Why Luxury Cars are so Popular in Dubai

Why Luxury Cars are so Popular in Dubai

City of Gold, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tall buildings and luxury cars on the road are trademarks of Dubai. From renting to personal cars, luxury can be found everywhere. If you have never been in Dubai, you can imagine the percentage of luxury cars in Dubai by the fact that even police use luxury cars. Lamborghini and Bugatti are some of the most common cars among Dubai’s police.

The percentage of people who own their dream luxury car is higher in Dubai as compared to any other city on this planet. Have you ever thought about why luxury cars are so prevalent in Dubai? No matter how the world is going outside Dubai; it’s tamed with branded luxury cars. In fact, you can find luxury cars on rent as well. Whether you want to rent a car with driver in Dubai or without driver, you will have abundant options at your disposal.

Let’s try to figure out the reasons behind the popularity of luxury cars in one of the world’s most visited cities, Dubai.

Availability of Second Hand Luxury Cars

The first reason is that, in Dubai, used luxury cars are readily available. There are many markets in Dubai that deal with the selling and buying of used luxury cars. The terms and conditions of buying vehicles from these markets are also accessible. You simply have to head towards the market, do proper documentation, and pay to get your dream car.

The best thing about 2nd hand cars is that you can buy them for significantly less cost than the original one. Vehicles which are not older than 12 months are available at 15 to 20 percent less price than the brand-new ones. Moreover, buying these 2nd hand cars is not a big issue as these luxury cars are manufactured with high-quality materials which last for years. They will remain new even after several years of use.

Availability of Car Loan

Not everyone can afford a super luxury car in Dubai. However, people still have them as almost every bank in Dubai offers car loans at very low interest. The terms and conditions of getting this loan are also very easy. You have to pay the debt in instalments in 4 to 5 years. You can easily return this debt by working for two extra hours in Dubai. It will not affect your way of living as well.

Low interest per annum is why people take loans from banks and buy their dream cars. You can estimate the interest rate by the fact that you can get a loan at a minimum of 3.2% interest per annum.

Easy Insurance

Spending on a luxury car and not having insurance for it, it seems unbelievable. In many other regions, insurance policy for luxury cars is not straightforward. But in Dubai, it’s available readily, and terms and conditions are also very easy. You can contact any insurance company to insure your car. This is the reason people have a lot of luxury cars in Dubai, as they can deal with several issues related to their car due to insurance.

Affordable Fuel

The price of fuel is very affordable in Dubai. In other cities, you can buy a luxury car, but when it comes to managing their fuel and other maintenance works, it becomes tough for persons with average salaries. In Dubai, fuel prices can be afforded by your salary easily. That is a primary reason for the popularity of premium luxury cars in Dubai.

Low Crime Rate

Dubai is one of those cities which has a minimum crime rate. Law and order Conditions in Dubai are very excellent. You can easily drive your car anywhere on Dubai’s roads without being afraid of thieves or other criminals. This is a prime reason people never hesitate to buy luxury cars in Dubai. No one will dare to touch their vehicle, even in a public parking lot.

Low Income Tax

Income tax in Dubai is very low. It is almost zero for most of the people. This ensures that the financial conditions of residents are better as they don’t have to pay huge taxes and keep every penny they earn. The value-added tax is only 5 percent. So people can easily buy luxury cars when living in Dubai.


Now you know why Dubai’s roads are tamed with premium and ultra-luxury cars. Overall conditions of Dubai fit best for a supercar. Living in Dubai, head towards a bank and get a car loan to get your dream car today. If you want to rent one, there’s no better place than visiting One Click Drive, the top-rated car rental agency in Dubai.