The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

Undoubtedly, Dubai’s public beaches and beach clubs provide top-notch amenities and some of the world’s most exciting and fantastic beach activities. We could go on and on about all the activities available on Dubai’s beaches, but doing something unusual rather than the norm would be a wonderful experience.

Dubai’s beaches provide more than just a place to lounge in the sun. As a result, we’ve organized some of our favorite beach activities in Dubai for your convenience. Let’s explore!

Water Sports

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

For all water-based adventurers, the shore of Dubai’s deep blue sea is the place to be. There are a variety of high-energy activities as well as relaxed fun to look forward to, whether you want to make the most of a beach day by spending a brief, reasonable period or a more extended, more luxurious period out on the waves.

You have a variety of leisure operators to select from anchored along the city’s shore, such as Water Sports by First Yacht at La Mer Beach and Water Adventure Dubai at JBR, offering activities including wakeboarding, jet-skiing, parachuting, boat cruises, and fishing trips.

Riding a water ski is one of the most excellent water activities. A robust machine, the water skii zips across the water’s surface while you enjoy an exhilarating ride. Like skiing on snow, water skiing is a sport of speed, making it one of the top water activities in Dubai for fans of speed. Here, the motorboat that pulls the ski board along sets the speed.

Moreover, you’ll get the exhilaration you want on a flyboarding journey. A jetpack-like device that shoots a strong stream of water propels you into the air or through the water during the 30-minute experience. Fly over the surface or streak through the currents like a dolphin while enjoying your chosen fully controllable flight patterns. Before using the keyboard, you will receive a thorough safety briefing and instructions to ensure you understand what you are doing. Additionally, you will receive a headset that will enable a professional instructor in French to coach you while you soar. With this journey, you’ll feel like your very own superhero!

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

Kite Surfing

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

In Dubai Marina, kite surfing is one of the most popular water sports, and you can frequently see surfers riding waterboards attached to large parachutes that guide them over the waves. You can use the wave board to harness the wind’s incredible strength. Kitesurfing is one of the sports that you may become proficient in after just a few lessons. The only tandem kitesurfing available is at Kite Zone, and it’s excellent for youngsters.

Scuba Diving 

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

Dubai, situated on the Arabian Peninsula’s northeastern coast, provides scuba divers with a small marine paradise. Due to local pearl-diving customs and folklore that date back hundreds of years, the gulf is quite popular among snorkelers and scuba divers.

People can go on scuba diving adventures with a lot of independent operators. Prices typically range between AED 175 and AED 250 per person, though they may change according to the operator.

Every beach has a set of fundamental considerations that you must make. Pets, barbecues, bonfires, and shisha are just a few of the activities that may be subject to limitations.

Playing football or volleyball on the beach

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

The classic volleyball beach game is a great way to get your heart pumping while at the shore. A terrific method to meet new people if you don’t have an entire team, it is played in six teams and is ideal for bigger groups of friends and family. You may participate in a match or even receive training in several locations. You can hire a pitch at Esperia Volley at Kite Beach, inquire at your hotel, or simply head to Sunset Beach or Al Sufouh Beach and find a match.

Football on the beach is one of the most well-liked sports in the world. The game rewards improvisation with plenty of opportunities to shoot at the goal, making it incredibly entertaining. It is typically played on a smaller beach-based pitch with five players per team. Beach soccer is big in Dubai, which frequently hosts the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup and has many reputable fields. However, a good stretch of beach and some makeshift goalposts are all you need to get started for recreational players.

Camping and Picnic on the Beach

The Ultimate 5 Beach Activities To Do In Dubai Right Now!

You’re ready for a quiet camping night at the beach once you put up your tents, prepare the grill for the BBQs, and start the bonfire. You don’t get to do that daily. Remember to bring food, beach towels, and an umbrella. We assure you that that is all you need for a simple beach picnic.

You can enjoy trees, natural beuty, mountains, birds, sports, and BBQs according to the various beaches.

Around Dubai, there are several locations to camp in remote deserts and peaceful beaches. To wake up to the sound of the ocean, you can set up your tent anywhere on the beach or close to the water. However, you must take precautions due to the large waves on beaches.

Camping may be a peaceful, nature-filled experience that you will never forget.


There are many different water sports and other leisure activities included in the list of things you must do on Dubai’s beaches. If you’re eager to participate in all these aquatic activities? Get packed, choose your travel dates, and include at least one of these aquatic activities in your trip to Dubai before it’s too late.

Which season is best for visiting Dubai and participating in water sports?

For outdoor and athletic activities and a variety of water activities, the weather in March and April is ideal.


Are there kid-friendly water activities in Dubai?

You may have fun with your family at several theme parks and beaches. These include:
Al Majaz Water Park
Fahrenheit Beach Sports
Wild Wadi Water Park
The Beach’s Splash Pad in JBR

Are water sports safe in Dubai?

If you are careful and take the proper safety measures, water sports in Dubai can be exciting and interesting.

Which beaches in Dubai are the finest for water sports?

Sundown Beach
Kite Beach
Jumeirah Beach Residence, third
Fourth Palm Jumeirah Beach
La Mer