Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Is Dubai your next travel destination? Is it your first  tour to Dubai? Have you prepared your Dubai bucket list? You don’t know about the top things to do in Dubai? Don’t worry! If you have not planned anything yet, read on the blog to know about the top 10 things to do in Dubai.

Dubai, the land of all the luxuries and fanciest one can dream of, is on everyone’s travel list. Sky-high buildings, magnificent architecture, ornate restaurants, high-sounding cafes, starling spas, high-profile shopping malls, are attractions for people around the globe. The adventurous days and glamorous nights tempt people around the world to land in Dubai. The cozy life it offers is beyond beautiful.

Dubai offers many must try things. Every year it welcomes hundreds of people from all around the world to have the amazing experience of Dubai’s luxurious life. Here is a list of top things to do in Dubai for you. So, enjoy your vacations to the fullest!

10 Best Things To Do In Dubai

The sprawling desert metropolis, Dubai, has plenty of things to offer. From top Dubai beaches to nightclubs, from water parks to scuba diving, museums to underwater zoos, this desert never fails to impress you. So, don’t forget to note these 10 top things to do in Dubai. Let’s just kick off!

1. Start your day from the famous Dubai Miracle Garden

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Start your winter morning with Dubai Miracle Garden. The breathtaking sight of 150 million fully bloomed flowers will outreach your morning bed coffee. Spread over an area of 72, 000 square metres, this paradise on earth is a perfect start of the day.

The sweet scent of flowers opens up your brain and vanishes all the tiredness of the previous day’s travel. This world’s largest natural flower garden is a family-friendly destination to have a quality time. Apart from flowers, the garden has various coffee shops, juice points, and other food shops. Moreover, the garden also offers weekly live shows to the visitors. No doubt, it is an incredibly awesome place to visit in winters.

Going to Dubai Miracle Garden and missing out on a family trip to Dubai Butterfly Garden, How is it even possible? 

Located inside the Miracle garden is the world of beautiful butterflies. The home to 50 varieties of 15,000 butterflies, covers an area of 6,673 square meters. A visit to this garden will recall all your knowledge about the butterfly life cycle. Isn’t it fun and a learning experience?

2. A tour to Dubai’s Amazon — The Green Planet

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Have you ever heard of rainforests in deserts? No! Right? What if I say Dubai has the one for you? Isn’t it surprising? Well! Dubai should be renamed as the city of surprises!

Established by Meraas, The Green Planet Dubai is another wonder of human intellect. It is situated at City Walk and resembles the real rain forest. This indoor rainforest provides home to more than 3000 animals and plants. The planet not only provides meet and greet sessions with animals but also has a café. Moreover, the camping facility in The Green Planet leaves you absolutely stunned. You can stay in the tent for a night to learn how it feels to sleep in the rainforest.

Furthermore, the planet also gives you an experience of thunderstorms and rain in the tropics daily from 1 pm to 5pm. So, don’t miss out on such a thrilling experience of one of its kind of rainforests in the entire middle east!

3. Dive in the world’s deepest pool

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Another addition to top things to do in Dubai list is diving. An amusement for diving enthusiasts is Deep Dive Dubai. This world’s deepest pool is 60 meters deep and resembles a sunken city. Apart from that, it is filled with 14 million liters of water and also has 65 cameras that display the inside of the pool on a large window that you see upon entering Deep Dive Dubai.  Moreover, it has walls, well-furnished rooms, state-of-art water purification facility, and a lot more to attract people from all over the globe.

Have you ever had the experience of eating  or playing underwater? Deep Dive Dubai also provides this alluring chance to the divers to dine in the underwater restaurants and play indoor games. So, don’t miss out diving in this amazing place!

4. The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

What comes in everyone’s mind upon hearing the word Dubai is Burj Khalifa. Known for unbeatable tallness, this building is the most visited place. But sitting inside your home, have you ever wondered what’s inside the most exceptional tower of the world? Let’s find it out!

