Last Exit Al Qudra 63 Dubai | Street Food Truck Park Dubai

Last Exit Al Qudra 63 Dubai | Street Food Truck Park Dubai

Due to its excellent position, Last Exit Al Qudra is simple to find. Visitors value the professional service provided here. Prices are democratic, in the opinion of the reviewers. This establishment’s delicious food and convenient location will go well with the exotic ambiance.

There are food trucks that are a mainstay of the entertainment brand here, as well as a drive-through service at this equestrian-themed location. With horse trappings, horseshoes, and other equestrian accents, the quirky food trucks are made to resemble horse trailers and add to the authentic feel of Al Qudra.

This fast food offers international cuisine on its menu. The majority of customers advise sampling delicious burgers and skillfully prepared sandwiches. Your dinner will be improved with great tea, coffee, or karak, and you’ll undoubtedly return.

Why visit Last Exit AL Qudra? 

Al Qudra Street is bustling with activity as you travel to the well-known Al Qudra Lake. Pet owners would be getting their leash and harness ready for a walk with their cherished dogs while many cyclists would be getting their gear. Electricity permeates the air. However, the prominent “Last Exit” sign on the American-style hoarding is elevated on a tall pole. 

This location is a vacation spot in and of itself, and Al Qudra is developing into a hub for outdoor recreation including swimming, cycling, and open-air camping. All of this revolves on The Last Exit.

The wooden chairs and tables are rustically built and placed on an artificial grass playing field. They serve as a drive-through because they are positioned in between the food trucks. Additionally present in the area are village props that give off calming vibes to the patrons. The Last Exit, D63, offers a tranquil setting for dining while taking in the passing traffic.


Al Qudra Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to reach Last Exit Al Qudra

By Car

Al Qudra Road connects Dubai and Last Exit Al Qudra. To get to your destination, keep going on Financial Center Road (D71), then onto E44 and D63.

By Bus 

Bus F30 has routes that pass via Al Qudra route. 

Food Trucks at Last Exit Al Qudra

There are numerous restaurants and coffee shops among the various culinary establishments in the Last Exit. 

Burger Pit

Last Exit Al Qudra Food Truck Burger Pit

As the name suggests, Burger Pit delivers delectable hamburgers and fries. Along with coffee, Café Peloton offers a selection of traditional café fare. 

Hot Chix

Last Exit Al Qudra Food Truck Hot Chix

Burgers and grilled chicken are available at Hot Chix, one of the best places to find delicious fast food. Customers with an empty stomach and hankering for chicken should go to Last Exit, D69. 

My Karak

Last Exit Al Qudra Food Truck My Karak

Your taste buds will be taken on a crazy, exciting, but most significantly, delicious ride by My Karak’s twist and surprise Paratha delicacies like Paratha with Egg and Cheese. Also available is the traditional Karak tea.

The Saddle

The only bakery and pastry business that offers croissants and crepes along with a variety of coffees is The Saddle. Dessert lovers frequently go there. 

The Brass

Locally, there is a great coffee establishment called The Brass that provides wonderful coffee.

Last Exit Al Qudra Parking

Both parking and customer service at Last Exit, D63 are of the highest caliber, exceeding even expectations. As part of SMART Dubai’s initiative to promote a cleaner, greener future, the parking area is quite large and open, and it even has an intelligent station to charge electric cars.

Why Last Exit Al Qudra is a Unique Place 

Last Exit Al Qudra

The Last Exit-D63 has a superb atmosphere. The food truck staff members are composed, polite, and generally quite helpful to the patrons. You might amuse yourself by observing the numerous dogs that frequent the area because it is particularly pet-friendly. 

It is highly advised that you take your dog for walks there because it is a pristine and well-kept area. The artificial grass turf and the fictitious village indicated above create a rural setting where you may unwind, shut off the outside world, and concentrate on your comfort. 


In conclusion, “the Last Exit Al Qudra might be your best stress reliever”. Your day can be improved with only a good dinner and some coffee.

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Where is Last Exit Al Qudra located?

 Al Qudra Road, Dubai, is where Last Exit Al Qudra is located.

 What time does Last Exit Al Qudra leave?

The timing for Last Exit Al Qudra is 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM.