Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

Do something different and camp outside as the locals do. It’s a fun way to see many different parts of the city and gives you the chance to see wildlife and sleep under the stars. Let’s explore Summer Camps in Dubai with Dubai Tour Pro.

Set up your tent, start a campfire, and explore beautiful places like mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and dunes that rise and fall.

And If you want to keep your kids busy and interested this summer, don’t worry. You can sign them up for a number of summer camps in Dubai. Camps are a fun way to get kids involved in creative activities, and the summer camps in Dubai for kids are much better at helping them do this. Some of the camps that offer exciting indoor and outdoor activities are Parkour Academy, Aventura Park, FitRepublik, and Jump Boxx.

From October to April, you can go camping in Dubai, so you have plenty of time to get out there and see everything.


Dubai Summer Camps

Who else but the people at Dubai’s biggest zipline park could put together a more exciting summer camp? But campers between the ages of 5 and 16 can do a lot more than zipline. There is a lot of fun and learning at the Aventura Life Skills Camp. 

Some of the activities are fun science experiments, arts and crafts, exploring nature, team-building games, and more. 

All of the prices include activities, access to Adventure Park (except for the morning session), entry to Mushrif Park, snacks, and as much water as you want. 

Your camper will get lunch for an extra Dhs 40, or they can bring their own. Everyone who goes camping will get a certificate. Book this one for kids who like to play outside or for people who want to increase their level of fear.

This is the top-rated Camp for Kids among Summer Camps in Dubai.

Location: Mushrif Park in Aventura


Contact: (052 178 7616)

Ocean Kids Dubai

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

Ocean Kids Dubai runs one of the best summer camps in Dubai. They have been doing this for a long time and are reliable. Let your kids do fun things like face painting, dancing, telling stories, singing, and martial arts to improve their imagination, creativity, and ability to think things through.

Also, your kids will be doing a lot of things outside, like football and skating, which will help them stay active all season long. This camp lasts for a total of 10 weeks and is run by a staff with a lot of skill and experience. Their goal is to create a supportive environment for the kids.

Location: Platinum Business Centre, opposite the Millennium School Al Nahda 2, Dubai, UAE


ESM Holiday Camps

Dubai Summer Camps

A camp for kids ages 4 to 12 with a variety of carefully chosen activities. Children can take part in a wide range of sports, games, and activities that help them build social skills, live a healthy lifestyle, feel more confident in themselves, work as a team, and grow as people.

Location: Office 405, 4th Floor, Detroit House Building – Motor City – Dubai


Contact: 04 369 7817 

FitRepublik Summer Camp

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

FitRepublik is a well-known fitness brand in Dubai that has been offering high-quality health and fitness services for many years. They also hold summer camps every year with the goal of getting kids to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Their summer camp in Dubai has fun and exciting physical activities like basketball, trampolining, tumbling tracks, martial arts, and dance. The kids can choose which ones they want to do. All of the activities are led by certified and well-trained instructors from the UAE. The infrastructure and sports facilities are state-of-the-art.

Letting your kids join the program will be the best way to help them get over the holiday blues. The environment is safe, caring, and supportive.

Location: Fitrepublik is in Dubai, at Dubai Sports City.


Contact: +971 4 556 1800

Al Nasr Leisuure Land

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

Al Nasr LeisureLand is a place where families can go to play sports, watch shows, and eat. Since it opened in 1979, it has grown into an important place for all kinds of sports and entertainment in Dubai.

Al Nasr runs summer camps in Dubai for kids between 7 and 13 years old every summer. The camp lasts for a month and costs only 1,000 dirhams. There are many things to do there, like swimming, dancing, painting, yoga, etc. Your kids can also play sports like billiards, bowling, and many others for an extra fee of 5 dirhams.

Location: Behind the American Hospital in Oud Metha, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.


Timing: 9:00am to 1:20 pm

Bayut & Dubizzle

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

This niche camp is for your 15–18-year-old talented teen who is interested in marketing, finance, human resources, or technology. They’ll be able to meet important people in their field, people in similar jobs, and even the CEO of the company. They just have to send in a 200-word essay or a video explaining why they should go to the camp. 

Location: 511, Dubai Design District, Bayut & Dubizzle 


Contact: (800 382 49953)

Dig It Spring Souk 

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

This one is perfect for creative campers between the ages of three and ten. The Dig It team at Spring Souk offers fun workshops, games, dancing, and arts and crafts to keep kids from getting bored during the summer. Every Tuesday, kids who are camping can watch a movie at the Spring Souk Reel Cinemas junior screen.

Location: Dig It, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website: [email protected]

Contact: (04 438 4479)

OliOli Summer Camp

Summer Camps in Dubai 2023- Get Kids Involved in Creative Activities

OliOli is a unique place where children between the ages of 2 and 11 can learn by doing. OliOli has regular playtime, but they also have special events and camps for kids to keep learning and having fun even when they are not in school.

The kids can do things on their own, but they can also do things that are fun for the whole family, like scavenger hunts, word games, art printing, and many more. Most of the time, the camp is split into two zones: the Discoverer’s Camp, which lasts for 4 hours, and the Adventurer’s Camp, which lasts for 3 hours. 

The Discoverer’s Camp will focus on educational topics like history and time travel, while the Adventurer’s Camp will focus on fun and hands-on activities like looking for treasure.

Location: 62 4A Street, Al Quoz, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Contact: +97147027300


Hence, you have a good list og Dubai Summer Camps for kids when summer is around the corner! So, if you want to know how your younger children or teens can have fun or even learn something useful during their two-month summer break, our list of kids’ summer camps in Dubai is a must-read.

This summer in Dubai 2023, there are many camps to choose from. There are camps for arts and crafts, sports, and business.

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Does UAE have summer school?

Summer courses are available in a wide range of subjects for students at every level. Many people can benefit from the wide range of summer courses, no matter where they are in their education or career.

Do jobs at summer camps pay off?

Camp jobs are a great way to build skills, learn about leadership, get training, and learn new things that can’t be found anywhere else. No matter what your college major is, camp gives you the chance to learn and practice skills that will help you get a job. The benefits are much more than just a paycheck.

Do summer camps really happen?

Today, almost every town and village has summer day camps. Most of them are run by the local government or other groups. There are also a lot of camps put on by churches of many different types.