Everything you need to know about Mahzooz (Emirates Lotto)

Everything you need to know about Mahzooz (Emirates Lotto)

We all have the fantasy of winning the lottery, like in a dream, our lives would be completely transformed. Mahzooz, formerly named Emirates Lotto, is the key to a successful life in the United Arab Emirates. With our in-depth explanation of how you may change your life if you win after playing this lottery, we’d like to introduce you to Mahzooz today.

With Mahzooz, you have an amazing chance to make your dreams come true. How does it all work, you want to know? Read carefully to learn everything about Mahzooz.

What is Mahzooz Dubai Lottery?

It is a lottery system with a humanitarian foundation. Its fundamental goal, which is to give back to the community, is alluded to in the caption. The purchase of bottled water is the only prerequisite for participation.

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as they match the qualifications, which we will discuss in more detail below. The bottle’s pricing is set at AED 35/-.

The lottery’s earnings will fund water delivery to nations with a water shortage. Isn’t this a scenario where everyone benefits?

How to Play Mahzooz?

A step-by-step tutorial for playing Mahzooz is given here:

  1. On the official Mahzooz website, you may register a new account or access an existing one.
  2. Select “Buy Now” after clicking “Play.”
  3. After deciding how many water bottles to donate, click the “add to basket” button. You may enter one line on the Mahzooz weekly draw for the price of 35 AED for every bottle.
  4. Several columns will be displayed to you depending on the number of your purchases. Then, you’ll type in the numbers of your choice. Depending on the number you choose, you either win or lose.
  5. By purchasing numerous goods, you may submit multiple entries for contests.
  6. Click checkout to pay with your credit or debit card after choosing your numbers and draw date. Click “add to cart,” which will allow you to pay with your credit card.
  7. A confirmation SMS or email will be sent to the information you provided when creating your account.
  8. Every Saturday at 9:00 p.m., check the weekly draw on the official Mahzooz website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to see whether you’ve won the grand prize.

How is Mahzooz played in a kiosk?

Make the following entries at a kiosk:

  1. Choose the Mahzooz icon on display.
  2. Select a language.
  3. Decide if you are new or already existing.
  4. After having your cellphone number verified, enter it and hit confirm.
  5. If you select a new client, you must provide personal information, submit the form, and then enter the one-time password you will be sent to your mobile device.
  6. Upon entering the code, a confirmation message will appear.
  7. Add credits after that.
  8. Choose how many goods you want to buy.
  9. For each ticket, choose five numbers.
  10. Decide which raffle you wish to participate in.
  11. Click “Check Out.”
  12. Your purchase or buying invoice will be included in the email you receive.

How much cash can I earn as a reward if I play Mahzooz?

You receive one free entry for each product you buy into both the Mahzooz Grand Draw and the Mahzooz Raffle Draw. Depending on the numbers you properly match with the winning numbers chosen by the ball machine for each Grand Draw, the rewards for the Grand Draw change.

If you match 5 out of the 5 winning numbers, you win the top prize and split the pot with the other 5 out of the 5 winners of that Grand Draw, which is at least AED 10,000,000 (10 Million Dirhams).

You will divide a prize of at least AED 1,000,000 with the other 4 out of 5 winners if you match 4 of the 5 winning numbers.

A cash prize of AED 350 will be awarded if you match 3 of the 5 winning numbers (Three Hundred and Fifty Dirhams).

Each winning Raffle ID determined by a random number generator will get AED 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Dirhams) as their reward in the raffle draw. For each raffle draw, there will be a minimum of three winning Raffle IDs.

How to Add Credit Balance?

Mahzooz accepts credit and debit cards for payment when purchasing and donating water bottles (Emirates Loto). To add your Mahzooz credit balance, follow these procedures.

