Nakheel Mall Dubai 2023|Dubai’s Most Luxurious Shopping Destination

Nakheel Mall Dubai 2023|Dubai’s Most Luxurious Shopping Destination

Located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall Dubai is a brand-new attraction. The best dining, shopping, leisure, and entertainment can be found here, along with breathtaking vistas, and both locals and visitors from Dubai may enjoy the unique cafes, stores, and experiences available.

Nakheel Mall, which has more than 300 outlets and offers a variety of dining and entertainment options, is the new heart of Palm Jumeirah. It offers everything from fine dining to family entertainment, toy stores to trampolines, cinemas to supermarkets, and a host of regular services like banks, medical and fitness facilities, and tailoring shops.

The Eatery food court, various cafés, and other fantastic locations like Soho Garden make Nakheel Mall a foodie’s paradise. It also has several rooftop fine-dining restaurants.

Nakheel Mall is easy to reach by car, train, or foot, thanks to its Monorail station, ample parking, and direct connections to Al Ittihad Park and surrounding residences. Additionally, it serves as the entrance to The View at the Palm, a public observatory located atop the nearby Palm Tower. We are excited to have you visit one of the top malls in Dubai.

Luxury Shops and Clothing Stores at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Nakheel Mall Dubai

Nakheel Mall is a great place to shop for clothes, accessories, and more. They have many budget-friendly casual clothing items, essentials, athletic wear, sport-chic collections, and more. Plus, their customer service is always happy to help you find the perfect item for your needs.

  • H&M
  • PUMA

Cafes and Restaurants  at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Nakheel Mall Dubai

Din Tai Fung, a popular Taiwanese dim sum restaurant, has a branch in Nakheel Mall. Pinkberry, Shakeaway, Wendys, and Shake Shack are also nearby, as is the homegrown Asian restaurant The Noodle House. Café Bateel, Prax’s, Spiky Chicken, Coffee Island Ladurée Paris, Famous Daves, Five Guys, Kris Kross, L’ETO, Le Pain Quotidien, Russo’s New York Pizzeria, Urban Seafood, Vietnamese Foodies, The Lighthouse, and others are widespread. There is also a food court with McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, and other restaurants. Some other names are mentioned here.


Leisure and Entertainment at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Families spending time together and having fun is the epitome of happiness. Fabyland Dubai is the ideal family entertainment destination for children of all ages. With FabyLand Dubai in Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah, where large indoor playgrounds are waiting for kids and families, it’s time to expand the playroom. Delivering thrilling playtime adventures packed with fun rides and cutting-edge attractions, they establish a secure setting to give each youngster happy moments.

More attractions at Nakheel Mall Dubai 

Making Your Dream Come True at NAKEEL mall infinity pool in DUBAI 

The 360-degree infinity pool AURA offers an experience you can’t miss! Located in Dubai, this top-of-the-line swimming facility features a unique design that allows guests to see stunning views of the iconic skyline. 

The Best Kid’s Activities at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Entertainment for Kids at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Numerous kid-friendly activities and NAKEEL MALL is the secret playground mall. There are several options on the same floor; you need to decide whether to put the kids off or join them in their play. The staff cleans the games after each round with great attention to detail. You must play two-ride games with the Kids, and the kids also like the area’s decorations and illumination.

Nakheel Mall also houses a fourth branch of the popular kids’ entertainment center Fabyland, which spans 40,000 square feet and offers a jaw-dropping array of rides such as bumper cars, swings, and merry-go-rounds. Do you have toddlers or younger children? Orange Wheel is a great place to go for soft play fun.

Trampo Extreme, a brand-new trampoline park, will get the kids out of your hair and allow them to let loose. The high-octane park is nearly 4,000 square feet of bouncing fun with 16 different jump activities suitable for toddlers aged three to teens aged thirteen. Some other activities are here.


What gyms and fitness centers are located at Nakheel Mall Dubai?

Gym at Nakheel Mall Dubai

If exploring the enormous mall on foot isn’t enough exercise, Fitness First has plenty of intensive sessions and brand-new equipment to try out. New ideas are emerging that employ technology in various ways, such as BOX, intended to overwhelm your senses as you engage in a high-intensity interval training session while in a boxing studio specifically designed for the purpose. This will keep your heart rate up, your muscles sore, and those calories burning.

While this is going on, the KUBE is a unique location for a 30-minute, uber-HIIT workout that is (and we’ve experienced it) completely outrageously tiring. While you’re crushing it on the stairclimber, assault bike, and multi-purpose box jump-meets-weights-meets-battle ropes area, trainers will put you through your paces while giving you noise-cancelling headsets so you can tune into some pounding music and getting yelled at down a microphone by PTs who get in your head.

Additionally, there is a dedicated hot yoga room with relaxing lighting throughout and a dedicated spinning studio with real-time data presentation and visualizations. Also available is a free trial.

(04 572 6168).

Can I visit the Nakheel Mall cinemas?

Cinema at Nakheel Mall Dubai

Nakheel Mall, a cutting-edge shopping center on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, is home to the multiplex theatre VOX Cinemas Nakheel Mall.

Fifteen screens make up the cinema. Options for screens include Standard, Max, Kids, and Theater. There is something for everyone at VOX Cinemas Nakheel Mall, whether you want a typical moviegoing experience or something more special.

The VOX Max theatre screens provide a first-class movie-viewing experience. With the Dolby Atmos sound system, the huge screens are ideal for watching action-packed blockbusters, and the audio is immersive.

A variety of family-friendly films, including recent releases and animated classics, are available at VOX Cinemas Nakheel Mall. A VOX Kids movie is the perfect activity for a birthday celebration or family outing.

Particularly for kids, VOX Kids screens have been created. The interiors of the theatres are vibrant and colorful, including party areas with comfy seating.


Weekdays 12:00 AM to 02:00 AM

Weekend 12:00 AM to 03:00 AM

(Food Delivery only from 10:00 AM onwards)


052 104 3898

Is it worth visiting Nakheel Mall?

It’s making its way to the View Observatory on Palm Jumeirah. The mall is in a great spot. Even though it was the only way to get to the Palm View Observatory, it will surely be less packed when you go. The benefit is that you don’t have to brave the hot sun to see the view from the Palm.

The mall is in a great spot. Even though it was the only way to get to the Palm View Observatory, it will surely be less packed when you go. The benefit is that you don’t have to brave the hot sun to see the view from the Palm.

View from The Palm

View of Palm Jumeirah

Nakheel Mall, directly connected to The Palm Tower, serves as the entry point for the 240-meter ascent to the tower’s public viewing deck.

The rooftop of Nakheel Mall

Roof Top of Nakheel Mall Dubai

The Nakheel Mall Rooftop is a fine dining roof plaza with delightful al fresco dining and spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah.


All tourists are welcome to the Nakheel Mall, which offers a selection of shops, restaurants, and convenience stores. Although the mall is large, it has a small selection of stores by Dubai standards.

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What is special about Nakheel Mall?

Nakheel Mall is a famous destination in the middle of Palm Jumeirah, including over 300 stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and services, including a 15-screen cinema complex and other attractions spread out across five stories. Enjoy a meal at a rooftop restaurant while taking in the breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf, and the skyline of Dubai.

Is there a grocery store at Nakheel Mall?

Nakheel Mall, which debuted in 2019 and now boasts over 300 stores, eateries, a supermarket, a movie theater, and a soft play area, has quickly become the Palm’s premier shopping destination.