This sky-high tower has 200 floors that offer residences on level 19 to 108. Living in the most prestigious building of the world has many perks. You don’t need to travel a long distance to see the mesmerizing view of the Dubai Fountain. One of the largest malls, the Dubai Mall is also a few steps away. Moreover, the residents can also enjoy the amenities of The Burj Club. The spacious, state-of-art-gym, top-class spa with alluring views and the comfy lifestyle is unmatchable. Apart from that, the non-residents can also enjoy the rooftop brunch at The Burj Club. These are just a few highlights. Burj Khalifa offers a lot more!

5. Ain Dubai – the World’s largest observation wheel

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Ain Dubai, world’s largest observation wheel, is a bewildering addition to the Dubai sky-line. Standing on Blue waters island, this majestic wheel is approximately 250 metres high. By sitting in its air-conditioned cabin, you can experience the breathtaking view of Dubai’s urban skyline in just 38 minutes. The night time view from Ain Dubai will leave you stunned. All the landmarks of Dubai illuminated with electric lights add more charm to view. Apart from that, you can also have amazing dining by booking a VIP pod. Unquestionably, the 360 degrees ride of Ain Dubai is worth it.

6. Shopping at Dubai Mall

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

The Dubai Mall, itself is a complete destination. The world’s famous mall is not only the food for your shopping-hungry soul but also provides entertainment that keeps you engaged for hours.  Located at the center in Downtown Dubai, it is the hub of tourists. The underground zoo and Dubai aquarium is a sight worth seeing.

7. A depiction of multiple cultures – The Global Village, Dubai

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E311, The Global Village is a must go place. Cultures of 80 countries at a single place, is the world’s best shopping, leisure, tourism, and entertainment centre. So, buckle yourself up for an alluring experience.

8. Wild Wadi — Dubai’s most visited waterpark

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Are you or your child a surfing enthusiast? Haven’t got the chance to surf? Wild wadi waterpark has got you covered! The wipeout and riptide ride will give you a real-life water surfing experience. 

Positioned in front of Burj Al Arab, this startling waterpark is based on Arabian folklore, the tale of Juha. It is an excellent attraction for all, especially kids. And offers more than 30 slides and rides that would be a unique experience for you. One of the Middle East’s most thrilling slides, Jumeirah Sceirah is also an adornment of this waterpark. 

So, beat the Dubai summer heat with all the fun activities of Wild Wadi Waterpark.

9. Go for skydiving

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

Do you think Dubai’s land and sea only gives you unique experiences of your lives? Well! It is not so. Have you ever thought of flying in Dubai’s air? If not, start thinking.

Many skydiving companies provide people with skydiving services. So, do contact the trustworthy companies to get an adrenaline-rush from 13,000 meters above the sea level. For sure, it would be a lifetime thrilling experience for you. So, don’t miss it out!

10. Up for Dune Bashing?

Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai

One of the top things to do in Dubai is dune bashing. If you are an adventure enthusiast then how can you leave Dubai without having a sandy ride? Buckle yourself up in a 4×4 and experience the thrilling ups and downs of the deserts of Dubai.

Though your list of best things to do in Dubai 2022 ends here, but not the joy you can have. Dubai offers much more! 


How long can you experience dune bashing?

Dune Bashing is one of the most enjoyable and loved activities. You can have this amazing sand blowing experience for about 30 minutes with small breaks in between. These 30 minutes will give you unforgettable memories. So enjoy to the fullest.

Which time of the year is best to visit Dubai?

Dubai is known for its glamorous life. It keeps on holding events throughout the year which attract tourists around the world. The best time to visit the most entertaining country is November to February. During this time, temperature is not much harsh and Dubai hosts many important events during this period. So, plan your tour in between these months.

Wrapping It Up

Dubai, one of the most tempting travel destinations, offers a splendid time to those landing here.So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets right now!