Prayer Times December In Dubai – Prayers Calendar December 2022

Prayer Times December In Dubai – Prayers Calendar December 2022

As Muslims, we offer the prayer “Sallah” five times. However, because we all get busy with work and housework every day, it’s possible that you’ll need a calendar or a constant reminder for all the prayer times. We have shared the Prayer Times December 2022 in Dubai, from the Fajer prayer to the Esha prayer, the times vary for each and every one. Time of the five major prayers—Fajer, Duhur, Aser, Maghrib, and Isha included in this article.

Calander of Prayer Times December 2022 in Dubai – All five time prayers’ time

Prayer Times December 2022

“The prayer of a person who performs five daily prayers without missing will be brightness, evidence, and salvation for him on the Day of Judgment. A person who does not perform five daily prayers properly will be together with Qarun (Croesus), Haman, Pharaoh, and Ubayy Ibn Khalaf.” (Musnad: 2/169, Darimi: 2/301, Ibn Hibban: 1448)

Why do prayer timings change?

Prayer Times December

When represented in local time, the start and end times of prayers depend on the local latitude and longitude since they are affected by solar diurnal motion and change throughout the year.

In the modern day, numerous religious or scientific organizations in Muslim nations prepare annual prayer schedules for each region, and electronic clocks that can determine local prayer hours have been developed. The muwaqqits, who used mathematical astronomy to control prayer time, were once employed by some mosques as astronomers.

Why do you have different prayer times than other mosques? 

Prayer Times December In Dubai - Prayers Calendar December 2022

In most calendars, the hours are generally consistent, however, there could be a difference in the times that Fajr and Esha begin. This is due to the fact that they are based on the emergence and vanishing of twilight.

The five daily prayers are the most fundamental ritual act of worship after the testifying of faith, or shahadah (Salaah). These prayers are said in a particular way, as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) taught us to do in all religious activities.

How is the azan time set?

Prayer Times December In Dubai - Prayers Calendar December 2022

Complex mathematical equations that take into account a number of variables, such as longitude and latitude, local time, the equation of time (the difference between the standard clock and the sundial), and the tilt of the Sun, are used to determine the times for prayers.

The position of the Sun, which is easily determined scientifically and is used to calculate the Dhuhr, Asr, and Maghrib prayer times, is a factor. Because of a number of factors, including geographic location, height above mean sea level, the presence of natural obstacles like mountains and hills, and the various seasons of the year, it is necessary to estimate the amount of sunlight in order to determine the timing of the Fajr and Isha prayers. 

However, this calculation is not always possible. For instance, when it comes to areas above sea level, we see that the sunrise time comes before the areas below sea level and the sunset time comes before the heights. Because of this, sometimes special calculations are needed to figure out when prayer times are for these places.


In the end, it’s good to know that prayer timings in Dubai are set according to a long-established and well-respected tradition. While there will be no change in your timing as per the traditions of this holy shrine, you can also start praying at other mosques at different times on a regular basis so that you can keep yourself connected with the community.

As always, stay strong and keep up the prayers!

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Who made the world’s first Azan?

Bilal ibn Rabah, a freed slave with Abyssinian heritage, served as the first muezzin in Islam.

Can I offer Fajr prayers after 7 a.m.?

Muslims must rise early to perform Fajr (dawn) prayers (approximately one and one-half hours before sunrise).