Yippe! We Just Got An Award as The Best Independent Dubai Destination Travel Advisory 2020

Yippe! We Just Got An Award as The Best Independent Dubai Destination Travel Advisory 2020

It was just reported to us at ma[email protected] that we’ve been awarded as the “Best Independent Dubai Destination Travel Advisory 2020” and I am especially gladdened by this. More than just an award though, this is a reminder of our objective right at the outset of this endeavor, namely excellence. And secondly, we’ve been informed through it on how we’re currently doing.

While growth is at the fulcrum of this endeavor, we are patient in building what’s valuable and even invaluable to readers, thereby contributing to a good internet. Behind every successful man is a woman some say, and here on this day We passionately say behind us in pursuing quality and felicity is our readers. For the record, I on this day dedicate this site to them.

With our readers at the epicenter of our business here, we write in order that they don’t get jaded reading… or misguided following… You may see our editorial policy. You may also want to see our privacy and cookie policies.

On the organization issuing the award, LUX Life Magazine, the following is their relevant word:

The Travel & Tourism industry is one of the largest growing sectors in the world, contributing trillions each year and providing the global economy with millions of jobs. LUXlife Magazine returns once again to reveal the business and enterprises responsible for making our dream holidays and vacations come to life, in the 2020 LUXlife Travel & Tourism Awards.

Now in our 4th year, the Travel & Tourism Awards cover all markets from travel agencies to food and beverages services; those manage accommodations, provide transportation, entertainment and tours (and everything in between) to hail the key players, contributing to one of the fastest growing sectors, by revealing their dedication and hard work.

With 2 million-page views in the past 12 months, and a worldwide circulation of 238,000, LUXlife remains the perfect platform for businesses looking to promote their brand across a global readership, and each winner in the Travel & Tourism Awards has the chance to utilise the LUXlife platform to share their news with our highly engaged audience.

The 2020 Travel & Tourism Awards are judged purely on a merit. In order to determine our lucky few, our in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any materials supplied by nominees. Additionally, nominees are provided the opportunity to prepare a short case file disclosing details of their chosen business sector and practice, as well as any previous accolades awarded. Case files, product samples and media packs are all accepted but are not mandatory to be included in the Travel & Tourism Awards.

Thanks to LUXlife and thanks to our wonderful team. You’d love too see About Us. More to come with much love. Flourish!