  1. If you are a fresh and new user, enter your current login information or establish a new account.
  2. Visit “My Account.” Click “add credit balance” after selecting the balance summary.
  3. Put in the amount you wish to increase.
  4. Choose a payment method or a card that has already been used. (If you’re using a new card, please provide the requested information.)
  5. A verification mail or SMS will be sent to you.
  6. To participate in the Mahzooz weekly draw, use your credit balance.

How can you cash out your winnings?

It is always a great plan to put an idea in place in the event that you suddenly become wealthy, isn’t it? Everyone has a wish list, whether it’s for their ideal home, automobile, or a trip around the globe. However, there are some important points you need to be aware of before we get there. The steps you must take to claim the grand prize are listed below.

  1. To access your account, log in with your login information.
  2. Click “Balance Summary/Total Balance” under “My Account.” Then select “Transfer/Withdraw.”
  3. You now have two choices. One option is to purchase some credit balance with your gains. You may do this by selecting Transfer All Winnings. You cannot get your earnings back after you’ve transferred them all. Alternatively, you can input the desired amount and withdrawal method to withdraw your winnings.
  4. You will next be required to enter the necessary information regarding the withdrawal.
  5. You will get a confirmation mail or text message on your phone.
  6. Your earnings will be automatically added to the credit amount if you don’t remove them within 60 days. So always remember to abide by the laws.
  7. For UAE bank transactions, there is an AED 10 fee if the withdrawal amount is less than AED 300. AED 20 is the fee for sending money to a foreign bank. Please be aware that winnings over AED 300 are not subject to fees.

Are There Any Restrictions on Participation?

Yes, there are certain limitations:

  1. Each participant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Participation may not be prohibited by local legislation.
  3. The participant is not permitted to be a stakeholder in Mahzooz, a manager, or an employee of management.
  4. The insurance representative, draw manager, or government representative cannot be the participant.
  5. The participant cannot be a manager’s employee employed as a third-party consultant or contractor to access the draw’s insurance, security, and audit systems or a member of that person’s immediate family.
  6. Participants shouldn’t come from countries that are embargoed or blocked.

Where Can I Find Today’s Mahzooz Result?

On the official Mahzooz website, you may see the results for today’s draw as soon as they are made public. By visiting the website, choosing the previous draw results from the ‘Drawings’ drop-down menu, and then hovering over the previous week’s draws, you may also view the past draws.

Clicking “winners” in the Draws dropdown menu will allow you to view a list of prior winners and learn more about some of their lives and backgrounds.


Is the Mahzooz app accessible through the Google Play Store or the App Store?

It is, indeed. Installing the app on a mobile device is as simple as searching for “Mahzooz” in the App Store and selecting “Get” from the app’s icon for iOS users. Users of Android may visit the Google Play Store, type “Mahzooz” into the search bar, and then click “Install” on the Mahzooz app icon.

What is the location of my Raffle ID?

Your 5 Grand Draw picks are shown on your ticket beside your Raffle ID. Please visit “My Games” in the “My Account” area of your Mahzooz account to view your tickets for the next Draw. Also, visit “Ticket History” in the “My Account” area of your Mahzooz account to view your tickets from previous Draws.

How much does a single item cost?

Cost per item is AED 35. (including VAT). For each item you buy and contribute to charity, you are entitled to submit one entry into the draw (which includes one entry into the Raffle Draw and one entry into the Grand Draw).

Can I get the thing that I bought?

No, all things purchased by our customers will be distributed to people in need through Mahzooz community partners.

What forms of payment does Mahzooz accept?

All payments must be made in UAE dirham (AED). Any credit or debit card may be used; however, keep in mind that you will be charged in AED at the current exchange rate set by your card issuer.

What are the buying limits?

AED 10,500 in credit OR AED 10,500 worth of merchandise may be purchased in a single transaction.

Can a person who lives outside of the UAE enter the Mahzooz draw?

You can participate if you satisfy our qualifying requirements, of course (Read the official Terms and Conditions and Rules for Mahzooz for further information).