Why Students Studying in Dubai Need Insurance

Why Students Studying in Dubai Need Insurance

Learn about why students studying in Dubai need insurance.

Insurance often seems to be an irrelevant expenditure, especially when you are young and healthy. However, to prevent something is always better than to cope with consequences. And if you are a student who is going to study abroad, getting an insurance coverage is a wise step for you. It is extremely helpful when you need to use the hospital, have some emergency, lose your luggage or your flight is canceled. Otherwise, you will have to pay more.

In addition, it is mandatory to get student insurance when you are going to the UAE or even any European country. Even if the country of your destination does not require insurance, it is essential for your children’s safety.

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Understanding that insurance is important is the one thing. The other thing is to choose the right one. The easiest way could be to get comprehensive insurance for students. Such insurance can cover your medical expenses in case of injuries or emergencies when you are abroad.

In this article, we will try to give you an overview of insurances there are and details you need to pay attention to while choosing the best policy.

Insurance coverage

So, basic comprehensive student insurance can cover the following:

Lost/stolen baggage/cash

There are some chances that your baggage could be lost while you are traveling home or abroad. Such losses could be very disappointing if you had important documents or devices in your bags. Here insurance can cover expenses related and facilitate properly depending on the situation.

Flight delay/cancellation

Imagine you need to return to the country where you study by some exact date, but your flight got canceled or delayed. Good insurance will compensate for moral damage and expenses you’ll have to rebook a flight. Keep that in mind since most often airlines will not refund their flights or do it partially which is always irritating.

Medical help

Medical costs abroad are often not cheap. If you suddenly have a toothache and need the dentist’s help, that will cost a lot, unless you get proper insurance. Moreover, it will cover other medical-related costs like expenses on medicine.

Legal assistance

Hopefully, you will not get in trouble with the police in another country, but if something happens, insurance can cover legal expenses in that case.

If you do some extreme sports, you will definitely need special insurance that would cover expenses related to injuries caused by sports activities. Be sure to check what your insurance policy could cover. You might also need to pay extra for the insurance that could cover winter sports activities.

What insurance to choose?

The range is wide, so we cannot give you one simple answer. Yet, except for basing your decision on the price and cases covered, think of the policy’s duration. It could be for a year or for a certain number of days.

Decide for yourself what would be more reasonable for you.

What to consider when choosing insurance?

There are lots of good policies available, but look carefully at the limitations they have.

  • Pay attention to the financial limits on medical insurance.
  • Check if your insurance will fully cover the costs of your trips in case of their cancellations.
  • Look at the limitations for items that got lost or damaged by airlines. Make sure insurance would cover expensive devices you had in your luggage.
  • Also, check if you get covered for the accidents that were caused by alcohol drinking or taking over-the-counter drugs.


To sum up, read carefully the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. It’s also highly recommended to check whether your policy will end if you leave the country.

Considering all the above mentioned, we may conclude that to get proper insurance covering lots of cases and incidents could be quite pricey. So, we would not recommend finding the cheapest one, since most probably it would be a waste of money.

Choose policy at a reasonable price, but be confident that it will help you in various scenarios.