How To Check Your Labour Contract Online In The UAE

How To Check Your Labour Contract Online In The UAE

Are you thinking of working in the UAE? Do you know about the UAE labor laws? Do you know that now you can check your labour contract online in the UAE? If not, don’t worry! This guide is for you! So keep reading!

If you are already working in the UAE,  you will be well aware of how important the labour contract is. It contains every small detail about the profession such as the basic pay, total salary, bonuses, details of annual leaves, and a lot more. Reading it properly before signing is important. Also, it gives the employees the confidence to file a complaint against the employers if they violate any condition of the contract. 

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), UAE oversees all the matters related to labour contract and labour laws. The service of checking labour contract online in the UAE is also an effort of this ministry. Here, the question arises what was the need of transition to the online system? 

Some of the reasons supporting the transition are here:

  1. To make all the work affairs clear
  2. To provide a platform to workers so that they can launch complaints 
  3. If anyone loses the contract hard copy, he/she can easily print a new one by accessing the online labour contract

An important thing when it comes to a labour contract is the labour card number. What is a labour card number and how is it important? Let’s figure it out!

Labour Card Number: What Is It?

As already stated, the UAE government is strict when it comes to labour laws. Whenever a person becomes an employee in the UAE, he gets a labour card. It has a number which serves as an identification number that holds all the details such as your name, residence address, all your contact details, and employers you worked for. 

Now you might be wondering what is its link with the labour contract?

The UAE government provides all its employees the labour card number, within 60 days of reaching the Emirates. Actually, it is a legal proof of you being an employee of the UAE. At the time of hiring, this number is also mentioned on your labour contract. It makes the professional affairs easy for you and your employer. Hence, labour card number is an essential and working without it is illegal. 

Ways To Check Labour Contract Online In The UAE?

Wondering about how to check labour contract online in the UAE? Don’t know how to download UAE labour contract online? Here’s how you can do it.

Workers who have lost their contract hard copy or haven’t got it from the employers, can find it on MOHRE website or MOHRE App.

Reach out your labour contract via MOHRE website

How To Check Your Labour Contract Online In The UAE

Follow these steps to get your online labour contract:

  1. First, go to the official website of MOHRE
  2. Next, click the “Services” option displayed on the home page
  3. Click the “view approved contracts” option
  4. Next, click “search by personal details” option
  5. Fill all the required information such as passport number, nationality, birth date, and the captcha
  6. Click “view contract”
  7. Your labour contract is on your screen
  8. From here, you can easily download and print a copy

You can also view your labour contract through a transaction number. For that, instead of clicking “view approved contract”, you have to click “search by transaction number”. Then, you have to fill the information (transaction number present on labour card, passport number, and Captcha). After that click “view contract” or “view approved contracts”.

By following these steps, you can view as well as download your labour contract through the website.

Checking labour contract online in the UAE via MOHRE App

How To Check Your Labour Contract Online In The UAE
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Using the app, you can access your work contract on your phones too.

  1. First install the application in your mobile phone
  2. Next, register yourself as an employee on the app using the sign up button
  3. In the next step, you have to provide passport number
  4. Also enter your country of origin and birth date
  5.  Next you will have to provide a username, password, an active email address, and your mobile number that your are currently using
  6. Click the next button
  7. Add some security questions and answer them
  8. Agree to all the terms and condition appearing on your cell phone’s screen
  9. Once again enter your phone number and email address for confirmation
  10. Click on “send OTP” 
  11. You will receive an activation link on your email and an activation code on your phone number
  12. By clicking the activation link, you will be able to “login” the app by providing username and password.
  13. Answer the security questions
  14. Then, go to my dashboard
  15. Here you will find all your details along with labour card, its number, date of issuance and expiration, and also your labour contact.
  16. To read the contract, click on the “view labour contract” option by scrolling down the dashboard
  17. You can also download the contract

That’s it. So, get your labour contract anywhere and anytime in just a few clicks!

The Bottom Line

The UAE provides a lot of employment opportunities to people around the world. The labour laws here are somewhat strict but also provides services that strengthen the bond between the employers and their employees. One such service to aid both the parties is checking the labour contract online through the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) or via MOHRE mobile application. All you have to do is to fill a form demanding your passport number and other requisites. After that, you can easily view the labour contract and also download it. By following just a few simple steps, you can skip the hustle of visiting MOHRE offices.


Can I request my employer for labour contract?

Signing a labour contract is crucial for both the parties i.e., employee and the employer. So yes, you can request your employer for a labour contract at the time of hiring. He/she will provide you with a hard copy of the contract. In case, for lose it or any changes have been made in it, you can also view them online. For this purpose you have to visit official website of MOHRE or install the MOHRE application in your phone. After providing all the necessary details, you can easily view, read, and download the contract form.

Can I view my labour contract from anywhere in the Emirates?

Using the MOHRE app or  the official website, you can easily view your labour contract by sitting anywhere in the Emirates. Just just need to provide a few things i.e.,
1. Your passport number
2. Email
3. Your UAE contact number
4. Date of birth
5. Country of origin
Depending what you use, either app or the website, you have to give the above mentioned information.

How to find labour contract online in UAE?

Finding or checking labour contract online is easy and just a few steps away. You just have to visit MOHRE website or install the app. Next, you will have to provide all the required information. After that, you can view the contract on your screens.

What is the basic UAE labour salary?

The basic salary of a person is mentioned on the labour contract. It is 60 percent of the total salary. The rest 40 percent covers the allowances. However, there is no defined amount but the UAE government has says that the amount should be enough for the employee to meet the basic needs. Normally, a person working in a factory on average gets AED 3,339 per month.

How To Check Free Zone Labour Contract Online In The UAE?

Free zone companies are the ones that have their own labour laws. They do not operate under the UAE government labour laws and operate under the laws of their own country. But now, free zone labour contract can also be checked online through MOHRE website. You should have an Emirates ID and a labour card. Just visit the website, fill out the form demanding your nationality, date of birth, etc. After that, you can easily check the labour contract online. 

How can I cancel my labour contract in the UAE?

You cannot cancel your labour contract on your own. Only the one sponsoring your residence visa in UAE can do this. For instance, if you were working in a company and now want to cancel the contract, you have to take it to your employer. 

If your employer agrees to cancel the contract, he/she (the employer) has to approach the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation along with an application for cancellation of labour contract and labour card. Being an employee, you have to sign the application. Next, the employer has to apply to apply for the cancellation of visa to General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). So, yeah! You just have to sign the application for cancellation all the rest will be done by your employer and GDRFA.