Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Deira |  Each of them has Special Twist for Seafood Lovers

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Deira |  Each of them has Special Twist for Seafood Lovers

Deira Dubai is a thriving and popular part of town, and its many seafood restaurants have earned it a reputation for excellence. Are you Seafood Lover, let’s discover the best food places for Seafood Restaurants in Deira with us. As there is a plethora of fish and shellfish in the region, there is no shortage of excellent seafood dining options. 

There is a wide range of seafood restaurants available to accommodate any mood or budget, from casual to sophisticated dining. Some of the best places to have seafood in Deira, Dubai, are Dampa Seafood Grill Restaurant, Yahya Seafood Restaurant, Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant, Palito Restaurant, and Fish Market, all of which will be discussed in detail below. 

A visit to any of these places, known for their seafood dishes (each with its own special twist), will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Dampa Seafood Grill Deira – Top rated Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

Google Reviews 6,150 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Deira

Dampa Seafood Grill is a low-key and reasonably priced choice for seafood lovers and has long been a well-kept secret among foodies in Dubai. This lively, enjoyable, and friendly restaurant has become one of the city’s most beloved affordable and cheerful dining options, and it has received numerous accolades. As a result of the huge lines it attracts, it is no longer a well-kept secret. 

The restaurant is so popular that it recently opened a sister location in neighboring Abu Dhabi, which is just as crowded with diners eager to try the cuisine of the small group.

The star of the show on this restaurant’s distinctive Filipino seafood menu is the “seafood dump” meal, which is artistically piled high on paper and put directly on your table for casual, hands-on dining. Freshly cooked, fluffy white rice is included, and it is topped with deliciously marinated seafood, such as lobster, crab, prawns, crabs, and mussels.

This restaurant is the most among all seafood restaurants in Deira Dubai.

Location:  Block A, Centurion Star Tower, Near Deira City Center Metro Station, Street 9 C, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai

Contact: +97142990884

Timing:  12:00 Pm to 11:30 PM

Yahya Seafood Restaurant 

 Google Reviews 2,069 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Deira

Yahya Seafood Restaurant is one of the best in the tourist hub of Dubai, and for good reason: it serves some of the city’s best seafood, including fish, shrimp, and calamari, all of which are caught daily and prepared by the restaurant’s professional chefs, who then serve their creations to diners seated at the restaurant’s indoor tables.

Because it is located inside a fish market, we knew we would be getting the freshest seafood possible. A bit pricey, but well worth it when you consider that you may get the fish fresh from the market and prepare it any way you choose (on the grill or in the restaurant). These restaurants always offer the freshest seafood in Deira.

Location: R16G, Waterfront Market Dubai – Dubai 

Contact: +971 50 940 9591

Timing: 10 :00 AM to 12:00 AM

Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant

 Google Reviews 1,514 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Deira

There are numerous Off the Hook Seafood Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates. Saeed Deira is where you’ll find the majority of Dubai’s dining options. 

The seafood is “Louisiana style,” meaning it is prepared with the utmost care and served with special sauces. If you’re looking for naturally delicious seafood, look no further than Off the Hook, where they serve only the freshest selections with little processing.

Crabs, shrimp, kingfish, salmon, lobster, sea bass, mussels, squid, and more are available on a continuous basis. At Off The Hook, they serve all of their fish with their own unique sauces.

Location: G5 Centurion Star Building – Port Saeed – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 295 4008

Timing: 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Paluto Restaurant  

Google Reviews 972 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Deira

The Paluto Restaurant is a beachside gourmet haven that serves Filipino and international food to Dubai and the neighboring U.A.E. emirates. With a view of the Waterfront Marina, it offers a relaxing setting for a casual meal. 

The Deira Corniche seashore offers a beautiful backdrop for this eatery. Visit them any time of year for excellent, seasonal seafood. 

Fish and other seafood can be purchased at the Waterfront Fish Market and then taken to the restaurant for preparation. Alternatively, you can pick from any of the tantalizing options on their menu.

Location: Deira – Dubai

Contact: +971 54 581 2130

Timing: 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM

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Fish Market

Google Reviews 799 ★★★★★

Seafood Restaurants in Deira

If you ask any seafood connoisseur, they will tell you that nothing beats a freshly caught meal. Indeed, that is what visitors and customers can expect to receive from Fish Market. As a matter of fact, the classic eatery – takes the eating experience to a new level with its innovative take on the traditional market, making every bite a delectable memory. 

Being one of Dubai’s earliest and longest-running dining establishments, this spot has built a reputation for providing only the freshest seafood that has been caught locally and harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

The eatery is a favorite among those who enjoy seafood. We chose our own fish from the counters, weighed it, and then told the staff whatever dish we wanted to order after settling into a comfortable booth overlooking the creek. 

Absolutely, the restaurant gives you the experience of shopping at a real market by letting you choose your own seafood and then cooking it to your exact specifications. And there’s a lot of it to pick from, from common seafood to more unusual species like Kenyan lobsters.

Location:  Plaza Building – 2nd floor – Baniyas Rd – Deira – Al Rigga – Dubai

Contact: +971 4 205 7033

Timing: 12: 30 to 11:30 PM

Final Words! 

IDeira Dubai is home to many excellent seafood dining options for both locals and visitors. At Deira, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants, from casual seafood grills to fine dining establishments, depending on your mood and budget. 

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Deira can be found in the vicinity, including Dampa Seafood Grill Restaurant, Yahya Seafood Restaurant, Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant, Palito Restaurant, and Fish Market. 

If you’re looking to satisfy your seafood craving while in Deira Dubai, make a reservation at one (or more) of these eateries. 


What are the famous seafood restaurants in Deira, Dubai?

There is a chain of seafood restaurants in Deira, we have picked the top-rated ones with the highest reviews by customers:

–  Dampa Seafood Griil Restaurant
–  Yahya Seafood Restaurant
– Off the Hook Seafood Restaurant
– Palito Restaurant
– Fish Market 

Which seafood restaurant in Deira offers cooking and serving your own seafood?

Purchase seafood from the market and take them to Paluto Restaurant for preparation.