Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

Are you traveling to Dubai and need to find the nearest pump to top up your vehicle? Are you looking for a list of petrol stations in Dubai for a guide to UAE? Whether you need fuel for your car, bike, or boat, the UAE offers you a great choice of top petrol stations. There are many petrol stations in Dubai, but not all are good. We have researched the top petrol stations in Dubai, so you don’t have to.

In this post, you will find everything about the top petrol stations in Dubai so you can get some petrol without any trouble.


We all know Dubai is known for its famous attractions and modern facility in the city. One of the world’s top oil producers are in the United Arab Emirates. Here, the cost of petrol at the pump is among the lowest. This place also has several petrol stations providing quality petrol with different amenities. You can easily find gasoline, petrol, and diesel at these stations we’ve mentioned in the list of Top Petrol Stations in Dubai. So let’s start exploring with us.


Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

One of the best retailers of petrol in Dubai is ADNOC Distribution, which is also the UAE’s largest operator of retail fuel service stations. ADNOC was founded in 1973 and now it owns and runs around 400 petrol stations in the UAE. It provides high-quality fuel to satisfy the needs of your car. ADNOC offers a variety of fuel types designed for various vehicles. It contains Super 98 for increased compression engines and E-Plus 91 for low compression engines. The ideal choice will be Special 95 if your vehicle demands medium octane fuel.

This Petrol station is listed in one of the best pumps in the UAE because of its amenities, service, and quality of fuel.

Services Offered at ADNOC

The largest oil and gas production company in the Gulf has a lot of services it offers. Here’s the list of services offered by ADNOC that you can get there.

  • Changing tyres
  • Changing oil
  • Car wash facility 
  • Shop for lubricants 
  • Availability of LPG cylinders 
  • Third-party car care services 
  • Convenience stores 
  • Rahal Top up 
  • Salik Top up 

Plus, many stations feature fast food facilities, prayer areas, restrooms, and other facilities. ADNOC is widely available in other regions of the UAE; however, in Dubai, the stations are largely situated in areas such as Last Exit and Al Qusais.


Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

ENOC, also known as Emirates National Oil Company, a well-known name in Dubai’s fuel stations, is featured in our list of top gas stations. The ENOC has been around since 1993. The Dubai Government Company is the only owner of this business. The ENOC participates in the lubricants, chemicals, and gasoline industries. These are global in scope and have even established offices in Singapore and London.

Previously, ENOC and EPPCO were separate fuel companies. However, ENOC recently took over EPPCO gas stations in Dubai. They are known for the high quality of their gasoline. It now operates 116 ENOC and EPPCO stations, providing the best services and fuel. The firm intends to expand its presence by opening around 191 petrol stations across the United States Emirates.

ENOC provides motor gasoline Super ULG 98, Special ULG 85, and diesel gas oil 10PPM. Aside from this, they also provide Asphalt 60/70, Jet A1, Fuel oil 180 CST, and Kerosene. ENOC Group has received several honors for its comprehensive services, which include:

  • Annual Energy Award
  • The Arabia CSR Award
  • CIPS Supply Management Awards.

Services Offered at ENOC

Emirates National Oil Company offers a wide range of services to various oil industries:

  • Petroleum-based chemicals
  • Gas
  • Petroleum for the aviation sector
  • Shipping and transportation of petroleum-related products
  • Petroleum storage facilities
  • Information technology services
  • Retail of petroleum products


Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, often known as Emarat, is a modern petroleum services company with a network of service stations that is highly focused on the demands of its clients. Emarat was formed in 1981 in the United Arab Emirates.

Not just in Dubai, it is a well-known brand in the petroleum market worldwide. More than 60 stations are served around Dubai city, and 100 million retail and commercial customers are served annually. Its products include commercial fuel and gasoline.

They have developed into a preferred oil and gas supplier for the public and private sectors, serving major businesses, the aviation industry, government agencies responsible for national security, and other crucial organizations as pillars of the country’s infrastructure.

