Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

Nikki Beach Dubai is one of the best-known and longest-running beach clubs on the Costa del Sol. In 2003, this well-known brand was brought to Marbella. It is in Elviria, the part of the coast with the best beaches in the area. Elviria is a great place for a luxurious day at the beach and a great place to party.

Nikki Beach recently added a beautiful pool and raised pool terrace to make it the perfect beach club. This means that you can now choose between beds on the sand or around the pool. This year, as part of Nikki Privee, they have also added a winter terrace and lounge so that you can enjoy Nikki Beach all year long. 

Even in the winter, they have special events like Sushi Madness Friday, Rosé Saturday, and a great Sunday Brunch.

There is a big restaurant outside where you can eat lunch all summer and dinner in July and August. The food is delicious and the service is great. The food comes from all over the world and includes salads, sushi, meats, and fish. The food is light, fresh, and healthy. They have a rotisserie where they serve delicious chicken with a variety of flavours.

Sunset Views

Nikki Beach

This place, on the sands of Lipa Noi beach, is one of the best places to watch the famous sunset. You can watch the fiery orange sky light up from the comfort of your oversized villa, the silky soft sands of Lipa Noi’s shore, or the deluxe booths at the restaurant. No matter where you go, we don’t think you’ll be unhappy.

Excellence in Cuisine

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

Food is the best! One thing is certain at Nikki Beach Dubai you won’t go hungry. Yes, we’ve already talked about how great Sunday brunch is, but at this resort, every day is a feast. From sushi to free-range, slow-roasted rotisserie chicken, the menu has signature dishes from each country where Nikki Beach is located. But if you want to make a statement by the pool and really get into the beach club vibe, order one of the sharing platters. 

Nikki Beach Hotels

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

You should check out their hotels and resorts as well as their beach clubs. Nikki Beach hotels have been praised for their high-quality premium services, as well as their A-list events and food. Most of their facilities have Villas, Suites, and Penthouses that are all beautifully decorated to fit a theme. 

Architecture is beautiful and fits in well with the environment.

The staff at Nikki Beach Dubai provides good service because they have been trained well. Restaurants are known for coming up with new ideas and serving food that tastes better than anything else. Also, most places have a great selection of drinks from any brand, and most rooms have a well-stocked minibar.

Club Beach

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

The Nikki Beach Dubai Club in Dubai welcomes guests with a unique menu, signature decor, and a swim-up bar with drinks that are made by hand. Laze in the sun on the plush sunbeds and cabanas by the pool. The Beach Club has fun things to do and great food from around the world, like perfectly rolled sushi and fresh seafood. If you ever wonder where the party is at Nikki Beach Dubai, it’s usually at the Beach Club by the pool.

The beach club is on the Pearl Jumeira island, right next to the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, and it is open all day and night. Dubai, which has locations all over the world, joins places like St. Tropez, Miami Beach, Monte Carlo, and Koh Samui as a luxury beach haven on the water. Imagine soft sun beds with a view of crystal clear water, tempting menus, and great service. A DJ plays happy music the whole time.

Nikki Spa

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

The Nikki Spa is a great place for both men and women to relax because it has well-equipped spa suites where they can get rejuvenating spa treatments. There is also a hammam, steam room, sauna, mixed vitality pool, and an ice fountain. There are also lounges inside and outside 

You can also use the ice fountain, mixed vitality pool, steam rooms, and sauna rooms. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time and get there at least 45 minutes before your appointment.

Tone Gym

Nikki Beach Dubai 2023 | Why You Should Go to This Great Beach

At the Nikki Beach Resort, you can use cutting-edge Technogym for a wide range of fitness activities. The gym has the right tools for strength, cardio, balance, suspension, and resistance training. There is also a studio for people who like to work out with a group. So, whether you work out as a hobby or as a way of life, Tone Gym can give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

How to get to Nikki Beach Dubai?

From Marbella – It’s easy. When you see the tower of Hotel Don Carlos, you just need to look for the signs that show you where to turn. The exit is at Km 192, and you need to walk along the beach to get there.

Location: Nikki Beach Address Pearl Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: From Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Ticket Price: Ticket Price If you want to enjoy the high-end Nikki Beach, you will have to spend at least 300 AED.


At Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach Club Dubai, you can try out having fun in the sun on the beach. The lively oasis and innovative beach club concept bring together music, entertainment, dining, and fashion in one beautiful place.

The Dubai beach club is decorated in the Nikki Beach style, with all-white furniture and modern designs that fit in with the rest of the world. At one of the best beach spots in Dubai, you can enjoy the laid-back glamour with fusion food, exciting entertainment, fancy parties, and luxurious cabanas.

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What makes Nikki Beach famous?

Nikki Beach is known all over the world for its great music program. 

Is there a dress code at Nikki Beach?

Dress Code Nikki Beach Miami Beach has a dress code called “beach chic.” In the restaurant and bar, people must wear shoes, shirts, and/or cover-ups. The management of Nikki Beach has the right to turn away guests.

Does it cost money to go to Nikki Beach?

Except for special events, there is no cover charge at Nikki Beach.

What can you find near Nikki Beach?

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