one global destination people like having their shows and guests from around the world definitely travel to Dubai for these events. Thus, Dubai is a fertile land for this sort of businesses.


Seven Profitable Business Options in Dubai You Can Use Today

It has been said that Dubai always looks for ways to wow the world and that the home to world’s tallest building keeps reinventing itself. Construction is one key part of that. It goes without saying thus that this is another profitable business sector in Dubai. Given the status quo in the city, there are humongous opportunities open for construction firms, architects, engineers, property developers and builders.

In this way, if you are an investor planning to setup a manufacturing business or property development firm, or even a firm that sells construction materials in Dubai, that’s a great idea. All you have to bear in mind is that Dubai is reasonably competitive.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Due to the increasing number of business establishments in Dubai, there’s ravenous demand for manpower. In this kind of society, recruitment agencies are a necessity. It is common knowledge that employees and labors can’t be done without and so are required to keep every industry running effectively in Dubai, ss every other place in our contemporary world. Records show that there’s influx of job-seekers who come from various places such as India, the US, the UK, Nigeria and Pakistan to Dubai.

It is safe to say the demand for recruitment agencies and hiring firms are also high, but you are advised to do your own study to confirm this based on various factors which include the time you’d be reading this.

By setting up a recruitment firm in Dubai and supplying different companies with needed employees, you can earn a lot of money. See if this is the route you want to take.

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon in Dubai

On economy, Dubai is flourishing. Secondly, it’s a happening place which means among regular people who are doing moderately well financially, the city houses some really affluent people. And apart from that, the city has over 3,300,000 population, of whom a significant deal are people who need the beauty salon service.

An important point is, given the competitive nature of Dubai, people definitely strive or ensure to look their best always. At least this is the norm rather than the exception.

With all that’s been said already, it is clear that Dubai is a good place to set up a beauty salon. In other words, salons that provide beauty services as regards the hair, nails, the face, and other fashion & lifestyle category are high in demand in Dubai. You just need to know about the business, latest trends, key beauty products and have sufficient initial capital, as is the case of other businesses. Opening a salon in Dubai is definitely a good venture.

Although, before jumping into it, do a research on the essential requirements and requisites. If you are not sure of how to setup a beauty salon business, get help from a professional business service provider in the UAE, Dubai to be specific.

Cleaning/Maid Service

Cleaning Service in Dubai

Dubai comprises a lot of working population, where people find it hard to cope with doing household chores themselves. Setting up a business which provides cleaning services and maids for households in Dubai is a green pasture in its own right. Since housemaids are an affordable luxury in the city, you can easily set up a cleaning service company or maid service firm that is expected to easily rise to success in due time. Did you know the UAE has “housemaid visas”? That’s to tell you using housemaids in Dubai is a trend.


There you have it, seven profitable business options in Dubai you can use today. Since Dubai itself is one of the most business-friendly cities, one can simply start a business in the city and make decent money from it, depending.

Saygin Yalcin’s story is an inspiring one. He is a German who went to Dubai about 10 years ago with just a backpack after school. Today his car-selling company is worth over one billion US dollars. With the right knowledge, investment, and experience, your Dubai business can grow by leaps and bounds as the city is booming.

Consulting services can help you start a business that promises great success in Dubai. To save you the hassle, know-how, time, among other things, a trustworthy and competent business service provider can help you with your chosen business requirements, business license, visa services, and they can also help you rent an office in Dubai as well as with any other business-related service, to ensure your business is successful.