  • An uncomplicated fleet management credit card is called Safeer.
  • Prepaid cards called Ather are used by small to medium-sized fleets.
  • Connect makes it simple to get gasoline and services while on the road.

The various demands of the drivers are satisfied by these cards. You may occasionally get discounts on particular purchases using these cards.

Services Offered at EMARAT

If you’re in Dubai, EMARAT fuel pumps are found at more than 70 locations. Some of the best services of this petrol station are:

  • Convenience stores,
  • Car care services,
  • LPG 
  • Tyre Express
  • Manual car wash
  • Lube Express 
  • Fast food outlets
  • Food court
  • ATM
  • Vehicle testing in Dubai by Emarat Shamil

Types of Gasolines Available in Dubai

Top Petrol Stations in Dubai: ADNOC, ENOC & More

If you are looking to buy gasoline in Dubai, then you should know the types of it too.


In Dubai, diesel is readily and easily accessible at gas stations. Diesel is better for the environment since they use less fuel and emits less CO2 than gasoline engines. Diesel generates a lot more torque than petrol-powered competitors.

E-Plus 91

Usually, engines with low compression require E-Plus 91 gasoline. Customers who run commercial trucks and fleets are likely to use this gasoline. Bus fleets, auto rentals, and taxi companies typically employ E-Plus 91.

Special 95

Fuels with higher octane ratings, like 95 or 98, burn more slowly and have more energy available for the engine of the car. However, a powerful engine will operate at greater pressures, which 95 gasoline might not be able to resist.

Super 98

Super 98 octane fuel is designed for high-performance vehicles traveling at high speeds because their engines produce power at extreme temperatures and pressures. Super 98 gasoline can resist this and gives the engine the energy it requires to function as it should.


Of all the petrol stations in Dubai, you should be sure to take advantage of these three. They’re conveniently located, well-operated, and offer quality customer service. Whether you are hitting the road for work or on a weekend getaway with friends, don’t let a trip to the petrol station ruin your day—turn it into an easy stop instead.


How quickly can an EMARAT card be updated or a new card/replacement card/RFID (Connect) tag obtained?

A: The customer can choose a time during the previously mentioned working hours for collecting cards or installing RFID (Connect) tags based on their preferences. Logging into the customer service portal of EMARAT will allow you to make changes to your card in a matter of minutes.

Which is the best Petrol Station in Dubai?

A: As we have told you about the top 3 petrol stations in Dubai, but EMARAT is the best one. It provides gas oil, fuel, LPG, special 95, and super 98. This indicates that it can serve nearly everyone, including automobiles, trucks, furnaces, boilers, airplanes, and fleets. There are more than 60 gas stations in Dubai, and Emarat comfortably tops the list of reliable fuel suppliers.

Which fuel is best for cars in Dubai?

A: All petrol-powered cars with medium compression engines can operate incredibly well with Special (95), which has a high octane rating. In terms of cost, Special 95 has been sold for between AED 2.3 and AED 2.4 a liter in 2022. You can find it on ADNOC, EMARAT, and ENOC easily.

How many ENOC petrol stations are in Dubai?

A: At the moment, it runs around 116 ENOC and EPPCO stations in the city, providing premium fuels. It provides several high-quality fuels, including diesel gas oil, Special ULG 85, and Super ULG 98.

How many ADNOC petrol stations are in Dubai?

A: With the addition of new stations, ADNOC Distribution now has 17 stations in the Emirate and more than 400 stations overall in the UAE.

How many types of Petrol are in Dubai?

A: In addition to ordinary and premium petrol, diesel is available in Dubai. Diesel is widely available at Dubai’s gas stations. Diesel gasoline prices in 2021 ranged from AED 2.42 to AED 2.45 per litre.

What are ADNOC products?

A: Customers can count on them since they manufacture crude oil, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, base oils, and fuel oil, as well as specialty items like carbon black and calcined coke.